Dharmata Phase Kissing Fractal
Dharmata universes phase-kissing, by Ananda Bosman

Universal Hyper – Intelligence

Ananda Bosman

Ananda Bosman
Ananda Bosman

Ananda was born in the artist village of Laren, in Holland. Of Swiss Dutch and Norwegian blood, rooting from the Merovingians of Southern France, and Norway. His mother, Auna Willie Mary Schrikker was a renowned visionary artist and color therapist in Europe. She herself the daughter of Kes Schrikker, the famous Dutch sculptor recognized by Queen Juliana of Orange.

Ananda & Mother
Ananda and his Mother Auna Willie Mary Schrikker

“His uncle Andre Schrikker was a scientist at the Utrecht University, where his research into gas exchange made some new discoveries.”  — Gas Exchange In The Lung: Dependency On The Physical Properties Of Gases, 1994.

Ananda’s early life was in Holland, Switzerland and Denmark. He was raised and educated in the United Kingdom from the age of 7 onwards.

In 1985 Ananda had an accident that changed his life, which triggered a visionary state that resulted in practical applications implemented over the years.

Ananda is an international lecturer, teacher, researcher, writer of eight books and editor of several magazines and newsletters.  He is a Visionary Scientist who co-founded with Sir George Travelyan and Nigel Blair MA the Schools and Universities Network (SUN), in England.  He also is co-founder of the ATON Institute for Alternative Technology, Orthogeometry, and Neurocybernetics in Norway, as well as the Grail Media news service.

He is an expert on:

  • Sacred Pythagorean, and Neo-Platonian geometry
  • Cross Cultural Hermeneutics
  • Sacred Pythagorean, and Neo-Platonian geometry
  • Cross Cultural Hermeneutics and Cross Philosophical Comparisons
  • New superconductive models in neurophysics
  • N-Space physics and “Inter-geometrical” electrogravidic models for quantum gravity
  • Neo-Egyptologist and related Ethno-cultural comparisons
  • Establishing a Vortexijah Physics (bio-superconduction) research Institute
  • Ethnographical studies and holographic patterns in language, ciphers and Gematria
“Ananda’s multiple density, Vortexijah Model, and hyperdimensional model is a revolutionary breakthrough in the making. An extraordinary visionary scientist, we have been waiting for one like him for some time.”  ­- Dr. Klaudeous Kern

Aton Vortexjah
Vortexijah Model – Animated

“Ananda’s application of methods in Projective Geometry to modeling certain aspects of the ‘descent’ from the implicate order into 3D space-time will form a new aspect in my studies. I have been following up many of the ‘links’ Ananda has mentioned and can state in all honesty that the teachings have to this day a great impact on my life.” — Dr. Martin Huebner PH.d, 1996, video interview.
“Ananda was first to suggest the Pineal gland’s Pinoline resonates to 8 Hz ELF, and will be a remedy for cancer. I witnessed this several years before this was confirmed, and have since demonstrated this in actuality, in my Mega Wave research.  A truly inspirational man.”  — Dr. Dieter Broers Ph.d

Soma-Pinoline-Harmine-Loturin molecule

The Soma-Pinoline-Harmine-Loturin molecule has a stable NMR of 8 hz, and its flat nature, flouressence readings show, has superior binding to the DNA, by donating electrons to the nucleotide Base pair. Proton-proton spin-spin coupling at 8 hz. See our book The Soma Conspiracy for avid details on our theories of DNA Somagenesis (hadronic bio-morphosis).

The Dharmata Universe
By Ananda Bosman

Unveiling the Fractal Order of the Universal Language

Karmapa Dharmata Brot
Karmapa Dharmata,  Amore Art

“Tathātā/Dharmatā:  Tathata (Sanskrit, Pali tathātā; Chinese language 眞如 pr.: zhēnrú /chen-ju; tib. de bzhin nyid; kor. 진여, jinyeo; jap. 真如, shinnyo; viet. chân or chơn như) is variously translated as ‘thusness’ or ‘suchness’. It is a central concept in Buddhism, and is of particular significance in Zen Buddhism. The synonym dharmatā is also often used.  Dharmata: The ultimate nature (shunyata) of dharma, all phenomena.
While alive the Buddha referred to himself as Tathagata, which can mean either ‘One who has thus come’ or ‘One who has thus gone’, and interpreted correctly can be read as “One who has arrived at suchness”. Tathata as a central concept of Buddhism expresses appreciation of the true nature of reality in any given moment. As no moment is exactly the same, each one can be savored for what occurs at that precise time, whether it is thought of as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’.”  — Wikipedia

Tree Dharmata
Galactic Tree Chakra Dharmata – by Ananda Bosman

“The bootstrap.   .   .implies that the existence of consciousness, along with all other aspects of nature, is necessary for the self consistency of the whole.” –Dr. Geof F. Chew, Bootstrap: A Scientific Idea

