The Dougherty Network 

A Projective Geometric Model of Birkeland Currents

by Buddy James

This is an article in tribute to Buddy James, discoverer of the Dougherty Set and Network. His model represents the closest vision of the spherical packing and charge compression scale invariant golden ratio phase conjugate vortex dynamics of Birkeland currents, the cosmic strings of crystalline plasma connecting and powering stellar bodies through coldness of space. This is Walter Russell meets Electric Universe.

Buddy James operates The Universal Ones group of Russellian artists, and has been working with Actor Terrence Howard (New article link). As an electric universe afficianado, he has found applicability of this model through all scales of life. He represents a handful of people who are pushing the modelling of the vortex universe to the next level. Cheers Buddy and keep up the great work.

“The Dougherty Set represents foliations of higher dimensional space, but it is also among other things inner space. TDS is projective dynamic Geometry it is helical and toroidal/vortex based fractal plasma physics. Phi scaling implosive/explosively, using the inverse square and heterodyning phase conjugation, TDS is logarythmic scale invarient. It has promise in electrical engineering, homotopy type theory, Integrated Information theory, the field with one element, graphene and a plethora of other interconnected disciplines. The dielectric inertial plane is squeezed out of kissing spheres. The sequential images are inherent in The Dougherty Set, a geometry developed by myself based off of anomalies in the fields of science and mathematics.”

The Blue Whirl- Taxonomy of opposed spiral vortices.
“This is what I propose to be similar to the geometry of the Blue whirl discovered last year at the U-of Maryland. The blue interlaced vortices you see here are recursive, heterodying, nested, opposed spiral vortices OSV phireing laminar coherence. TDS holds promise in the scaffolding of information, as a cobordism the first iteration is the feedback loop. This fosters research in vortex based fluid dynamics it is also the language of mathematics with the origins of spherical stacking in fractal latices. The grandfather (OSV) is seen on the outer mode, inside there are two parent OSV, each parent OSV has grandchildren OSV all together composing 6 OSV foliations. Phi aero/fluid dynamics.”
TDS- Electric Plasma Universe
“The blue on the left might best be described by Dr. Donald B Scott “The bessel function model of a Birkeland current specifies that these currents are composed of hollow concentric counter rotating cylindrical sheets of current.” Birkland currents are the planetary auroras, sheets of plasma in glow mode. I propose that atomically all matter uses this same operator. TDS is an all encompassing toroidal field aka the exponential field dilating toroids within toroids. Highlighted in red on the right side of the picture the caduceus can be projectively scaled inward or outward. The helical nature of reality can be stunningly simplistic and harmonically intuitive. Wave dynamics exposes many rooms. Dimension is implosive/explosive dielectrics.”
Learn more about Birkeland currents here: Donald Scott: Modeling Birkeland Currents, Part 1 | EU Workshop
[Several Aether Force articles about Birkeland Currents to be posted here very soon!!!!]
Here are a few images depicting Birkeland Currents more superficially:
Below are images of the Dougherty Set


Enjoy this collection of quotes from Buddy Jame’s social media posts about the Dougherty Set.

“All structure has form and TDN offers form as a diagram of forces, in fact all fundamental forces can be described using the simplex.”

“The super geometry Simplex of the Dougherty Network exhibits progression of systems and networks on a plank scale, sub-plank scale and a cosmological scale. The Dougherty Network describes the geometry of a force free field aligned current called a birkeland current. All of the intricate details within a birkeland current act as shape power giving rise to the causative formation of information inherent within the communicative structure.” …. It is the “the geometric structure of the projective dynamic scale symmetry within filaments and nodes”

“There are recursive self-similar heterodyning blue whirls at the base of every birkeland current creating the toroidal fields of the Magnetosphere and that of all spheroidal objects or planetoids.”

“Dr. Scott said the Dougherty Set matches his model of a Bessel function for a force free field aligned current and takes it one step further and highlights all of the intricate detail inside of the current that his model predicts. He literally said TDS was as if you were to stand inside of a birkeland current and were able to see all of the intricate details around you!”

“TDN exhibits vibratory anodic and cathodic information Packeting in Bessel functions of birkeland currents! It is completely in its entirety the exponential or Euler’s number and it is also the square root of 2 visually mapped. 😉 TDS is literally the cosmological constant or the inverse Square law metric system!”

