Darren Coloumb, chief scientist of the USP, is one of the few modern researchers openly trying to replicate the coil systems developed by Walter Russell – the Optical Dynamo Generator. Below are a few of videos where Darren breaks down Russellian science into a digestible form, bridging the gap between metaphysical concepts and the reality of engineering. Just talking about Russell’s model can only take you so far. Does it truly apply to the real world and can anything Russell stated be replicated in the lab? Can the coldness of space multiply in the heat of the sun? Darren’s lectures will help you ground some fundamental concepts of the Russesllian Cosmogony.

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Here is Darren Coloumb’s official bio from https://www.philosophy.org/chief-science-officer.html

“Laboratory Scientist / Inventor / Musician / Metascientist / Philosopher / Archivist”
“Since 2015 Darren has been replicating the conical coil concept put forth by Dr. Russell in his books, such as described on page 133 of “Atomic Suicide?” in order to validate the Russell Cosmogony as a workable, tenable concept in the realm of unifying understanding of both physics and metaphysics. Currently, Darren directs active research involving alternative electrical generator designs to alleviate mankind from energy dependency and eliminate the need for fossil fuel derived energy sources.”





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Download a Walter Russell Literature collection here: http://bit.ly/2lZQ8e9

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