The Gyroscopic Periodic Table

by Glen Atkinson

The Gyroscopic Periodic Table has been a natural progression developed from a study of Soil Science, Dr
Steiner’s Agriculture and Medical Courses, Astronomy and Astrology. I am still an early student in chemistry
and do not pretend to have an extensive knowledge of it. I offer the accompanying diagram and
explanation, as the beginning of what I hope will become an ongoing discussion of both the questions and
answers this diagram presents.

The process of coming to this diagram is best described as an artistic interpretation of the scientific evidence
I have been able to reference. What I outline here, is the outcome of the application of the process I first
outlined in “Biodynamics Decoded”. One main aspect of that work was the identification of an archetypal
patterning; standing behind life on Earth and probably creation in general. The thesis I have come to call
“the Atkinson Conjecture” suggests, if we look at life processes according to the laws that arise from the
Astrological / Biodynamic Gyroscope, we will uncover ‘truths’, which at least, can act as starting points for
questions, about how creation manifests. The thesis says the quality of the questions will be such that they
will, more often than not, reveal actual truths one can work practically with. Because we are seeking
‘archetypal truth’ it would be expected that this patterning should be able to be seen everywhere.

The practical application of this thesis to date, using the Biodynamic preparations and the thesis’s
clarifications of Dr Steiner’s suggestions, have provided many real and unique influences on plant growth
and animal control. Three of these applications; ThermoMax – frost protection, BirdScare – bird control,
and PhotoMax – photosynthesis enhancement, have gained third party scientific proof, which is available
for review on the BdMax website. The increasingly successful commercialisation of these products speak
further to the usefulness, effectiveness and practical reality of ‘the Atkinson Conjecture’.

The following pages provide a study of the chemical elements, which science accepts as the basis of material
manifestation. In the process outlined here, many new understandings of the chemical elements could be
expected to be revealed, as the ’old’ information is organised in ’new’ ways, and cross referenced against
everything else we already know about the archetypal gyroscope.

If nothing else, my diagrams are a practical approach to objectifying Dr Steiner’s ideas into a pictorial form,
hopefully making it easier to comprehend the holistic approach he suggests. Just as I found that Dr Steiner’s
world view and its expression uses the same basis as Astrology, so with the Periodic Table, it too has the
same structural basis as the Gyroscopic Biodynamic world view, arising from “Biodynamics Decoded”. It
seemed a natural next step to join them all together.

I have not yet come across a work suggesting the spiritual activity of all the elements of the Periodic Table.
So, the information this diagram suggests, must firstly be taken as indicative. As a challenging question
generator from the Universe, it provides suggestions, for how any particular element might work. My ( and
Hugh Lovels’ ) explorations to date, have convinced us of its usefulness, enough to believe it is worth
making available to others, who might like to explore the chemical realm as influences of the spiritual body

For the major elements I have given a ‘thinner’, quick, example of how the reference systems works.
However, for the transition elements, I have provided deeper examples of the process needed to identify
an elements possible spiritual activity. The same process of knowledge collection and reflection I show there
can be done for the major elements and Rare Earths. The process of identifying the transition elements
presents us with such an interesting ‘wild call’, that they provide an excellent example of a more detailed
use of THE METHOD of Gyroscopic Astrology, which is built upon the ‘Atkinson Conjecture’.

It is from this spirit of exploration and the desire for the worth of this diagram to be deepened and valued
or revealed as worthless, that I make it freely available to all who would like to take part in its unveiling.
The following pages are a start, and further detail is expected to be added as the journey continues.

The Overview
The periodic table presented here, has been developed from a sequence of deductive and artistic steps, arising
from explorations into the Biodynamic World View, and its relationship to soil science.

In his lectures on natural science, Dr Steiner encourages us to look to the macrocosm, and then find the similar
patterns within the microcosms, we have around us, as life forms. I showed in ‘Astronomical Science’ &
‘Biodynamics Decoded’, how the basic forms apparent in the formative processes of the Galaxy, can be used to
understand the formative patterns of the activities Dr Steiner outlines in his ‘Agriculture’ lectures. One of the
fundamental patterns of life, the vortex, was used to present an overall diagram of the biodynamic information,
as ‘Biodynamics Decoded’. I have since come to call this diagram the Biodynamic Vortex.


The Vortex however is only one part of an overall galactic form. The Vortex is found, most obviously, on the vertical axis of spherical galactic form. So while it was useful to present the biodynamic world view as a single vortex, for an easy expression of the relationships, it is more correct to expand this picture into the eight major arms present in the gyroscopic form.

