Sumerian Water Technology — ‘The Elixir of Life’

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The Sumerian Formula is the super fluid bonding agent of life.  When a protein is brought into contact with this Elixir it will fold into sacred cosmic geometry.  This sacred geometry is then responsible for superconductivity and the continuity of all life forms.  The secret to immortality lies within this sacred, cosmic order that delivers wholeness to every living organism. The free-energy scroll, vortex field generated by the seven fold interference field of the nuclear well gives rise to the three dimensional oscillations. This vortex field is the prime mover of the cosmos, the creative field that condenses into matter and distilled life itself. It does this through a state of coherence that develops interference points along the superlattice grid network.  When the interference is put through cosmic order, matter will assume new entropy. The seven-fold interference represents free-energy scrolls, the seeds of light that are molded from dark gravity.

We shall see how genetic material absorbs the Sumerian Formula that delivers the cosmic light to nourish and regenerate all life forms. The cosmos contains pristine ‘dark matter’.  This dark matter represents 90% of the cosmos.  Dark matter is pure and exists in the form of superlattice grids: coherent, superconductive and super-fluidic.  It acts as a nuclear well, recycling light to generate anti-gravitational fields that counter the gravitational force fields of the cosmos.  This matter is translucent but generates anti-gravitational fields that trap light such as dark matter.  These gravitational fields are compressing light, imploding and forming ‘dirty matter’ that then becomes the material to create new suns and stars.  This dirty matter is chaotic, cycling towards aging and entropy and then recycling towards anti-aging and order.

The distance of heavenly bodies from the Earth does not reflect the true age of the cosmos.  Photon belts are held captive by anti-gravity forces and black matter.  Such forces can disturb gravitational forces within a solar system, causing catastrophic events that include pole shifts of planets.  In such an event there would be complete darkness, because anti-gravitational fields are capturing the light.  Many tend to believe that there is a twelfth planet with an orbital time of 36 thousand years.  If such a planet exists, it would be composed of transparent matter that would make the planet black, churning out anti-gravitational fields powerful enough to break out from the solar gravitation field.  It probably orbits between two suns; this would explain the long, orbital path.

Nibiru and Arriving Anunnaki
Nibiru and Arriving Anunnaki, Jim Nichols, UFO Art

The composition would also explain catastrophic events on earth that occurred when such a planet would have passed by in our past. It would have distributed the solar system by gravitational field-interaction.  If disrupted, the interference patterns between suns and planets would result in orbital changes; such a catastrophic events could bring about airborne seas and matter, causing planets to flip over or even collide.  Historical evidence indicates that such events took place in Biblical times.

Cosmic Bio-Machine
By Doctor George Merkl, Edited by Amarushka

There are several ways to enter into an atom. The ideal way is with low energy photons or particles in cosmic geometry, that absorb high-energy photons to deliver quantums of energy. A single photon has to be at high energy level to create a vortex tunnel through interference gates. In adopting the cosmic geometry, three photons at one-third their energy level accomplish the same result.  One must realize that there are smaller energy units than photons. Gravitational wells have implosion ‘pull’. Quantums of energy can be delivered in smaller, multiple units such as free-energy scrolls and gravitons via a delivery highway system issued forth by this implosion pull.  Energy can be pulled out of the cosmos by implosion and can be delivered via the sacred geometry where zero-point, free energy takes place.

In ordinary matter when the delivery system breaks down, the interference is chaotic and creates road blocks.  In cosmic geometry the interference of all waves is in an orderly system, creating a front where all energy is like raindrops that form a river of flow.

Cosmic Bio-Machines have two phase-in and phase-out vortex dishes, a black one to decrease or cancel the wave front and a white vortex dish to add or amplify the amplitude of waves. Both vortex dishes are coupled with to reproduction chambers, where the reproduction of proteins takes place via interference copying. This is done with the aid of the two, bell-shaped optical devices at the core of the Cosmic Bio-Machine.   The energy is transferred to a molecular bond, and is also used for the photosynthesis of CO-2 to make glucose that utilizes the protein substrate in cosmic geometry.