As to a hyper-intelligence therein, this is implied in mankind’s own intelligence, as Dr. G. Chew points out. Thus, the intelligence evident in the numerous life forms that compose the one organic whole entity, of which mankind, and consciousness, are indivisibly sub-whole expressions, along with the intelligence of the DNA code language — this intelligence implies that the whole (whether the organic whole entity scribed in DNA anywhere in the universe, or the whole universe), itself must be intelligent. By Chew’s logic, mankind is the best evidence for hyper and cosmic intelligence. Since our self-reflection of the universe, continuously enables the whole to repeat itself recursively, with the ability of progenerating forms through which the whole universe is self-reflecting itself, in fractal self-similarity, the fractality of consciousness co-creating with the All-One Creator/Creation of All-Oneness. In a contact with Emmanuel called:

THE UNIFIED FIELD: GOD They relate this subatomic consciousness hadron bootstrap wholeness:

“The physical body is equally the Unified Field. The physical body is the gateway to your consciousness, to your Total Consciousness, as it is mirrored and stored within every particle.”  — Emmanuel, THE UNIFIED FIELD, January 1991, Copenhagen

Light is perceived in different frequencies and different octaves of resonance which your brain filters into the understanding of physical reality.  All that you perceive around you is vibrational form.  All that you are is vibrational forms.  There is, however, a point that connects to all points. It is not in a specific place it is contained within all…

“Much of the genetic formats, along with the DNA, are brought out of a subconscious mode and into the conscious mode, they move from the instinct to the conscious mind, so that one becomes aware that the body also is consciousness.  If you move into the subatomic particles you come to consciousness.  You come to consciousness creating within itself your own consciousness.” — Emmanuel, THE UNIFIED FIELD, January 1991, Copenhagen

Mandlebrot Fractal
Mandelbrot Fractal

Thus, Emmanuel relate the subatomic partial bootstrap holonomy, or holography, to consciousness generation… We shall explore Puharich’s implications in this regard as we progress.   The Sierpinski-Pascal or binomial triangle Dr. Puharich’s description of the “fractal” field nature within the hadronic quark magnetic monopole is of exceptional significance. This fractal self-organising force is in fact a hypergeometrical array that includes both the local hedral 3d symmetries (platonic solids), and hyperhedral forms of the Sierpinski triangle (called in the Vedas, the Manugala Yantra and for the 3D symmetrical hedral form, Meruprastara).  .  .

Mandelbrot fractal, geometry behind proteins in 8hz electrolysis of water. The other geometry that is symbiotic to this, is a form of the Mandelbrot fractal (also found by Puharich as the fractal form ordered organisation of the protein life that was generated by the simple 8hz electrolysis of water — Hadronogenesis par excellence, we would suggest). This geometry is identical to what the Vedas call the Dharmata, upon which the Stupa geometry is based. This ancient geometry also traces the mandlebrot set fractal, some representations of it have remained accurate over thousands of years.

Dharamata Hyper-morphology
Dharmata Hyper-morphology

The 3D rotation of the Novelty Time Wave Graph, into the Dharmata Hyper-morphology. Here an iso-pair of Dharmata’s in concrescence, by 2012.   On a background of the Mandelbrot Set fractal. Still from 3D animation by Ananda FRACTAL DHARMATA & UNIVERSAL HYPER-INTELLIGENCE.  Our rediscovery of the accurate 3D Dharmata geometry is based on the novel Timewave discovery of Novelty Theory, visionaries rediscovered by oncologist Terrence McKenna, initially in the 1970s.  The Timewave’s’ typological morphology has been accredited by UCLA scientist and mathematician, professor Ralf Abrahams (A Chronology Of Time), as the fractal symmetry of the ontological morphology of time itself.  The Timewave verified to be an accurate cartography of time’s temporal wave architecture within the atomic clock observation measurements made by Los Alamos Laboratory physicist, Dr. Sheliak. The temporal behavior within the scale of the ATOMIC clocks, behaved accordingly to the Timewave-1 graph topology… Thus, Puharich’s assertion to the ATOM’s nucleus MM force within the proton, to be following fractal electric/magnetic charge, which he also relates to the Mandlebrot set — is clearly here highlighted for the very first time. Especially when we understand the relation between the Timewave, Dharmata, and the mandlebrot fractal, as follows…

This leads us to our findings… By tracing the complete Timewave graph into 3D computer animation software; replicating the design 180° in mirror symmetry; and then rotating this into 3 dimensions, the beautiful and remarkable precise morphology of the Dharmata was resurrected from the catacombs of antiquity. Dharmata’s shape is traced by the Mandlebrot fractal symmetry outline.