The essential elements of the vortex are the layers Astrology and Dr Steiner outlines as the 2 fold, 3,4,7,& 12 fold layers. These patterned activities are shown in “Biodynamics Decoded” to be directly linked to the astronomical and biological spheres of life. In the accompanying diagram the 12 fold—Galaxy (Mauve), 7 fold is the Planets – Solar System (Blue) , 4 fold — are the elements of the Atmosphere (Green), 3 fold is the structure of physical bodies (Yellow) , and the 2 fold is the primarily male and female nature of biological organisms (Orange), one fold is the Earth itself (Red), are shown. These layers represent the real but different dimensional layers of our environment. In the spherical gyroscope we can imagine them as being like the rings of an onion.

Matter’s Organisation

Once there is movement of any matter, it begins to spin and an electro-magnetic field develops, which in turn generates an electrical charge. This field then organises the matter present in that field. I use the formula Cr =Mv + T ( Creation = Movement + Time ) to indicate this process. In this movement of the object, the resultant magnetic field produces positive and negative poles. These poles are characterised by the formation of vortexes, which can be seen in the magnetic field of Earth at the North and South poles. These poles, with their spinning vortices cause a flow of matter, moving towards the center, and a flow of force moving from the center outwards to the periphery. The matter, moving towards the center, is consolidated, or consumed in the center, (i.e. is it a planet or a Sun), before being spun off again along the horizontal axis of the gyroscope. This horizontal plane of activity becomes manifest, as what is most often seen, e.g. the substance we see as the Milky Way galaxy, or the planetary sphere of our Solar system. While the substance of this horizontal plane appears to be linear, the forces, can be said to form a spinning lemniscate, which shows as a pulse of movement across the horizontal plane. This patterning can be seen clearly in the NASA photo of the butterfly nebula. A post , Red Giant, system, with the matter of the center exploded out into its horizontal periphery.

When looking at the butterfly nebula, one can see the circular nature of the ‘clouds’ on the horizontal plane with the holes at the end. Reminiscent of the form of a luffa, ( cucurbit grown as a skin rubber ), with its hollow center and latticed outer webbing. In this picture of the rolling luffa, there is again a vortex developed along the horizontal plane. With this added to those of the vertical plane, we have the form of the maltez cross, common in all the world religions. This cross form is the basis for the dominant physical structures of the gyroscopic spherical form.

We must never forget everything is moving very quickly. This form is a ball of movement and activity. For example on the Galactic level, our accumulative speed on the Earths surface, has us moving at 118,000 mph through space. We generate serious magnetic fields along the way. When looking at the anatomy of the gyroscope, not only do we have the nature of the vertical and horizontal planes, but we must also surmise about the qualities of the spaces in between these four basic axis. To many philosophic traditions this cross is a primary symbol, and seen generally as the cross of matter. Various traditions also mark in a cross, or similar references, for the diagonal spaces. Discussions I have had with American Indians suggest their medicine wheel, often based on this form, acknowledges the nature of the four ‘winds’ of the primary axis, as well as giving images of the activities in the in between spaces. They are, however, considered very restless spaces and not places to spend a lot of time in. In the diagram above they are white petal shapes. A very interesting activity one can perform, is to place a diagram of a maltez cross on the floor, with one of the axis pointing towards the north. Stand in front of the northern vortex, for 20 seconds or so. Longer if you wish. Observe your feelings and ability to stand upright. Then stand on the eastern vortex, for the same period of time, observing the same things. Then stand on the space in between these two positions. How did the last positions seem different from the earlier two? My experience of this activity is that I can easily stand still on the primary axis point, however on the in between zone, I found it difficult to stand still and was moved from side to side, as if I was being buffered between two more dominant axis. These spaces find their ‘reality’ from the interplay of the four primary arms.

The Macrocosm ( External ) and the Microcosm ( Internal ) In Dr Steiner’s suggestion, that we always make reference to the macrocosmic, he is suggesting we look for the harmonic resonance, that connects the large with the minute. Steiner emphasised that life is a manifestation, achieved through the internalising of the external spheres, and that the various kingdoms of nature occur due to the differing degrees of this internalisation process. The mineral kingdom is lifeless matter, while the plant kingdom internalises the etheric nature of the atmosphere of the Earth, the animal kingdom adds the solar system and develops proteineous flesh and organs, while the Human kingdom internalises the activities of the Galaxy and produces individuality and rational thought. Life is indeed a microcosmic image of our macrocosmic environment. These diagrams are a visual representation of this enfolding process.