By controlling positive and negative interference, the two vortex dishes also control the cosmic hyper dimensional hologram.  The white dish produces the constructive interference and the black dish produces the destructive interference. In other words, the black dish produces gravitational waves which capture the light, annihilate and disassemble it, while the white dish produces the coherent beams for the hyper-dimensional interference.  All this is coordinated with the optical system, which also controls the viable intensity of the wave form interfering.  The Cosmic Bio-Machine Incubator adjusts the maximum control of interference intensities for desired functions, phasing in and out the coherent flow of wave fronts.  (This can explain the scrambling of the optical focus on the microscope).

In the case of a six-plus-one wave interference, the result produces a new wave intensity of six-plus-one to the second, or 49:

Cosmic Wave Amplitude (6 +1) =7

(6+1) + (6 to the second + 1 to the second) + 2. (6) (1) = 49 + 51

2 waves used as nuclear wells 2 times 7 = 14 + (6+1) = 37 + 14 + 5)

2 times 50 + 1 = 49 = 51

Cosmic Bio-Machines are high-energy, cosmic life forms.  Their energy requirements are super high.  Once Cosmic Bio-Machines are completed, they cover themselves with protein substrates in super lattice.  From this super lattice protein substrate, they get transfers of free-energy to satisfy all their needs.  All space between parts and sandwich substrates are insulated with dielectric nucleotide crystals, which also serve as part of the optical system to project holograms.  To drain energy from the nucleus we must shift waves out of phase, so that wave “x” is positive and wave “y” is negative.  The reduction of amplitudes and intensity will be determined by the phase shift angle.  If x – y, the opposite, direction interference will disengage and gravitational waves will be turned loose, generating a gravity field.  This is achieved by a super lattice vortex, reversing the spin state of the carrier waves.

“George Merkl was a maverick within his lab. He often thought “outside the box”. Even his methods in the lab were “outside of the box.” It has been stated that George was light years ahead in his way of thinking. That kind of thinking is what led his intuition in the directions he went, which finally led him to the rediscovery of the Sumerian Technology from 7000 years ago.

The Sumerians were a culture, which had scientists and was of an advanced nature. They certainly had the potential to view subatomic particles, which meant they had devices and instrumentation for accomplishing this feat. They knew how to scan molecules and atoms by “string photon scanning,” a term coined by George Merkl. String photon scanning is the viewing of single file non-transverse-wave photons.

One of the discoveries, which led him into this area of rediscovery, was that Life Crystals could align matter into geometrical order. Lining it up into an organized matrix. These things he saw under his microscope, as he experimented with Pent a-Carbons compounds.

George had a very good understanding of how electrons and protons can be slowed down, which drastically alters the physical properties of matter. This he could do with small scale equipment. Not big Tokamac reactors and things of that nature, but room temperature small scale alterations. The results were the product of his maverick ways in the lab.

George Merkl discovered how to slow electron spins and proton spins within molecules. This drastically altered physical properties within matter, and probably explains how the Hutchison Effect melts or seems to melt metals at room temperature. The slowing of electrons and protons by electric or magnetic inductions. George found that geometric displacement in specific domains of around 12 to 20 Angstroms opened up a pathway of wave spin interactions. It is these interactions that he found tapped the cosmos for unlimited energy.

George Merkl knew of Orgone Energy and Reich. He knew of the works of Tesla and of the UFO researches of the Germans in WW2. George discovered what the Orgone wave is and the Life Wave. There are 5 elements as he saw them. Energy, Matter, Life, Light and Gravity. All these emanated from geometrical progressions of the gravitons.

The whole physics he rediscovered is based upon graviton interactions in geometrical progression and specific patterns to form Energy, Life, Light, Matter and Gravity.

