A brief explanation…part 1


At the turn of the nineteenth century Dinshah P Gadiali spent over twenty years of research perfecting his Spectro-Chrome color healing system before marketing his first color machine in 1923.This system was successfully used in doctor’s offices, hospitals and lay persons homes throughout the United States for more than twenty years before a permanent federal injunction was placed on the sale and use of his Spectro-Chrome machines. In addition to the federal injunction Dinshah was ordered to hand over all research papers, books, and documentation relating to Spectro-Chrome to be incinerate at a location in Camden ,NJ. Also, any privately owned machines found were to be confiscated and destroyed by federal marshals.


To this day people around the world are still practicing this amazing technology in a somewhat more primitive version, but still getting results.


How it works

Color, increased in power then magnified and concentrated can have a significant effect on the human body.

So which color or colors will produce the greatest effects ?

The Spectro-Chrome system is as simple as smiling at a rainbow. No complex math or million dollar machines needed. Nothing scared the AMA more....

The Spectro-Chrome System is easy to use yet the science behind it is a bit more complex than it may appear

Dinshah knew that every element in an excited state will give off light/color and also absorb energy from light. By bringing each element in the periodic table to a state of excitation Dinshah was able to map their positions based on their predominate color emission lines . Simply said, each element’s primary color shows up at a point along the visible spectrum, from the near end ( red ) to the far end (violet).

He also correlated the relationship between each element and it’s physical function in the human body. Every element could now be represented by a specific color wave similar to a semaphore or bar-code which the body recognizes allowing it to increase that elements activity. By using different colors with the opposite effect the element’s activity is reduced.

Here the twelve colors can be seen clearly. These twelve colors are made with only 5 plates.

Here the twelve colors can be seen clearly. These twelve colors are made with only 5 precision color slides

In the Spectro-Chrome model all of the elements are grouped into (12) twelve precise positions depending on where their predominate color emission lines fall. If one were to imagine Dinshah’s visible spectrum as a 360 degree circle with (12) twelve points 30 degrees apart, each point would represent the position of one group of elements set a equal distance to the next group of elements.

You now have all the elements divided into (12) twelve colors and each color contains within it certain (attributes) , qualities . For instance, S-C green includes a number of elements, one of which is chlorine. An attribute of chlorine is it’s antiseptic, antibacterial property which helps fight infections.

Each color has it's own power. The Spectro-Chrome system is amazingly complete and nearly every malady can be cured.

Each color produces specific attributes. The Spectro-Chrome system is amazingly complete


Additional attributes from Dinshah Ghadiali’s Metry Encyclopedia

  • S-C RED- Stimulates the sensory nervous system while energizes the senses. Liver builder and stimulant. Builds platelets and hemoglobin.
  • S-C ORANGE- Lung builder ,and respiratory stimulant, stomach stimulant. Relieves cramps and muscle spasms. Tissue stimulant.
  • S-C YELLOW- Stimulates motor nervous system which energizes the muscles. Nerve builder
  • S-C LEMON- Bone builder. Repair in persistent disorders. Stimulates digestive system
  • S-C GREEN- Destroys mico organisms, germs and bacteria. Stimulates rebuilding of muscle tissue.
  • S-C TURQUOISE- Skin tonic. Rebuilds burned skin.
  • S-C INDIGO- Thyroid depressant . Causes contraction, controls abscesses. Eases suffering, lessens excitement (sedative)
  • S-C VIOLET- Spleen builder and stimulant. Promotes production of white blood cells
  • S-C PURPLE- Decreases sensitivity to pain. Induces sleep. Decreases activity of the kidneys and adrenals.Emotional and reproductive system depressant.
  • S-C MAGENTA- Emotional equilibrator. Auric builder. Blood, circulatory system, heart.
  • S-C SCARLET- Kidney and adrenal stimulant. General stimulant. Emotional stimulant.

In the Spectro-Chrome model if the body is producing too much hydrogen S-C RED , causing heat / fever , Dinshah says to use oxygen S-C BLUE to cause cooling. The fever is reduced and you begin to sweat, (H20). Of course this is a simplified explanation of what happens but the example is helpful in understanding the theory.


All of this occurs through the aura on an energetic level by balancing the body’s radiant energy. The color’s vibrational energy is transferred through the aura into the physical body.

Dinshah used (5) five precision color slides to create (12) twelve precise colors. All of the elements are represented in these (12) twelve colors.


Next time

  • How (5) five precision tuned color slides create (12) twelve colors
  • Why (3) three of the colors are considered etheric
  • Why Spectro-Chrome colors are not palette colors but determined mathematically
  • When are the best times to tonate (use color) , and how to tonate