With Biodynamic agriculture, we are constantly challenged, to take these considerations as the basis for growing plants and husbanding animals. What is the nature of fungal attack, when ones subject has the physical and etheric activities working upward from the Earth, while the Solar system sourced Astrality, and Galactic Spirit forces work onto the plant, from the outside? ( Lecture six of the Agriculture course provides the answer). We are constantly challenged to find these relationships between the inner nature of the plant and its external environment. Manifestation is what happens in-between the two.

When growing plants the external reality rules. The condition of the soil, moisture, light and warmth are THE dominant factors influencing plant growth. Without these there is nothing. The internalised activity of the plant we see is governed by the status of the external environment it finds itself in. It is tossed between the varying activities of the primary (Blue) external axis. In this way, I came to view the Maltez cross as the arms of the external reality and the in-between spaces as the positions of the fourfold activities of the internalised bodies. This gives us the ’cross axis’ of an external, providing the vertical and horizontal cross (Blue) and the internal cross on the diagonal planes (Black). Dr Steiner gives very good details of how these ‘cross axis’ work together in living systems, and most clearly when he talks of the Human systems, in his medical lectures, especially those in October 1922. In the bodies external relationships I outlined above, we have the Earthly element of Physical Earth and Etheric Water working from below upwards, polarising with the Astrality and Spirit working downwards. (see the diagrams on the next page) For the internal working of the bodies, Dr Steiner showed a different relationship between the bodies was active in lifeforms. (see ’Gyroscopic Astrology” Chapter 31, “The Biodynamic Model”). In living beings, the vertical axis is maintained through a dynamic polar relationship between the Spirit and Physical Earth activities – 2 fold. Once these reach a certain intensity of interaction, the center forms, creating a 3 fold form. The center then divides into a polar relationship between the Etheric and Astral activities (4 fold) on the horizontal plane. These activities have been presented in the diagram above. Like in my use of the ‘Biodynamic Vortex ‘ picture, this gyroscopic picture is archetypal, and so it has all the parts of the two cross patterns, placed on just one diagram, as an easy way  showing the relationships between the various parts of life.

These parts have to be further organised, according to their places on the 8 fold diagram, rather than just on this fourfold diagram. This basic gyroscopic patterning is showing the elements of the atmosphere, Fire and Earth etc, the spiritual bodies, Ego / Spirit physical etc, The elements of protein chemistry, DNA and the physical systems of a physical body. One of the problems, to overcome in the development of this diagram, was how to allocate the internal arms. It would appear reasonable that the internal arms will be directly related to the external arms. It was just a case of which way to spin the arms, for the ’right’ relationships. There were many considerations that influenced my final outcome. In the end, all the evidence pointed to spin the axis, one step anti-clockwise. This makes the internalised bodies – Ego / Spirit and Astral working from above the horizontal axis and the Etheric and Physical bodies from below the horizontal axis, which is an image of their external archetypal positions.

The colour coding in this book is meant to be the same throughout , sadly it is not. The six colours to look for in all diagrams are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

The Arrangement of the Spiritual bodies in Nature In biodynamic plant management, we are challenged to picture how these two different organisations of the spiritual bodies interact and work, simultaneously. The next step is to find practical ways to work with them. To address the first part of this challenge, I have presented the diagrams below in my ‘Agriculture’ commentary. One is the view of the bodies relationships from the plants perspective and the second is their relationships from the animals perspective. I apologise for not using exactly the same images for these diagrams. They were done on different occasions with different programs and therefore my differing capabilities are the reason.


