As you may know this dates are very special energetically, and can be used to save a lot of energy and time from the psychotronics point of view, since this 12 holy nights are in direct resonance with every month of the next year . Makeing this date the most energy efficient way of manifesting  a good year all around, or at least give it a push to the direction you want to go this year.

If you are new to psychotronics, you can read this book from Robert Stone to get you started.

– The Magic of Psychotronic Power


You can read the energetical implications of this dates in this well elaborated newsletter of a biogeometry instructor.



My reason for emailing now right before Christmas is also to remind you about the power of December, and the significance of this time. Many people still do not appreciate Christmas more than just gifts, parties, pudding and champagne! A cartoon I saw on the internet mused whether Christmas celebrates the birth of
the first credit card. Sadly very true as the concept of Christmas has become very materialistic in modern society, the very anti-thesis of what Christmas is meant to be. A lot of the traditional practises e.g. the
giving of gifts, which replicates the act of the Magi, or the decorations, which simulate the allegory of the Christmas Star, have been changed into materialistically oriented customs.

This is a very special month not only because it ends the cycle we recognise as a year and ushers in a new one (the new one is 2012, no less), but also because of the immense spiritual significance of this period. By significance I don’t mean simply a symbolic representation, but also an actual energetic effect due to
the spiritual nature of the cosmic energies that reach us at this time. This should be 2 of interest to us all, perhaps now more than ever in light of this unusual time our planet is undergoing in its – and our – evolution.

This deeper significance can explain why out of all days the Christian tradition chose the 25th December to commemorate Christmas. As you are aware, this date is not claimed to be the real birth date of Jesus, just the date when this birth is celebrated. The 25th December was absorbed into the calendar in order to continue an important spiritual awareness that existed for millennia throughout various ancient traditions and beliefs. This includes the traditions of Dionysius, Mithras and even ancient Egyptian festivals
dedicated to the Sun God Ra, which focused on the date of 25 December. This highlights the genuine importance of this month, particularly the last few days of it, over and above the Christian significance as the birth of Christ, as it forms part of certain cyclic events and shifts that have energetic importance to

the spiritual journey. We can say that in this time of the year, frequencies of higher vibrations come down upon our world, providing us with an opportunity for new inner growth and renewal. Of particular note are the Winter Solstice, naturally Christmas Day, and also the 12 Holy Nights.
The 21st December is the Winter Solstice, and like the other three solstices and equinox dates in the
year, is a ‘threshold day’. In line with the doorway principle we explained in the BioGeometry training, this day is ideal for all spiritual and energetic work, especially associated with new projects, shifts, new awareness and so on. It is not without reason that the ancients aligned their temples to the rising sun on solstices and equinoxes (example shown at Mnajdra Temples in Malta, with the rays of the rising solstice sun entering the main altar portal). Seen in the analogy of the breathing cycle of the Earth, the Winter Solstice is when the planet holds it breath so to speak, in preparation for the full exhalation of spring. It is thus a good time for contemplation of our life’s journey, what we have attained so far, and preparation for our next stages. The three days of 21-23 December have been referred to as the Three Initiation Days.
Christmas Day is obvious in its significance, and the story of the birth of Christ in a cave in Bethlehem is a powerful one indeed. Besides the obvious context of the birth of Christ in traditional Christian beliefs, there are other significances. The cave birthplace of Christ for instance is a metaphysical 3 analogy for the inner heart. This signifies the sacred consciousness which permeates the universal human soul in an alchemical process by igniting the Spirit Spark in our heart. This is the transcendental connection of the reed with the reed bed the Sufis talk about, or the rosebud of the Rosicrucian traditions which can be nurtured with the spiritual light to eventually bloom to its fullness. However we look at it, we can choose to allow the Nativity
story to be ‘re-enacted’ at this time, allowing the influx of powerful spiritual energies into our heart and consciousness.
You may recall that I describe the process of evoking the spiritual centering energies of the BG3 in some ways as creating a doorway for the Light. It is fascinating to consider the gifts which the scriptures say the Three Magi brought to the child Jesus, namely Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense. Do you see an analogy with the three frequencies of the Higher Harmonic of Gold, Higher Harmonic of Ultra-Violet and the horizontal Negative Green? The analogy is especially there when one delves into the ancient uses, names and traditions associated with each of these substances, an example familiar to many being the use of Frankincense at key parts of the Christian Mass ritual.

The 12 Holy Nights span the nights of the 24th to the 4th January i.e. till the day of the 5th. Again this is considered a sacred period which ties in with various cyclic geometries of time and energy. The resonance of 12 is obvious for a start. As we point us in the Sacred Geometry class… there are 12 zodiac, hours of the clock, Knights of the Round Table, Christ’s Disciples, tasks of Hercules, nerves of the brain, etc. The division of 12 is a metaphysically archetypal one. Think about this when this season you hear the popular carol which sings of the gifts which “my true love sent to me” on each day of the 12 days of Christmas. If “my true love” is taken in the Sufi significance of the word, and the gifts are considered for the symbols that they are with sacred geometrical significance, the way it builds up until the 12th final day, when we have the whole bonanza of gifts, can be very symbolic indeed. This is perhaps an unconscious expression of the blessings of energy which come down to using these days, with specific qualities being attributed to each day. Think also
of the powerful analogy of Santa Claus who comes from above and brings
gifts on the first of the 12 Holy Nights. 4
The 12 Nights are often considered to serve as an energetic focus for the twelve months of the coming year. Throughout those 12 nights one can effectively choose to carry out some kind of positive affirmation of spiritual merit that will help you throughout the coming year. In Malta, farmers call these nights l-irwiekel and claim to use them as an indication of the prevailing climatic conditions throughout each coming month. Interesting use of resonance of qualities between scales! In his seminar on the 12 Holy Nights, Dr Robert Gilbert draws parallels with the 12 qualities we recognise in the BioGeometry spectrum (as familiar from the virtual cone pendulum). So don’t hesitate to use your BioGeometry experience to test the energy on
these days with your pendulum, both for BG3 and any specific qualities you may pick up on certain days more than others. Dr Karim explains how in certain days of Ramadan for instance, the sky can be tested and found to emanate certain qualities different from other days of the year, e.g. strong BG3, which would account for the profound importance Moslems give to this period, augmenting this with the practises of fasting and prayer. The same of course applies to this sacred time leading to Christmas, Christmas Day itself
and the time after it, with particular qualities in the energies coming down to us. Please feel free to communicate about your own experiences, be it with testing or just attuning to the energy of these special days. But however you choose to approach this period of Christmas, I would encourage you to use this special and sacred time for some positive inner work and spiritual integration.
I take this opportunity to extend my sincere wishes to you and your families
at this special time of Christmas, and augur a good New Year for everyone! 🙂