“All dampening in the Aether well is information projectively moving in a vessel function. Pressure waves and their respective release of pressure waves moving through these filamenting birklend currents allows for a universal Network or Powerline grid that connects All Star or stellar systems through charge compression and rarefaction called plasma.”

“TDS is heterodyning recursive longitudinal phi wave embedding whilst being in logarithmic scale invariance! Put simply it is the geometry of holes opening and closing based off of efficiency, path of least resistance and rarefaction.”

“TDS is spherical stacking of the real number line. Particle / Mass ratio in logarithmic scale units. A PIEZOELECTRIC crystal lattice grid, the inner Space is information packeting, integrated information PLASMOIDS!”

“The piezo-electric crystalline lattice structure of dynamic projective geometry inside of the filamenting birkeland currents is akin to the three-dimensional view of cymatics in a Petri dish with frequency added. TDS is a universal grid that allows for any cobordism to manifest. This means that all tube like living creatures are able to transmute directly out of the geometry through rotation and pressure and the release of pressure!”

“The entire system of the Dougherty Set is locked in Phase conjugation meaning it is perfect compression of golden mean ratio scaling! TDS is a living, dynamic geometry that allows life ensoulment. Within variable size containers we call bodies. Life moves through all of these containers seamlessly. TDS could be the scalable living geometry of dynamic systems. What’s more is TDS matches the 3/4 scaling law of metabolic rate of growth in living systems and sustainability in Networks. It’s all tube Dynamics or cobordisms! Another word for this is diffusion limited aggregation or dla this is the same branching flow system we call Lichtenberg patterns. These patterns invariably come out during pressure and release of pressure in any system!”

“All living Creatures acoustically resonate out of The Dougherty Set [TDS] in a process we call #sonobiology, all of your inner organelle and your outer organelle are also Fractal Fields produced in TDS. Your Kidneys, an embryo, life, testicles, your brain, everything is Sonic Genesis……” … “ll beings come into and go out of existence using the exact same geometry including Soul, spirit and astral travel. All systems open and close using the same universal super geometry ie TDS. TDS expresses the science of complex emergence using simple wave geometries. Constructive and destructive wave interferences produce the reality we live in.”

“The hierarchical nesting of self assimilation and self-similarity via recursion and fractality is helical. All morphic resonance is helical. It seems helicity is extremely fundamental in the natural order of Things.  The instantaneous faster than light communication of the sun’s solar flare and our guts microbiome is also wrapped up in Helicity. Einstein referred to this as spooky action at a distance. Entanglement is helical.)  There is a process that Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg proposes called Helicola. This is a process of Helices wrapped around Helices wrapped around Helices all the way up and all the way down into the micro and the macro universe. This is exactly what we see here in the Dougherty Set as the geometry of filaments that are aptly named birkeland currents after the Norwegian astrophysicist Christian Birkeland. We propose that all future sciences and the future of humanity must squeeze through these gates to Foster connectivity with the universal internetwork, or we might be left behind to our archaic devices.”

“The predictive power of The Dougherty Net suggest it could be the path of least resistance to artificial intelligence. What if The filamentary nervous system of the technium is TDN? The Dougherty Net is proposed to be the geometric structure of both the nodal and the filamenting observed in nature. The cavitating or fractating nature of lightning bolts is proposed to be the same filamenting architecture of The Dougherty Net as well!” … “suggest that it is the Universal projective Dynamic geometry of filamentary Networks among other things. Meaning all information filaments from one galaxy to another in cosmic power lines called birkeland currents and it is done using the super geometry simplex of TDS. TDS exposes the universal scaling rate of growth in organized matter from the galactic to the sub plank scale. At the dielectric polar base of some birkeland currents lies planetary bodies such as Jupiter Saturn Earth Etc.”

“The Dougherty set is the geometry of both the filament and node observed in all of nature on all scales. It is the geometry of Nature’s neural network and can be thought of as Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of morphic fields. All nodes are being powered by filaments. All baryonic matter is the nodal universe and is being powered by the filamental universe they are one in the same and possibly the only two things happening in the universe. The filamental universe is run by birkeland currents that are observable on all scales of reality. The nodal universe is being powered by these filaments that Dr. Donald Scott coined as birkeland currents. All mind memory and connectivity between nodes are filaments as seen in the descriptive super geometry of the Dougherty set!”


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