New Frontiers in Molecular Biology

Gilbert Williams -- Crystal Hunter
Image : Crystal Hunter, by Gilbert Williams


Bio-Engineering of Planetary Life Forms

Compiled, Edited and Written by Amarushka — May 20th, 2001

This is a synoptic overview introducing a New Frontier in Molecular Biology, also referred to as bio-engineering of Planetary Life Forms in the recapitulation of all things, organic and inorganic!  We have crossed the threshold of a New Age and are now in the retooling phase of our nuclear evolution.  Soon humankind as trustees of Spaceship Earth, will be able to operate beyond the current, weak decay of particles, flourishing within renewable energy systems that no longer have severe symmetry violations!  Divine Order is key for the transforming of extreme distortions of the spherical symmetry of all life forms found in nuclei of atomic and subatomic particles, into a perfected harmony within Creation.  This is a direct coding of the Divine Image into all waveforms, reshaping particles according to the sanctification image and blueprint of our Creator God(s). 

Translated into spiritual-scientific terms within our three dimensional reality, the primary table of energy works through atomic and subatomic particles.  This table of energy has a limited time-scale of existence known as negative entropy.  The negative entropy creates a vortex into which all life-giving particles and their structures are dissolved, unless new wave structures are introduced.  Where new wave structures are introduced, the carrier medium is thus reused.  This carrier medium is crystalline in nature and can reawaken or retrieve ancient lifeforms such as the mitochondria (male), and our more ancient ancestors the Chondriana (female), re-discovered by Dr. George Merkl, Christmas Day, 1995.  The Chondriana were the first microbial lifeform to appear, as females. 

“If we take this new frontier further we will arrive at the birth of quantum light through the implosion process, which is known as nuclear fusion”.  — Dr. George Merkl

This retrieval of ancient lifeforms is done by holograms produced in superlattice formations.  Such superlattice is laced with a super-fluid nuclear plasma substance, forming fluorescent strings within the microcosmic, ‘Power of the Cross’ structure, the Cosmic Bio-Machine.  Then a vortex of creative activity is induced by this Cross that is made of genetic crystals in superlattice, according to the Divine blueprint of life in sacred geometry.  The vortex funnel draws matter into the Cross formation, where the newly discovered super-fluid begins ushering molecules into superlattice formation.  

Great Pyramid TIME
The Great Pyramid of Giza and how it functions

The Power of the Cross, as a cosmic incubator or self-replicating hologram of genetic nucleotides, starts replicating Chondriana according to the cosmic blueprint captured by the interference of the coherent beams, causing the surface tension to force the compression of the tetrahedral matrix into pristine matter, thus regenerating all life-forms.  These geometrical constraints require the nucleotides in the superlattice to resonate along fluorescent strings.  The frequency of resonance is then transferred and stored into interference points of the coherent electron and photon beams.   The molecules arrange themselves according to the cosmic blueprint as is recalled from holographic storage!  Photons in sacred geometry will braid the interference points in lockstep to form electrons, if the lockstep is scattered or incoherent.  The electrons are then stepped down into Free Energy Scrolls. This means that life can be restored from dust-form material.  Calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate crystals can mold the genetic information of ancient times.  All toxic materials in our world today that have fallen into disordered incoherence can now be reformed into basic building blocks of regenerated life by restoring these elements into sacred geometry. 

The key to restoring life is in the life force of atomic and subatomic fields in fusion, or UNIVERSAL LOVE Consciousness!   With this unifying love force, new-wave structures (high speed intermediaries) with extended laser-like actions amplify the bio-plasm, which constitutes our evolution. Thus higher resonant, centropic functions can lift negative mass directly out of the spiral of physical entropy and free old chemical shell bonds to continue the evolutionary process.  Life on Spaceship Earth was never created in a static image.  It is a continual and ongoing process which is eternally upgrading itself through the divine blueprint in the image of our Creator God(s).  This upgrading process of all matter energizes light photons currently entering from the Galactic Center, stepped down through the arc-angelic function of Metatron to create Free Energy Scrolls.  The span of our nuclear life system can then spiral out of negative, entropic, nuclear fission systems and merge with a new energy plasma of higher evolutionary, resonant spectrum Divine love and light.  .  .Free Energy for ALL.   Through this evolutionary upgrading, earth and all life are given the opportunity for their Ascension into the greater light.

