Water acts as liquid-crystalline fractal antenna for ambient waveforms. It has memory. Dr Bernd Kroplin’s and his World in a Drop research demonstrates water droplets informational storage capacity from impacting natural objects like flowers, stones, and even emotions. Water has memory 2 – new astonishing results in the water droplet research.



“Water is a medium that is largely not understood by physics and chemistry. Its material nature is tested, studied and understood by physics. However, beyond its physical and chemical qualities also memory and information play a significant role in water, and these build a bridge from the immaterial to the material world. These subtle phenomena are the ground of misunderstanding, and they can neither be studied nor detected by traditional experimental methods.

Hence, we use a different approach: we investigate the patterns that appear in a water drop after evaporation of the water and photograph them under a dark field microscope with a magnification between 40 and 400. We can prove that the patterns correlate with information exposed to the water. For one experiment, the patterns are in the most cases so similar that we can speak of reproducibility of the test.

Typical patterns appear for each kind of water itself, depending on the ingredients and history of the water. External effects may overrule these patterns, e.g. things, which are laid in the water or electromagnetic frequencies or acoustic waves that oppose to the water. By the observed patterns, we realize that water has a particular kind of memorizing and storing information of things that it has experienced. From experiments, we can also see that living organisms, like plants, can “read” this information and act with a unique behavior to the information stored in the water.

Our findings prove the memory of water and also the communication between separate units of water. Both seem to be essential for the understanding of mechanisms in living cells -these consist for approximately 70% of water- as well as for the communication of water in the world. This knowledge constitutes a reason to talk about a new dimension of quality and health of our planet earth.”

Prof. Dr. Bernd Helmut Kröplin