Much confusion exists today One school of thought proposes requires advanced electronics to will work by overwhelming them the other hand there exists necessarily superfluous and that regarding what, in fact, radionics is. That it is more physical and thus “do it right”. (“But ‘psychic boxes’ with the power of suggestion … “) On the concept that the equipment is only psychic principles op~ ate.

This writer wishes to propose a simpler view–admitting the reality of both viewpoints–that radionics is the “Engineering of Counterspace.” The sense here implied is that intention in the form of a pattern of relationships acts on the geometries of space and counterspace, as a primal polarity of manifest and unmanifest ~ process vs. substance.

Ideally, therefore — the etheric forces would be accessed purely through projective geometrical resonances less the need for “modern” digital readouts to lend an air of orthodox scientific validity. Integration of computer technology from the mirror-world of the subsensible serves to blur the underlying dynamic polarity interchange between positive and negative matter (physical and etheric). In their intense desire for authoritative approval from the “high priests” of scientism (where none would ever be forthcoming) some individuals may overlook the complete revision of thought required for any true insight into the “how” of radionics.

Why not create–as a departure from traditional instrumentation — a resonant device integrating into its “circuitry” the principles of positive vs. negative matter inherent in the art of radionic potentization. This process has already successfully shown that etheric “substance” may be created through use of adaptations of existing equipment, such as produced for use with Malcolm Rae cards in England. The operative principle then would be the resonance of geometry with the poles of positive (manifest) and negative (unmanifest) matter, process and substance.

Such equipment would reflect on the physical plane supersensible realities as opposed to the mirror-realm of gravity-bound forces. Solidly grounded, qualitatively meaningful radionic equipment would then equally be of both worlds, spiritual and physical. By analogy, this sort of tool would be more “plant-like”, and live in the world of dynamic interchange between space and counterspace. True etheric science must be modeled after the primal polarity inherent in the very definition of the realm of the etheric.

Future articles will show how the above proposed ideas may work in practical reality, and according to primary polarities. Solid successes reflecting the above concepts should be credited to the weather engineering of Trevor James Constable and the Golden Ratio Antennas of Eric Dollard.

This short article was sourced from:  The Journal of Borderland Research Vol XLIV, No. 2 MARCH-APRIL 1988 

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