Milky Way
Stars of the Galactic Center, Suzan Stolovy

“The center of our Milky Way Galaxy is hidden from the prying eyes of optical telescopes by clouds of obscuring dust and gas. But in this stunning vista, the Spitzer Space Telescope’s infrared cameras are able to penetrate much of the dust, revealing the stars of the crowded region of our galactic center. A mosaic of many, smaller snapshots taken as detailed, false-color images shows older, cool stars in bluish hues. Reddish glowing dust clouds are associated with young, hot stars in stellar nurseries. The galactic center lies some 26,000 light-years away, toward the constellation Sagittarius.   At that distance, the above photo spans about 900 light-years.”  — NASA, JPL-Caltech

Our local Universe is currently experiencing the death of step-functions that are part particle and part wave, thus accelerating our nuclear evolution into a wave continuum based upon a, galactic centered light force, or photon beam.  We are currently in a process of change of the hydrogen matrix of our local Universe, which is the ground structure for our nuclear co-evolution.  ATP as a photo-synthesizer matrix is the key to the whole field of biological transduction, so that higher energies can be brought through from a higher-dimensional evolutionary source.  Mankind is indeed a unique host for the hosts of the many worlds of higher intelligence.  His very presence invites the smaller, organic worlds of intelligent life-forms to move in and be at rest within the grand design that the Creator God(s) made, which allows the lowest parts of the Earth to be re-woven and regenerated.  Humankind evolution here on Earth is to adapt mitochondria and amino acid functions into something that is functional with the grand design.  It is thus that the design of biological molecules, cellular differentiation and the overall shape of all living systems in the interrelationship between the outer membrane, the inner membrane and the crystal membrane is determined.  

The ATP model operates in spaces already designed that connect to lower and higher energy spaces between membranes.  ATP functions like a Tripartite Energy Transduction life-antenna device that receives higher life-force wave forms (LOVE) that collectively control biological mechanisms, protein synthesis and the nature of genetic coding simultaneously from several energy configurations of hydrolysis.  This biological energy transduction restructures our human and earth biological systems.  This energy transduction works through electron addition and subtraction, whereby ATP adjusts accordingly the potentials of the electron charge in the system.  So the restructuring of the biological system is not only towards the unity of the structure and its function within all life systems, but also in relationship to a ‘fusion-love’ frequency that structures itself through high energy intermediates.  You must first examine the mitochondria where the ATP is produced, and where the substrate is in lock-step sacred geometry.  Mitochondria is given in categories of two kinds of membrane:  An outer membrane and an inner membrane.

There is a third membrane in the process of higher energy intermediates, made of crystal, which eventually becomes the invagination of the inner membrane.  This crystal membrane is separate from the outer membrane but is in parallel phase, in sacred geometry with the outer membrane wall-structure.  It is a necessary component for the light-life structure to operate either as the ONENESS or in lock-step formation.  The crystal membrane structure is used because it can work with the maintenance of function on both sides of Creation (inner and outer) at the same time:  the outer universe where we currently live in the lower worlds goes through an entropic process and a chemical re-organization towards the inner universe and the inner universe goes towards the outer.  So, the structure of crystal invagination allows for a direct attachment to both.  The crystal membrane is unique because it can process light and love going both ways, from the outer surface to the inner and the inner to the outer.  It creates a ‘zipper effect’, which can open up or ‘unzip’ the universe. 

Mandelbrot fractal sipper
Mandelbrot Fractal ‘Zipper’

The higher intelligences ‘working’ for the Creator thus have the ability and the opportunity to repair and regenerate inner and outer structures simultaneously!

As Pluto entered the galactic center of our local galaxy, from August through December 2008 at 27 degrees Sagittarius, we were on the outer lip of where New Frontiers in Molecular Biology can be accessed,  As we work with higher bio-energetics states and membrane functions, we will see in the various patterns of energized matter that non-energized states as well as energized states come together through a spiraling scroll effect, which gives the shape of energy transduction structures on a mitochondria level.  These energized states, along with energized but twisted states are presently working in Tripartite arrangement, sending and receiving instructions from the source of ALL that IS.  ATP can be reduced and change its direction through the repeating unity of inner, mitochondrion membranes.  The Tripartite model can be reduced to its base and be remodeled and regenerated again and again into its antenna array.  This is the energy cycle of evolution within our multi-dimensional reality structure.  Even in the activities of the mitochondria, we must recognize that there is a feminine aspect of the Universe known to us as the Holy Spirit-Shekinah.  It is the Pillar of Light connecting to the Presence of the Godhead for the sanctification of the molecular form of the inner universe.  It takes some of the smallest functions from our physical creation and allows them to be re-ordered, regenerated and interfaced with higher vibrations of Cosmic LOVE and LIGHT!