Mandlebrot fractal symmetry
Dharmata’s shape is traced by the Mandlebrot fractal symmetry

Before Leonardo Da Vinci’s version of this mandelbrot fractal design within his Leicester Codex, he was proceeded by several hundred years in the remarkable labor undertaken by Monk Udo of Achen, who spent 9 years calculating the accurate Mandlebrot Set which he called Divinitas (“Godhead”), rather than using Abacus, he utilized the Vedic mathematics of ‘algorithm’ calculations that utilized the Vedic arabic numerals (based on Brahmi-script), (The forgotten genius of Udo von Aachen”, Schipke, R.J. and Eberhardt, A., Harvard Journal of

Vedic Mathematics
Historical Mathematics, which itself is derived from Vedic
mathematics. He depicted it as the star of Bethlehem.

The Timewave, also appears to be the accurate morphology of the full permutation of the DNA genom (by the implication of Dr. Martin Schönberger’s academically impeccable I-Ching and The Genetic Code: The Hidden Key To Life). Thereby, the fractal MM fields of the hadronic force in the proton, through 8hz electrolysis of water, producing the amino acids and full proteins in the very same fractal symmetry as itself… which itself is the complete permutation of the DNA code, is extraordinary…

SMART Protein Fractal
SMART Proteins “Made in the Image of its Creator”

That is: SMART proteins “Made in the Image of its Creator,” the organizing 27D Hadron through its MM fractal symmetry… and which turns out to be the symmetrical geometry of the full permutation of the DNA codon language. Thereby, giving a fractal (self-similar, self-organising, self-reflective/conscious), hyper-topology of the All-One Macro nature of the hadron’s hyperdimensional unified hypercharacteristics… The hadronic mechanic’s Macro Irreversible Hyper-Organisation of all life. Thereby: the hyper-morphology of indivisible wholeness that is all-one Hyper-Intelligence — HTI:  Hyper-Temporal/Hyper-Terrestrial Intelligence.  UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LIFE Thus, some initial major decipherments of the Universal Language orchestrated by the Hadronic-Intelligence Hyper-Organisation of Life, have been decrypted, self-embedded and axiomatic within the very cipher codes of life itself, and within the very heart fields of proto-matter (proton-matter proper).

“Ananda Bosman’s research material supports Doctor George Merkl’s re-discoveries from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  These are two great souls, attuned to the higher realms of incoming consciousness and light!”   — Amarushka

Hereby, we have identification of the fractal Universal Language composed of a hadronic hyper-semantics that has seamless axiomatic similitude in its linguistics between the fractal design of the code of life and the fractal geometry of the MM force comprising the alphabet of all the periodic elements that composite the universe…

Human Genome
Computer rendering of a fragment of the human genome

The human genome is some 3.6 billion DNA letters in length.  Same fractal semantics as the DNA life code and the organizing fractal force in the heart of all the periodic elements that built the universe… And the application of one (the fractal MM within the proton), upon the element water (by 8hz electrolysis), produces living complex amino acid chained proteins that grow according to the fractal Dharmata/Mandlebrot image/symmetry, that is the characteristics of the MM proto-force in the atomic heart; and which is also the fractal image of the entire ontological morphology of the DNA code, itself a design of the code of life and the fractal geometry of the MM force comprising the alphabet of all the periodic elements that composite the universe…design of the code of life and the fractal geometry of the MM force comprising the alphabet of all the periodic elements that composite the universe…

Spinning Vortexes
Double Dharmatas

Talk about Self-Organisation, Self-Reflection, Self-Similarity… The same, self-similar, universal All-One Mind-Heart — the indivisible unity between the, so called, inanimate and the animate (such a consequence is also objectively established by hadronic hyper-mathematics.  Arbitrary connections have been eliminated, illusive assumptions vacuumed into nonexistence).

“The human genome is some 3.6 billion DNA letters in length, whilst one single X-chromosome is a macro-DNA molecule some 160 million DNA letters in length.” Dr Robert Pollack relates that the DNA: “Is also a form of text, and that therefore it is best understood by analytical ways of thinking commonly applied to other forms of text, for example, books.” — R. Pollack A Crisis In Scientific Moral, Nature, 385,1997. pp 674

One cannot analyze a text like a book, if one presupposes that there was no intelligence behind writing it. The very fact that the DNA turns out to be an intricate language, written in complex grammar, reveals an intelligence that has a far more holographically integrated hyper-semantics than our present use of languages. The DNA resonating crystal is an intelligently ordered linguistics with a holographic laser resonation communication continuum.

DNA Codex
DNA Codex

“As molecular biologist Dr. Frank-Kamenetskii relates: “The DNA crystal is aperiodic, since the sequence of base pairs is as irregular as the sequence of letters in a coherent text.” — M. D. Frank-Kamenetskii Unveiling The DNA. New York, VCH Publishers, 1993. Pp 31
“The whole of the protein in the human body is replaced in roughly 160 days… When one contrasts the great complexity of the protein molecule with the fact that millions of these substances are constantly being built up and disintegrated in the human body, and moreover rebuilt to precisely the same structure, one cannot help but speculate about the controlling mechanism.” –– Sir Charles Dobbs, quoted in Dr. Harold Saxton Burr’s, The Fields Of Life (Ballantine, New York, 1973).