Points to note are the left and right side of these diagrams come under the influence of the general Cosmic and Earthly poles. I have started with the Inner and Outer planets as described by Dr Steiner, as the starting place. Note the external Physical and Etheric activities are on the outside left side of both diagrams, while the External Astrality and Spirit activities are on the outside right hand sides of the diagrams. The internal activities are where things become more complex. Plants and animals are reversed in relationship to the Earth and Cosmos. Dr Steiner outlines how plants ‘Cosmic’ / nerve sense zone is within the Earth, while its ‘Earthly’ / metabolic sphere is in the atmosphere above the Earth. Animals and Humans, on the other hand, orientate our Nerve Sense sphere to the Atmosphere and our Metabolic sphere towards the Earth. The Biodynamic Gyroscope Dr Steiner’s worldview is often considered complex and difficult to develop, comprehend, and work with, due to the multi-layered and mutli-dimensional nature of the holographic spherical reality, he describes. Not only are we given four spiritual activities to consider, we also have to consider how these individual spiritual activities act, when they are within one another’s spheres. What are the relationships between the bodies? For example, we have the astral body being an externalised activity in the planetary solar system, yet this activity internalises into life systems, and comes into interaction with the physical and etheric bodily activities both internally and externally. The astrality for instance, has a particular interest in the working of the kidney bladder system and has taken hold of various etheric and physical activities to achieve the job it wants done, with this organ. So we are confronted with identifying and understanding how the astrality is working within an etheric realm. Somewhere we will also have to consider how the etheric is working onto an astral sphere of dominance. These complexities of relationships have to be considered in both the external and internal spheres of activity. As a way of showing these complex relationships I developed the gyroscopic diagram made up of both the reference systems, outlined earlier on pages 4 and 7. The first diagram, on page 4, is a cross section of the Rings pattern of the external gyroscopic beings, we live within. This archetypal pattern is repeated many times, in creation, as the center changes. Here it is the Earth, as this is where we are. It is the center of OUR Universe. However we can put the Sun there or the center of the Galaxy, even nucleus of an atom. The second reference system, on page 7, is built upon the cardinal arms of the gyroscope. This diagram can provides two internal references. The cardinal arms show the internal influences of the World Spheres. This is a different relationship of the external bodies, to that shown on page 4. It shows how the external spheres work upon each from an incarnated perspective. The other relationship is the diagonal arms, which are the zones of the internalised spiritual bodies, and provide specific areas for the relationships we find within life forms. In my Gyroscopic diagram these dimensions, ‘the Rings’ and ‘the Arms’ are overlaid upon each other. Naturally choices had to be made as to how best to pictorially shows these overlays. There are no doubt other , better ways of doing this . Please do them. The internal body’s ‘petals’ I have left as whole colours, while on the external arms, I have shown the external rings. In an ideal world, these rings would be shown in the internal body zones as well, but then the ‘strength’ of indication for the internal bodies would be lost. The straight lines indicate these rings acting in the petals. The joining up of these reference systems, provides a picture of how the spiritual bodies all interact, with each other. This enlarged segment of the diagram, shows the complex relationships indicated by this interaction. On the horizontal World Etheric axis we have the purple area, being the World Spirit working into the World Etheric zone, The blue is the World Astrality working into the World Etheric, the green has two Etheric references and is thus the World Etheric itself, with the yellow being where the World Physical works into the World Etheric. The Orange area is where the World Etheric supports the realms of exteriorised duality. In the Green petal, the same process is indicated. The outer ring could be purple and indicates how the Internalised Spirit works into the Internalised Etheric and so on. The complete chart of the spiritual relationships in this chart is available on page 10.

The Agriculture Course Dr Steiners “Agriculture Course” is a real gem of a document and well worth the effort to come to terms with the word pictures and terminology he presents there. It can be a very confusing document. Not only are the concepts challenging, it also appears that there are a few bits missing. This calls on the reader, to grasp the big picture of it all, sufficiently to be able to fill in the gaps. In my commentary on ‘Agriculture’ I have attempted to do some of this. While Dr Steiner was describing his multi dimensional perspective, he seems to have been very light on providing much definition of the ‘background’ or particular ’layer’ of creation he was describing at any one time. Often he was describing several at once. He had however a habit of least changing the names he used, each time he changed dimensional positions. Sadly he did not give any warning as to when he was changing dimensions. Which would make tiresome listening and reading, however it would have made future navigation of this story, far easier. The diagram below, is the result of placing all the parts of creation Dr Steiner talked about in his ‘Agriculture” Course, onto the external and internal cross axis. The appropriate references and names he used in the Agriculture course are placed in their appropriate position. Each of the areas in the diagram are the carriers of a particular spiritual activity in a particular zone. E.g. The Green external ring has places for the ‘free’ or external atmospheric elements (and their accompanying ethers) for Water Earth, Air and Warmth, while the internalised areas on this same circle is the position of the ‘bound’ or internalised chemical, Life, Light and Warmth ethers. The ‘Free Earth’ is on the etheric ring of the external physical arm. This is the place where the World Etheric works into the World Physical sphere. This could manifest as water running through the soil and the activation of soil texture conditions, which other life processes may exploit. The Free Water is the Etheric ring of the World Etheric arm, so this is the most purely Etheric aspect of the gyroscope and best expressed as the Water on the planet, and the life processes this facilitate. The Bound Chemical Ether is in the area of the World Etheric working upon the internalised Etheric. This would be a position that strongly supports the life and growth processes in any living being. It would be a significant point for the basis of very good health. And so on. Each position on the gyroscope can be identified in this manner.

This provides us with two significant bodies of information to cross reference against each other. The spiritual bodies interactions, and Steiner’s thesis on how these spiritual activities interact in the kingdoms of nature. The combination of these two systems is revealing, and imaginatively useful, to comprehend Dr Steiners schema, as well as his practical suggestions. This complex of information can also be used as a basis for further cross references with anything that fits this same patterning.

Glen Atkinson
22nd May 2005
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