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What is Aether? That is a huge topic, which this website intends to offer a unique glimpse into its dynamics. Whether or not the Aether and Ether can be truly defined and modeled within a scientific framework is one question. Whether its direct effects can be measured is the second. Thirdly, can the human being experience it through their internal intuitive capabilities? We are questioning the very fabric of reality itself and what drives the transition from quality to quantity.

Why should we question the Standard Model in the first place? Didn’t Dayton Miller’s disprove the ether. NO! Didn’t Einstein disprove the ether? NO! From the basic definitions used, the standard model is flawed, building upon foundation of mathematical abstraction with little resemblance to observable reality. Man’s current science is limited in its scope by only using technology as extensions of our vibratory based senses, bounding observation within the toroidal spectrum of transverse “electromagnetism”. This has encapsulated mans perception into the purely physically domain with the indoctrination of material reductionism and atomism. The false proofs of these conjectures soon emerged as dogma, never allowing any refutation to exist in realm of financed research. At best the standard model conjectures act as very special cases with parameters unattainable in nature. They may be considered as lower rungs on a much a ladder of generalized physics.

These special cases allow for quantized measurements within their own framework, but are devoid of any qualitative value, denying the living nature of the cosmos. Modern science literally denies the existence of the conjugate counterpart of the universal breath. The dynamics of metamorphosis, consciousness, implosive forces and more are outside of the framework of the standard paradigm, ridiculed as heretical woo. Researchers are left to fund themselves and hide results to themselves out of fear for their reputation or worse. The human connection to science has been all but eliminated in accepted thought. Our radiating and polluting technology directly results from this atomistic paradigm which has overwhelmed our consciousness for the past century. We question everything, accept nothing fully, and never confuse the map for the territory. By questioning the fundamental definitions and axioms of relativity and QM, their explanations of valid phenomena cease to hold any ground while at the same time denying the living dynamics of the cosmos.

In this authors perspective, the Aether is unknowable through the physical senses and their technological extensions which merely attempt to detect and manipulate motion. It is universal consciousness itself. Aether is the source, the spring of still power projected into the finest layers of physicality, the ethers from which physical form, substance, and movement are precipitates and condensates of a more primal and highered ordered manifold. The Aether is a generic term to represent a negative space, a fulcrum of stillness and balance, upon which all polarity springs forth and upon which they return in order to seek equilibrium. It may be directly experiential outside of human electrical thought patterns. The “Still Magnetic White” Light – the cathode plane of Walter Russell or the Neutral Center of Jon Keely’s model – the bloch wall or dielectric inertial plane of a magnet?

Is the language of Ether even necessary? Russell replaced it with Magnetic still light, but that only lend to further confusion since ether was still used even in the Home Study Course. Understanding the conjugate nature of the universe and rectifying emissions theories may allow for a shift in language. Is the ether just a blanket term for manifold in which the polar interchange between compressed light and rarefacted light occurs? Does it represent the silent harmonies of the geometric substructures of physicality? The idea of the ether rests upon the foundation of polar motions repeating, voiding, and recording each other as the desire to become each other via a neutral source. Just as in Russell’s model where the coldness of space generates into heat which compresses and radiates into coldness of space …. sun sucks in cold nebulous prehydrogen space gases through poles and compresses them into crystalline structure, then destabilizes and radiates heat back equatorially to become coldness of space. The cathode and the anode interact as the cosmic battery but their interaction is founded on an rhythmic interchange through balance and stillness. No mysterious mystical medium necessary. An understanding of magnetism can lead to many of the answers we seek.

Precipitating from the Aether through concentration are varying degrees of finer and finer structures of organized movement known as matter. The more subtle layers defy the laws of magnetism and point particle interactions. Their dielectric capacitance overrides the ability of magnetism to maintain volume, space, and magnitude. The finest layers represent the spectrum of the life force, the ethers, prana, chi, kundalini, fohat. This quite possibly is the recently discovered orgone, od, L-fields, dielectric fields, torsion, radiant energy, biofield, subtle energy, aura, bio-magnetism … those refined states of matter preceding plasma …..  The Ether may represent Walter Russell’s 3 octaves of 24 pre-hydrogen elements or Russell’s inert gases or key notes of the 9 string universal harp of chemistry. This seems analagous to Jon Keely’s subdivisions of matter from the the infinite ninths (god) to mind (gluons?) to compound interetheric (quarks), etheric, (light) then touching to on the Interatomic (plasma), atomic (air), Intermolecular (Water), and Molecular (Earth). Gustav Lebon’s experiments tapped into the interatomic level.

Steiner described the ethers as the forces working from the periphery as a counter to the central physical forces, mediated by an element. This trinity is molded by “astral” formative forces. In his model, cosmic “soul” intelligence beyond the firmament vibrates stars to emit the cosmic word. These star sounds are the qualitative emissions within which the morphogenic information of the formative forces acting upon the ethers, elements, and physical forces to weave the physical tapestry of substance and form through a process of dimensioinal involution and evolution under the guidance of a particular celestial body. Meaning that the ethers are precipitates from the astral realm. Beginning with the warmth ether – fire – heat interacting under Old Saturn in no  dimensionality. This evolved into the Light ether – Air – Electricity under Old Sun in 1 dimensionality. The 2 Dimensional stage was guided by the Tone Ether – Water – Gravity/Magnetism under Old Moon. Then moving to the Life Ether – Earth – Atomic Nuclear Force under 3 Dimensionality. Similar to what Tesla stated about Space having no properties, Steiner believed that the 3 main dimensions associated to space are not metrics of space itself, but mental proprioreceptive concepts resulting from the threefold nature of man. A supposed seven stages of dimesional evolution will result more refined ethers, elements, and formative forces ingniting man’s higher senses. The question is how man greets these changes and whether we embrace the organic path to their realization in order to confront the materialistic Arihmanic assault on the consciousness of man to project his probable future to live in a pre manufactured matrix or 8th sphere, entrapping souls into an even more refined level of materialism than is presently seen. What we see through the scientific mainstream in their dogmatic representation of sciences is the epitomy of the manifestation of this arihmanic influence driving us towards irreversible paths of radiation, pollution, death, mutation, transgenderism …. an outright assault on man’s organic birthright to acccess divine truth ad wisdom from within his core. His terminology just describing archetypal influences from the astral on the collective evolution of man. Steiner’s prinicples have been engineered in several projects. So whether his linguisitc interpretations of his clairvoyant understanding are accurate or not matter not, since as Trevor James Constable so bluntly stated “ONLY RESULTS COUNT”

In the end, we do not confuse our mental electrical maps as the terrain or domain in which we are observing. We can come up with a multitude of theoretical expressions to attempt to explain the role of nonphysicality in the formation of physical phenomena but we are still only grasping are part of the picture. Find a way to measure it, great. Find a way to use power from it great! The ultimate part of this is in the journey, as we deepen our internal senses, we connect to larger informational universal frameworks. This is about evolution and integrating our already present higher senses into a fully functional, integral, and practical mode of investigation that can synergize with the point like analysis of material science.

Following the tradition of Goethian science, we understand the need to view science archetypally as well, seeing the larger picture in which the whole idea can be seen preceding the form. This form of higher observation requires and elevated form of cognition and imagination, a higher sense, if you will, to observe the underlying dynamics between the nonphysical and physical. We are discussing the existence of cosmic intelligence, formative forces, and the very life force itself. Something unseen, recognize both by unconventional and alternative sciences, albeit defined in radically different approaches, acts as a seemingly intelligent, emergent, negentropic backdrop and foundation for physical manifestation.