He also stated that the geometry is spherical in nature. It has no limits either outwardly or inwardly. This pattern is on all levels infinitely positive and negative. Infinitely inward and infinitely outwardly in geometry. The spin wave interactions of these waves acts like Cooper Pairs and seems to be the governing factor behind why electrons, photons, gravitons, and the like, will superconduct or hyperconduct.

The Sumerians were scientists and laymen just as we were. They had discovered the underlying physics of our universe 7000 years ago. Please note some of the pictograms that have been discovered. Many of these seals, pictograms, and artifacts were on loan to George, once the museums realized what he had rediscovered. He managed to decipher the Sumerian seals and language.

The technology was recorded in such a way that anyone with understanding could comprehend it in as simple an explanation as possible. The only caveat was that such a race to rediscover such writings and comprehend them would require that race to be at a technological level, advanced enough to understand and actually discover a method by which to “view” for themselves the things the Sumerians were able to see. It took someone with insight and a knowledge of alternative processes and lab methods to solve this dilemma.

cosmic bio machine
Doctor Merkls’ Cosmic Bio Machine, SUMER Tech 1995

That person was the late Dr. George Merkl. The first to see these biomachines and the first to understand what the ancient pictograms were. It was these discoveries that George found would enable us to progress onwards to the next phase of technological advancement. We have yet to discover the full potentials of this final phase of technology.

George Merkl found that under specific conditions, not too complicated, but just specific processes in the right order, could open these domains, and slow the spin of the electrons. Even reversing the spin of the protons within the material, which caused the formation of newly undiscovered properties of matter to reveal themselves. Some of these effects were light of many colors emitting from within the material; Gravitational levitation; Electron emission, and protein cellular resurrection… Let me clarify that further.

George revealed that he was able to take dried proteins, 4 years sitting open to the environment unprotected, and placed them into his Sumerian Crystal solution. This restored the biological functions of those tissues at near 70% efficiency to its original condition within just minutes. Not days.

A man with over 100 patents worldwide, who gave standing room only speeches in presence of attending professionals, having acquired recognition in the Dept. of Energy, having obtained a doctorate degree in physics, and having continued his research into biology, was not about to make bold statements, come up with some crackpot theory or drug induced hallucination of the mind, in order to gain a dead end recognition of his own. He did not wan t that at all. He never received a Nobel Prize or anything like it. That’s the main reason why you don’t know very much about George Merkl today.

George had rediscovered the Orgone Life Wave function. He knew the process and how to generate it. He knew how to reinsert the life energy wave into organic matter. But he didn’t stop there. He went on to discover, beyond the Sumerian Seals, that life and energy are not so separate entities as one may think.

He was able to photograph the actual life energy of a person. The photographs look something like the soul energy of a person. Light emanating from the brain and limbs of the person photographed. He discovered a superluminal connection from the brain to the hands. He had also discovered that this universe is also alive. The inanimate matter has within itself the carrier of life energy. He discovered that light carries with it the pattern of life and the pattern of creation. This pattern emanates from levels much lower than even the gravitons themselves. Holographic information and hyper communication. Perhaps another branch of Hololinguistics.

George had discovered that energy, matter, life, and light all begin with the spin interactions of graviton waves. Specifically in a clustered arrangement. This all boiled down to two basic forces. The Negative force and the Positive force. The outward expanding action and the inward imploding action. Both are the balance of each other on multiple levels.

George explained the expansion of the universe has two parts to it. One governs the other. As the universe expands, the inward atomic imploding force regulates the outward deploding force. This is a function of the matter wave. The converging of spinning wave packets towards a central point, creating mass centers. Hence matter waves. Still only energy but in geometric formations or clusters in geometric order. The two are interactive and it is the inward imploding force that is the secret to tapping the cosmos for energy. Unlimited amounts of it.” — Steve Mills

Mechanics of the Cosmic Bio-Machine

Written by Amarushka

The Cosmic Bio-Machine exists as ‘creation hardware’ incorporated into the very fabric of creation. It is in ‘perpetual existence’ throughout the many universes, functioning as Metatronic, Whole Light technology. The four bells of the Cosmic Bio-Machine create a ‘Cosmic Well’ in its center, a depolarized, toroidal circuit holding multi-dimensional holograms for this Universe.  This is the ‘Power of Cross’ of the Black Sun, stepping down the Pillar of Light from the galactic central sun through the software of the Adam Kadmon blueprint.  This divine software blueprint was inserted by the seven mighty Elohim, our Anunnaki overseers, at the beginning of our current epoch. It controls and regulates our localized universe and its ‘gen-isis’ and up-coming ‘regen-isis’ threshold.