DNA Cell
DNA, as seen from within the Cell

Thus, to find the same fractal self-similarity in the DNA code’s permutations as that of the organizing force within the protons from the hadron omegon, should seriously transcend the primitive assumption of zero intelligence behind the DNA life book.The fractal self-similarity thus of DNA, time, the proton’s hadronic magnetic monopole force, and the fractal growth of life exposed to the 8hz ELF field of this fractal force, demonstrates a post modern fax simile of the Veda’s, “man made in the Image of the Original Model of Manu,” and the Biblical, “Man made in the Image and the Similitude of God.” Puharich’s observation of the fractal ‘mandlebrot’ geometry arising from the Magnetic Monopole force within the proton, in the 8hz electrolysis of water, and his above mentioning of this being the fractal electric and magnetic charge within each of the 3 quarks that compose the proton of the atomic nucleus, now has some astounding and surprising cross-verifications…

Mandlebrot Set
Dharmata is beautifully outlined by the Mandlebrot set

That is: the Timewave fractal form discovered by McKenna, vindicated by Temporal Chronologist Dr. Ambraham, and observed to be the actual nature of the fractal geometry of time within the atomic clocks, by Dr. Sheliak. However, clarity descends only when our novel discovery of the Dharmata 3D symmetry of the Timewave was rendered, and the Dharmata is beautifully outlined by the Mandlebrot set. The Vedic description of the Dharmata (which also means “the universal law of divine love”), and taken forwards all the way into Sanskrit/Buddhist art and cosmology, is also utilized as the geometry of time, the Dharma Ma ha Kayla (“Law of Omni-Time”).

Meru temple with 72 Dharmata Stupa’s upon the AUM Sri Yantra 27 line geometry.

With 432 Buddhas. Charting the 27 Lunar mansions For instance, the 72 Stupas placed on Mt. Meru, in Java, Indonesia, is a prime example. Not only the outline of the Dharmata, but the fact that there are 72 of them on this version of the Meruprastara mountain (the sum of each row of bricks that build the Meruprastara pyramid equates to the sum number sequence that 8hz established upon itself within water… 8, 16, 32, 64 etc… Meru AKA the Sri Yantra, or the Sierpinski pyramid of modern mathematics.

The Symbolism of the Stupa-Dharma

Stupa Diagram
The SuMeru Stupa Symbolism of the Dharma (CLICK FOR LARGER VERSION)

Meru AKA the Sri Yantra
Meru AKA the Sri Yantra, or the Sierpinski pyramid of modern mathematics

Meru Prastara Vedic Pyramid Altar and Chonomoniter These 72 Dharmata/Stupas are arranged on the Meru pyramid (itself acting aschronomonitor of the 27 lunar mansions through which the Moon passes in one lunar year), in such a manner as to mark the 1° of precession shift of our planet within the 12 zodiac houses — 72 years per degree, 360 x 72 for the complete zodiac wheel (never mind the axiomatic 27/72). OMEGONS and the MERU ENNEAD Fractal Dance Dr. Puharich continues describing the three quarks containing the fractal force that compose the proton’s character:

“The three quarks in a proton are each made up of qualities called ‘flavors’ and each quark has 6 such flavors. This multiplicity of ‘qualities’ has led some physicists to theorize that the quark is not a fundamental particle, but state that each quark is made up of three more fundamental particles, called either omegons, or preons. Preons can be considered to be the universal carrier of information/ACTION transfer, per se.” — Dr. Andrija Puharich, Protocommunication II: Universal Information/Action Transfer, February 1987. Pp 1.

Today the complete quark family is comprised of some 36 quarks, although they are actually all-one and have a mercurial hyper-mobius behaviour. These omegons are  essentially understood to be within the hadron. The name preon, today, became more popularly used as the label for the preon protein apparently behind “mad cows disease.”The hadron-omegon as the All-One Akasa Unified Information Agency, is precisely the nature now established by harnessing of the hadronic force in hadronic mechanics, and hyper-logically understood in hadronic physics.  Quantum Mechanics physician, Professor Steven Phillips, describes the  omegons as the monopoles of SU9 (or super-symmetry 9, string theory). The MM monopoles are the miraculous agents at work. The fundamental particle group:

“Is triple connected and for which… two non-trivial types of vortices are defined — those whose endpoints are monopoles of charge 1 (mod 3) and 2 (mod 2). In being colour [quark] SU(9) monopoles, omegons are SU(3) monopoles as well. As such they are the ends of Y-shaped vortices carrying flux quanta. Consequently, omegons are the joint end-points of nine-legged SU(9) vortices and Y-shaped SU(3) vortices, that is, they cluster into three groups of three, bound externally by the former and internally by the latter.” — Dr. Steven Phillips, Extra-Sensory Perception Of Quarks, 1982. Theosophical Publishing House

Thereby, the omegons have an embedded fractal self-similarity in their arrangement as being monopoles of the same geometric symmetry in both super symmetry SU(3) and SU(9) space concurrently, self-embedding the triangular self-similarity of the Sierpinski triangle, or Meru Prastara.