Pluto in Galactic Center
Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

This Shekinah aspect of the Tripartite Model is further explained when six wave forms combine with a seventh wave form in the center; the center becomes the Pillar of Light, or what we term the Nuclear Well, adding ‘waves-crests’ as their amplitude increases.  However, when the six wave forms are drawn into white holes, if the waves are out of phase they will annihilate or cancel each other out.  When light is laced through the rows of electrons or protons ordered in cosmic geometry, the photons also form superlattice and countless photon beams.  The electrons in superlattice act as a photon beam splitter.  The coherent waves emerging from such a system will form interference with each other in an orderly fashion.  In the crystals, there are electrons, 41 photons and proteins also in superlattice, and they too can form interference in an orderly fashion.  If the square of the wave function is 6 +1=7 waves, in the superlattice this results in 42+7=49 manifesting in sacred geometry.  Since we are absorbing energy in three dimensions, each set of energy scrolls must be absorbed at the same frequency.  The one in the center, 33xG=18-1, becomes a nuclear well, absorbing 17 waves.  This three-dimensional scroll will then pair, absorbing a total of 34 waves.  The single scroll (17W) in three dimensions (3×17=51) forms one tetrahedral that is equal to one photon.  Two tetrahedral and two photon forming pairs with opposite spin would be equal to 1oz., or 51 pairs.  This pillar of sacred geometry is the six plus the one interference, formed from the 7th and opening the channel for the breath of Creation.  The breath of the Creator then proliferates throughout the universe, condensing into scrolls of light particles and energy matter.  This level of geometry is then responsible for superconductivity and superfluity opening the way to harness the Cosmos.  This cosmic system then brings organization and continuity to all life.  Even the secret to immortality lies in this knowledge of sacred cosmic order that delivers wholeness to every living organism.

Free Energy Scrolls, as vortex fields generated by the seven-fold interference point, give rise to three-dimensional oscillations that are the prime mover of the Cosmos, the creative field that is condensed into matter and distills Life itself via a state of coherence. When interference is put through cosmic order, matter will assume new entropy.  The seven-fold interference represents Free Energy Scrolls harmonized into reusable entropy, the seed of light that is molded from the darkest level of gravity.  With the microbes re-awakened and absorbing Life Crystals, cosmic light is delivered!  This happens through the divine interplay of the trinity of the Father (YHWH) Universe with the Mother (Shekinah) Universe and the SUN-Son (Christ) Universe.  Once again we have the Tripartite model in the spiritual worlds interfacing with the biological world.  Within the infinite plan of Creation there are many membrane circuits going at such high speeds, that one cannot clearly separate the given units without destroying the whole process of the continuum itself, within that repeating phase of life!

Moreover, when we take the Tripartite model and adapt it to experimental research with ATP, we will see how the Tripartite energy reduction system works with ATP transduction in parallel phase.

Then we can ask the question:  does this model energize life itself?  If this is a true model unlike those of the catastrophic topology and discontinuous function of entropy, can it be run in reverse?  The answers are given in the hydrolysis of the ATP over generations of electron transfer.   When we use the electron transfer process we can take this model and apply it to the biophysics, making it into an adaptive model with new bio-engineering.  This will allow humankind to live, not only in harmony in his home environment on Earth, but also in other planetary environments!  In our own environment where chemical synthesis takes place, if the chemical field is stronger than the electron drop, then we can reduce the energy or even reverse the process.  This explains why our bio-physicists have been too restrictive in working with chemical processes, which are not based on the higher spiritual possibility of what electron transfer does to the reversal of the chemical process, especially in osmotic work.  Thus, one obtains a process of a reversible chemical engine that can be powered either by electron transference of a new energy source or through the transfer mechanism of the ATP.   ATP is a model which can be used to enable a breakthrough to occur, via a chemical base to convert energy to an electron base and vice versa.  Through this process we will come to understand inter-dimensionality and cosmic intelligences that interface with our living systems.  A super matrix of poly adenosine nucleotide phosphate is the electron transport system to convert CO2 to organic molecules.

Nuclear waste can be converted into pure water to perform microbial, bio-remedial processes using electron transport systems.  Such a superlattice or matrix system delivers energy to produce ATP, driven by proton gradients and splitting water by an electro-photosynthetic process.  This mechanism drives the Cosmic Incubator, or Cosmic Bio-Machine, that was probably in existence at the beginning of time when life first evolved.  It can process life, but also is very efficient as an ATP synthesizer.  The Cosmic Bio-Machine can process cellulose-aldemydes as well as CO2 into glucose and ATP.   This protein precision hardware is hooked into specific life-replicating engines that then process information to replicate life and genetic material directly from light holograms holding the blueprints of Creation.