Dorje                  Cosmic Bio Machine                   Kahbala                   Templar Cross

Double Dorje                             
Cosmic Bio-Machine                 The Mystical Kabala                         Tree of Life


Maltese Cross

The horizontal bells of the Cosmic Bio-Machine are the in-breath and out-breath of the Creator.  The dark bell implodes, depolarizes and pulls in cosmic matter or debris, and the white bell explodes out re-capitulated, re-polarized matter as creation hardware (go Here for photos of the creation hardware).  The dark bell is the in-breath of the creator, and the white bell is the out-breath.  In the continuing building and repair of the Adamic creation, one bell sucks in cosmic trash and the other spits out bio-engineering hardware.

The Center of the Cosmic Bio-Machine is a step-down transformer.  The vertical Pillar of Light comes down through the top bell of the Cosmic Bio-Machine to the center of the cross, where it is compressed through the lens of the Black Sun.  The stepped-down and transformed Pillar of Light then moves out the bottom bell of the Cosmic Bio-Machine as Black Water.  This Sumerian Formula transports crystalline grids that have been pre-programmed as fractalized mechanisms that transport and transpose light into all manifested life within Adamic creation.

The discovery of the Mandelbrot set fractal by Benoît B. Mandelbrot in 1979 opened a portal into this secret order of the universe, explaining mathematically how the breath of the creator manifests itself in multiple dimensions throughout the universe(s).

Black SUN Mandlebrot

Mandlebrot Fractal Set Demonstrating the Miniaturization and Magnification of Life Forms via Interference of Cosmic Order

Without the knowledge and understanding that this sacred, cosmic geometry brings, we will never evolve and ascend beyond the three-dimensional reality known as death and re-birth on the Great Wheel of Life.  The whole universe is fractalized through a self-replicating process, initiated at the core of the Cosmic Bio-Machine. Based on this cosmic knowledge, everything can be corrected and restored to the pristine conditions of the original Garden of Eden we left so long ago.

The Solar System Transportation System
By G. Jeffrey Taylor and Linda M. V. Martel, Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology

Interstellar space contains dust. Most of it is not made of well-ordered silicate crystals like those in typical planetary rocks. It is made of disordered, amorphous (non-crystalline) smoke particles. The current view of Solar System formation depicts comets forming far out in the Solar System, in the Kuiper belt beyond Neptune. If true, comets ought to be made entirely of silicate smoke particles (plus ice) like those in interstellar space. This region is too cold to provide enough heat to convert the smoke to crystalline minerals. Where did the Wild 2 chondrules come from then?

A reasonable answer, supported by Nakamura and colleagues, is that dust processed at high temperature in the inner part of the solar nebula must have been transported from the inner nebula to the outer, frigid reaches where comets formed.

Schematic diagram of active accretion of primitive solar nebula, from Nuth, 2001
Diagram from chapter by Nuth et al. (2005) Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk, pg. 678.

This is a schematic diagram of the solar nebula as it was still accreting dust to it.   Planets have not yet formed. Materials heated near the protosun circulate to the outer Solar System to the cold regions where comets formed, driven by forces originating near the early Sun.

Don Brownlee (University of Washington, Seattle), Principal Investigator of the Stardust mission, calls this the “Grand Radial Express.” Astrophysicists and cosmochemists have suggested several mechanisms for transporting materials within and above the nebular disk surrounding the highly-active infant Sun. The Stardust results give experimental evidence that such vigorous transport took place.