Sierpinski Pyramid
Sierpinski Pyramid

Sierpinski triangle
Sierpinski triangle, or Meru Prastara

The Fibonacci golden numbers in the binomial Meru Prastara triangle Dr. Phillips continues describing the quark “colour” nature from omegons, as a hadron bootstrap holonomy:

“Colour SU(3) is an effective gauge symmetry of the total interaction between composite quarks, one that is actually mediated by the gauge fields of the primary colour SU(9) coupling between omegons.”  — Dr.. Steven Phillips, Extra-Sensory Perception Of Quarks, 1982.

That is the fractal self-similarity between the SU(3) and SU(9) is the fractal morphology that is built of its self-image information arrangement symmetry. Phillips continues: “Quarks are SU(3), singlet bound states of three SU(3), monopoles. Monopoles couple to a gauge-invarient SU(3) scalar field tensor in an Abelian-like manner, obeying Dirac’s equation for an Abelian monopole. Omegons have an electric dipole moment of Dirac form. Quarks are bound to one another in baryons by SU(9) Nielsen-Olesen vortices extending between their constituent omegons.  The total flux emanating from the junction of the nine vortices is 0 (mod 9).  Quarks are clusters of three SU(9) magnetic monopoles that are internally bound by Y-shaped SU(3) vortices carrying either one or two flux quanta.  The flux emanating from the junction of the Y-shaped string is 0 (mod 3).

“Note that the trigonal symmetry of the sets of three SU(9) strings is identical with the symmetry of arrangement of the SU(3) strings between omegons in a free quark.  This is because each quark contributes a net flux of three quanta to the junction of the nine SU(9) strings binding omegons together in the baryon, while each omegon contributes a net flux of one quantum to the junction of the nine SU(3) strings binding them in a free quark.  The internal Y-shaped string structure of a bound quark is identical with current models of baryons as three SU(3) quark monopoles bound by Y-shaped strings.” — Dr. Steven Phillips, Extra-Sensory Perception Of Quarks, 1982

Thus the super-string fractal symmetry arrangement is laid out in 1982, following embedded sets of triples, i.e. triangles, the very same foundation as the 3-3-3 triangles that comprise the Meru Shri Yantra, and the Sierpinski triangle.

Filling in the Sri Yantra
Meru Shri Yantra, and the Sierpinski triangle

ALL – ONE, The MAKER’S: 3-3-3 TRINITY The FUNDAMENTAL WAVE MECHANICS of the GODS & GODDESSES In fact the self-similar SU(3) and SU(9) structures that fractal embed one another’s symmetry, is the three-fold basis of the majority of Vedic Mechanics and Vedic Cosmology. The Reg Veda’s hymn of the All-One Maker Visvakarmanamh, relates to the 9 forms (probably the primordial root of the Meru AUM Yantra is therein indicated):

“Those 9 forms of yours that are highest, those that are lowest, and those that are midmost, Oh All-One Maker, help us to recognize them in the Soma oblation. You who follow your own laws, sacrifice your own body, making it grow Omnificent.” — RV 10.81.5, Visvakarman

Thus the 9 forms of the All-One Maker are themselves composed of 3 regions: highest, midmost; lowest. Thereby, there must be 3 forms in each of the 3 form types… 3-3-3 = 9 Visnu’s three procreative strides, the three realms: ground-world Sea; Middle Region Waters; and the Ocean of heaven. Between the two Oceans/Seas, in the middle region, are the 7 Lokas as the 7 rivers and seven rays of the Spiritual universal Sun…

This hymn of the Divine Sun Horse, is one example:

“3, they say, in Heaven are yours bonds, oh horse,“ 3 in the Waters, “3 in the Sea, and you appear to me as Varuna, where they say is your Supreme conception.”  — RV. 1.163.4 

The horse is the Spiritual Sun that travels through all three worlds, with their three respective domains… 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 permutations. The horse is said to be the 27 lunar mansions, with its body.  The lunar mansion horse has 27 ribs for the 27 Naksastras, 5 for the planets, 2 for the Sun and the Moon, then the whole body of the horse, 35, and the head of the horse, 36. The 36th tattva/sense, is the Maha Tattva. We now have found this Reg Veda passage, to confirm this relation:

“The primordial Pitrs fashioned heaven with the Nakshataras constellations, like a dark horse with pearls.”  — RV 10.68.11

The horses head holds the secret of Soma, and is buried deep in the oceans of space… It is Indra’s Vajra “Thunder-Diamond bolt ”… The horses head made the Maha Viraj vessel of the Soma ceremonies… Vedic Sky fables remain within the fabulous parables of our astrophysical nuance — Equi- is short for Equine = “horse”, and Nox stems from Noos, “consciousness”, or the “head of awareness”… There is much more to reveal on this later.