“The Cosmic Bio-Machines are building and stacking the beta sheets of proteins by microscopic assembly line workers laying down the smart proteins one by one like the Masons laying down their bricks.  They fit the peptides into three-dimensional geometry by instant production like bees building honeycomb hives.   Again the use of the Bio-stimulant will create the pristine water for the scaffold, acting as a mold, in conjunction with the interference pattern laid into Cosmic Geometry.”  — Dr. George Merkl,  Sumer – Tech, Cosmic Bio Machine, 1995

Van Gogh Man in Tetrahedra
Star of David Merkabah

The Creator God(s), the Anunnaki and the Sumerians put their stamp or signature into adamic creation as the cross and the star of david.  This represents the birth of the Cosmos.  You will find the star of david and the superlattice of smart proteins or nucleotides as the Creator God(s) have placed them.  Polynucleotides follow the sacred geometry that is the signature of the Cosmos.  Molecules line up in lockstep or superlattice to form Living Crystals.  Such crystals are stored in the mitochondria-cell-nucleus-centrioles and throughout in the cell, to store energy and nutrients for the genetic process. The superlattice follows the electron configuration in lockstep.   First crystals, then light synthesized carbon dioxide, and then comes the precursors of mitochondria, the Cosmic Incubator or Cosmic Bio-machine!  If we choose to adopt cosmic physics to smart proteins or genetic grains, we can replicate bio-computers that far surpass brain function:  self-replicating, self-restoring, self-maintaining and alive to serve us and restore all of life on Earth to harmonic balance and divine order.

With this knowledge and its application we can evolutionize our current military-industrial complex, re-educating and regenerating life for the ‘soul-purpose’ of living, and not for killing and dying!  The Cosmic Bio-machine can not only transmute all toxic waste, it can recycle excess CO2 as well, turning greenhouse gases into clean, natural food, energy and glucose-ATP.  We can eliminate all disease, and regrow limbs and organs inside of the body without surgery.  This new, bio-electronic industry could tap the cosmos for global free energy via superconductive, super-fluidic photo-synthesis, tapping into the atom without a nuclear fission reaction!


“This reality is no longer in the realms of science fiction, the facts are here and now and we can prove it.”  — Doctor George Merkl

Cosmic Bio-Machine
Cosmic Bio-Machine, Discovered by Dr. George Merkl

From the Cosmic Incubator comes pristine matter as the interference points are organized in lockstep, forming the superlattice.  Such pristine matter holds the breath of Creation and the blueprint of life itself.  Since cosmic, pristine matter is in superlattice it therefore is superconductive.  Such superlattice can form an infinite variation of air, glucose and genetic components.  The Sumerian Formula of Dr. George Merkl promotes life and cosmic, sacred geometry through smart proteins (black water).  This is the precursor of the mitochondria that in turn replicates the cosmiana, which then becomes the precursor of the Chondriana, our ancient ancestors.  The Chondriana is then precursor of all mammalian forms on Earth!  This cosmic, pristine matter replicates plant and mineral life that generate smart proteins and crystalline water.  This pristine cosmic matter is sacred geometry produced by orderly interference of energy waves.  It is capable of storing the breath of Creation within the blueprint of Life, therefore relocating pre-destined life forms.  These life-forms have been re-discovered.  We call them the Cosmic Bio-Machines.

Jesus with Fractal
13th century painting: Is Jesus studying the geometry of a fractal?

This is the new macro science, the beginning of a Golden Age and a new frontier in molecular bio-engineering!  An army of microbes can come to life and, like ‘Pac-Men’, eat the twin enemies of disease and toxicity.  Once the job is complete, they speed up and go ‘out of phase’, or out of third-dimensional reality and into sacred geometry or holographic storage until they are called back to work once again!  These are super-intelligent, ancient life-forms at the microbial level, re-awakened to perform their Pac-Men task.

They are here to serve us!

Universe within a Universe — Chondrion Model found in a Mandelbrot Set

What has taken us so long to discover this simple, natural process of biological transmutation?  In final analysis of our biological struggles on this planet, lower intelligences have interfered with the power of crystal invagination. It has been the work of negative intelligences interfering on our Earth to block this very simple and natural process.  We must understand that in worlds of matter, humankind must share all fields of atomic and subatomic fields with pure Love and Righteousness only!   It has been the negative intelligences that have urged man to use negative bio-transducers in this biological system of creation to try to destroy our biological structure, by the misuse of atomic and subatomic power and its toxic waste products.

The intermediates are life force, or Love and Light that is connected to the Christos SUN-Son energy and our planetary initiation with the work of the redemption.  These biochemical processes can rebuild once the chemical elements are restored to balance Divine Order! This brief overview has been written as a preview into the next phase of re-generated life on spaceship Earth, our RE-Gen-ISIS, an initiating phase of the universal reformation long foretold by the great seers of the past.   It is now possible to wholly restore the Earth and its peoples, and to enter the sovereign realms of the King and Queendom of a new heaven and a new Earth, shifting our paradigm from destructive, nuclear fission technology to life-enhancing, cold fusion technology.

Free Energy for ALL!

Fractal Pyramid
Image by Ben Pruess

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