Spiritual SUN Self
Spiritual Sun Self vehicle that travels through all the domains

Today the constellation Equos, the horses head is just by Aquarius, and Pegasus’s mouth approaches it… Equos lies before Aquila the eagle, to the galactic center. The golden winged Sun horse is the Spiritual Sun Self vehicle that travels through all the 3 domains: Ocean of Heaven; primordial boundlessly deep Waters of the middle region (heart); and the Sea of the worlds. And between the Heaven Ocean and world Sea, lies the 7 Loka worlds, wherein our Bhumi-Loka universe-world traces the blueprint of the horse, in the fabric of the fables of the stars, etched in the tessellations of time and space, as a Manual, an echo of their Primordial Grace upon which they are based. This 3-3-3 arrangement appears to be mirrored in the quark-omegon hadronomy of the proton in the heart of every atom… There are the 3 sets of 11 gods, that govern each of the three regions: Ocean-Waters-Sea… Indra and Varuna govern the middle Waters; Agni the Sea of the earth-worlds; and Soma-Vena-Visnu the Ocean of the Heavens: 3-3-3. Thus, rendering the 33 devakasa gods to that of fundamental particle forces of the universe’s akasa hadron bootsrap holonomy, or Indra Somanet… In fact, in 1969, Dr. Fritjof Capra, when looking at the gas bubble web tracings of the central hadron known as the proton —  realized it was the same stance as depictions of the Cosmic Dancer of Shiva. He superimposed the Hindu image on the bubble chamber pattern of the proton scatter pattern WEB, and the two matched perfectly, that his how his journey of The Tao Of Physics began. The primordial gods are the fundamental forces of the universe as All-One Field, the Devakasa’s akasa /hadron hyper-bootstrap holonomy. The description of the subatomic particle accents, do have striking parallels to the “33 gods of Manu”… MANUVERSE, MAHA PURUSAH,& MAHA-TATTVA — ATOM HEART LOVE – Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Reg Veda, and Emmanuel As to the fundamental particle Devakasa Hyperintelligence, the Bhagavata Purana’s Canto 8 Chapter entitled, “The Manus, Administrators of the Universe,” relates how the characteristic modulations of everyone, follows the Manu management system, Manuvantara’s, which coordinates the individual attributes, including those of the 33 Devakasa Gods of Manu.”

AUM Vehicles Or Pa-RANAVAAUM Vehicles Or Pa-RANAVA
The AUM Vehicles Or Pa-RANAVA.  .  .Manu-Tarakamalaratha.

The Manu’s emerge primordial (Lotus Born), from their Manuratha Hyperdimensional vehicles in the Sri Yantra 8-16 Flower Of Light Cascade, the Lotus 8 and 16 petals that surround the 27 line Meru Yantra… The AUM Vehicle Or Pa-RANAVA. Manu-Tarakamalaratha. To give some basic perspective background, in Chapter Fourteen,

“‘The System of Universal Management’, the Bhagavata relates: ‘The Manus and others are chosen by these incarnations, under whose directio n they conduct the universal affairs… The Manus, being fully engaged according to the instructions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, directly reestablish the principles of occupational duty in its full four parts.’” — Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 8, Chapter Fourteen, 3-5, The “Supreme Personality of the Godhead.

This is directly related to the Rg Veda’s Purusah, or the Cosmic Persona, also known as the Visva-Manauvah:

“My dear Lord, You are the Maha-Purusa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” — Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 11, Chapter Five, 33

Where the Maha Purusah is situated, is post-paradoxical:

“The transcendental Supreme Person, the Supersoul of all living entities, who are in different statuses of life, high and low, existed at the end of the millennium, when neither this manifested cosmos nor anything else but Him existed.” — Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 9, Chapter 1.8

Thereby, here we have the first historical glimmerings, of what became known as the Omega Point cosmology, as a mathematical offshoot of the anthropic principle, “observer orientated universe,” branch of physics, pioneered by Dr. Frank Tipler. The Omega Point is the first Cause at the end of the universe, that creates the universe, much as stated above… The Rg Veda, however, is founded on the non-dual Alpha-Omega Macro point, which is also indicated in the Puranas’ mention of Rta-Alpha and Satya-Omega. Meru Lotus AUM Mountain Relating to the Manu, in a discourse from the Maha Purusah, the “Supreme Personified Godhead”, states that He looks through the eyes of absolutely every being, and through the heart of every element, and through the nuclear heart core of every atom, immaculately, irreversibly, imperishable:

“O Supreme Lord, O changeless, unlimited supreme truth. You are the origin of everything. Being all-pervading, You are in everyone’s heart and also in the atom.” — Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 8, Chapter 5.26

Moselm Fractal                                 Ottoman Fractal
Pre-Fractal Islamic Art

Above left you can see an Ottoman illustration of the sacrifice of Ishmael dated to 1583.  Above right you can a Mandelbrot fractal image with very similar shape and proportions.  Representations of fractals such as these appear in human art of Religious and Spiritual varieties.

Thereby, the Maha Purusah is described as that fractal self-organising and ordering force within the proton hadron’s magnetic monopoles, whose signal is 8 cycles per second. Interestingly, the hearts cardio-rythmn’s when the ECG measures conscious coherent love, the golden proportion of magnetic coherence (the same proportion as the arrangement as the DNA helix), peaks at 8 hz… Thus, the force of compassionate love, engaged with intent, in biofeedback (Electro-Cardio-Gram), and the same force within the heart of the atom, the proton, 8 hz ELF (itself engaging the golden proportion in all waves it phase-entrains), would be akin to the Maha Purusah Manauvah. As Salvana-Emmanuel (the Rg Veda’s Manu Salhvana) related in 1989:

“There is only One great Unity, One great Being, that has divided Itself, in its stillness, in Its Beingness, to be many different beings, to be many different universes, and many different creations, in which It can sub-divide Itself, again, into many different galaxies, into many different solar systems; into many different planets; into many different beings in those planets; into many different molecules, atoms, sub-atoms. Until you come to a stage, within sub-atomic particles, where everything is God, and is All-Oneness.” — Emmanuel-Salvana, The Light Of Emmanuel, Explorations Into Oneness: January 1989. Edited by Ananda. Aton Publishing, Denmark, 1992.

Thus, with the sub-atomic All-Oneness, we are coming to the Unified Field, the hadronic 5th force, at the heart of the subatomic proton, the All-One Field. As the Rg Vedic hymn of the Maha Purusah echoes:

“The Purusa is all that has been and all that will be. The Lord of Immortality (AmRtatvas)… So Omnificence is his Omnipotence; yet greater than this is Purusa. All creatures are one-fourth of Purusa, three-fourths are immortal in heaven.”  — RV 10.90.2-3

Purusah Sakta In a post-modern update of the Veda’s in a semantics of our modern time, Emmanuel relay the same Vedic wisdom on the Purusah, and themselves cogniscently within the Cosmic Persona, in regards to the subatomic force’s unity to the universal Unified Field:

“We are a collective superconscious that programs the collective unconscious, that lies beyond the collective unconscious and, at the same time, interpenetrates and interflows with the collective unconscious, and within your own conscious mind.”   — Emmanuel

This collective superconscious is in the heart of all creation, it would have to be seen within the subatomic particle level. For once you are within that you are realizing that all creation is consciousness, and that this is the collective superconscious.

“The collective superconscious, known as cosmic Christ, exists and interpenetrates the whole universe. It is, at the same time, that consciousness which is dreaming, within Itself, creation. Therefore, if you look in the heart of parti­cles, you come to the Mind which is known as cosmic Christ, or collective universal superconscious. For the dream has surrounded Itself in — one could say that the collective superconscious, or universal superconscious, known as cosmic Christ, has embodied Itself, has clothed Itself, within its own dream. ‘But, at the same time, you do exist within this dream. But if you connect to your inner Self, you connect to the collective or universal superconscious, known as cosmic Christ.'”  — Emmanuel & Salvana-Emmanuel, The Art Of Being, 16th April, 1989.

Universal Meru Chariot of the Vasta Purusa
Universal Meru Chariot of the Vasta Purusa

The Universal Meru Chariot of the Vasta Purusa MAHA TATTVA, TRI-GUNAS, & THE 7 X SPECTRUM GRID OF UNIVERSAL CO-MANIFESTATION, The Maha Purusah looking through the heart of every individual atom, and the heart of every individual I the universe, relates how the universal co-generation continuum is construed:

“As long as the Supreme Personality of Godhead continues to glance upon nature, the material world continues to exist, perpetually manifesting through procreation the great and variegated flow of universal creation.“I am the basis of the universal form, which displays endless variety through the repeated creation, maintenance and destruction of the planetary systems. Originally containing within itself all planets in their dormant state, My universal form manifests the varieties of created existence by arranging the coordinated combination of the five elements.”  — Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canto 11, Chapter 16 & 24: The Lord’s Opulence, 16:20-21

Thus, it is through our own heart’s eye, and the intelligent hadronic force and its 8hz agency with the heart of every atom that the creation’s continuum is maintained, and the “universal form” of the Maha Purusah is a grid arrangement that coordinates the combinations of the 5 elements. This is engaged through the Maha-Tattva or universal whole-individual “Omni-Sense”. This “glance” of the Maha Purusah, in regards to our own heart stance to the universal co-creation, is here clarified by Salvana-Emmanuel:

“You are governed by the gaze of God… You yourself are contributing to this gaze. You are part of this gaze of God that is freezing a part of Himself to be looked at, to be experienced. This gaze is being looked at as certain patterns, or consciousness which, again, have even separated. This you can call group beings… that is holding this planet, and viewing this planet in a certain way. Now, it is these patterns that govern the way creation is frozen… that we are trying to rewrite, reprogram, just as you would write a computer program… We are now rewriting the coding for it, the structures that are holding this pattern of creation. And at the moment much data is being deleted. Thus the way you perceive reality is changing very fast.” — Emmanuel-Salvana, The Light Of Emmanuel. Chapter, Explorations Into Oneness: From A Finite Perspective Into The One True Viewpoint Of Being God. January 1989. Edited by Ananda. Aton Publishing, Denmark, 1992.
“Your physicists and scientists will discover that this universe is but one oneness… That you, in fact, are the Creator creating creation. That you, in fact, are responsible for creating this whole universe. That your consciousness is creating it. And that you will find that your consciousness and creation are not separated… That you are It looking at Itself. You are this energy structuring Itself. You are this God Being, this God energy, experimenting, tasting, Itself.” — Emmanuel-Salvana, The Light Of Emmanuel

The Vedas, to some degree reflected in the Puranas, and Emmanuel, relay that each individual is a personification of the All-One Maker. The Purana’s reflection of the Veda’s cosmology, relates that each man, in each moment is first the Maha Tattva (“Omni-Sense”), as one with the Atmanau, or Unity Heart-Mind-Sun Self, (Vedic Atamana, “Superself” from the MahAtamanau Omni-Hyperself. Sanskrit mana is derived from Manau), that is the Maha Purusah gazing through one’s heart core seed-essence. In every moment the Maha-Purusah Godhead looks as us, through every hadronic proton heart of our body… In every moment we may divide the Maha Tattva into the universal sense of self, the false or illusionary ego:

“From the agitation of the original modes within the unmanifest material nature, the mahat-tattva arises. From the mahat-tattva comes the element false ego, which divides into three aspects.”  — Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canton 12, Chapter 7.11

Within creation, and also in every moment, the Omni-Sensed (Maha Tattva), divides itself, like the wholeness of the Sun through the triangular 3 faces of the prism, utilizing the Vasta Purusah yantra matrix-grid of 7 x 7 = 49… These are also the 7 veils or coverings of the whole universe, the 7 nebula sheaths kicked up by the cosmic dancers, swelling like milk in the Rg Veda. Remember the cosmic dancing Shiva and the subatomic proton particle scatter pattern similitude. The personal Maha Tattva 7 x 7 = 49 division, is indivisible with that of the universes. In The Unity Keys of Emmanuel, we show that the galaxy is arranged in a grid of 7 x 7 = 49 regions were suns are visible, surrounded by a grid where no suns are observable to astrophysics… Also the Sierpinski triangle binomial number sequence is derived from 1/49, rendering the number series that are generated by 8 hz in water 020408 16 32 64 128 256, all of which are the harmonic equal tempered musical tuning of C on a golden spiral proportioned music cone.The Srimad Bhagavata Puruna indicates that in every moment, the Maha-Tattva divides itself through the Purusah Vasta yantra, that thereby comprises the elements, the senses, and material natures. 7 elements of the Numinous, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind/Ego-noumenon, Ego/Material nature. With 7 x 7 permutations of these… Within this grid, the 6th atomic quality of Earth in Material nature is the segment where the ego manifests from the division of the Maha Tattva Omni-Sense that is always the Omni-View of the Maha-Purusah. In the 7th earth atomic quality and the 7th material nature/ego quality, is the hologrid hyperdiamond lattice where the ‘false ego’ is in apparent appearance, that is the false sense of self (self-hatred, self sabotage etc)… In every moment the Maha-Purusah Godhead looks as us, through every atomic heart of our body… In every moment we appear to divide the Maha Tattva into the alter ego and the mind etc… Our senses are a result of the “three aspects” that the Bhagavata relays emerge from the Maha Tattva:

“From the mahat-tattva comes the element false ego, which divides into three aspects. “This threefold false ego further manifests as the subtle forms of perception, as the senses and as the gross sense objects. The generation of all these is called creation… The secondary creation.”  — Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canton 12, Chapter 7.11-12

Thereby, the Maha-Tattva’s manifestation as the false ego of three aspects, known as gun as, renders the 5 senses and the 5 elements of the universe, and its species:

“All of the many universal species, along with their respective leaders, appeared with different natures and desires generated from the three modes of material nature.” — Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Canton 11, Chapter 14.5-7

Converging Twin Vortexes
Converging Twin Vortexes, by Ananda bosman

This diagram is an advanced level of the twin vortex in convergence, and extremely intensive, and is for those souls who have made the choice of Unity, All Is ONE, in awakening the creation from within. This convergence incorporates full Christed Gnostic Shamanism.   Beyond magick directly to the Christic.

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