by Dan A. Davidson

A previous article, entitled “Pattern Physics”, that I wrote created some interest in the details of what was behind the cancer healing mentioned in that article. This article is based on the current level of research which I have proven in the laboratory.

Here is a partial quote from that article regarding the cure:

“Acquaintances of mine have friends who were cured by treating them with the Violet Flame
projector. One man had a cancer the size of a soccer ball. My friend had a picture of the
person before he had cancer and put that picture on the Violet Flame projector I had sent to
him. Within one day the patient’s cancer shrunk to the size of a baseball. The doctors were
dumbfounded. He was declared completely cured of cancer by his doctors 5 weeks later.
Even the doctors said the man had a miracle cure.”

Occasionally I get information downloaded in the form of clear visions of inventions, the future, etc. The Violet Flame projector mentioned refers to a device shown to me in a vision several years ago including exact details of the various components. I ended up calling it the Personal and Planetary Purifier or P3 for short. This device has been tested extensively here in the lab and by many others. It is a projector of a Sacred Fire activity known as the Violet Flame.
The Violet Flame has many miracle attributes but mainly for its ability to transmute negative or destructively qualified energy and return the energy to it pristine purity. It is called into action by students of the Higher Law to transmute their negative energies from the past, their Karma, and progress into higher levels of consciousness.

Several friends in various part of the world got the P3 from me to try out and use on themselves and help bless the world. In my own research I found that the energies on the inner aetheric level were much better within a 5 mile radius of my home than they were downtown that usually has a lot of psychic turmoil and garbage patterns on this lower plane of
consciousness. So this triggered me into research and asking for guidance from the Masters for making another device designed mainly as a Violet Flame Projector. I labeled this the Personal and Planetary Purifying Projector or P4 for simplification. A few of these were built and sent out to friends to test and use. The original P4 was designed to put in your car to radiate for a 5 mile sphere around the car. Subsequent trips downtown with the P4 operating were a much more pleasant experience as the device cleaned up the psychic garbage as it made tunnels of the Violet Flame wherever we went. If you are advanced enough you can just have your Higher Self keep you surrounded with the Violet Flame but most are not. So the P4 is a great help. We found that even advanced students of the Light benefited greatly from the
P4 use.

The Personal Planetary Purifier (P3), in a healing mode, will send Violet Flame in and around anything anywhere on the earth. It operates on the aetheric or sub-quantum level and utilizes Pattern Physics. Any pattern or picture of some object energized by the P3 will put this Divine Energy around actual object no matter where on the earth. This utilizes the basic Law that any picture or drawing of an object is always in tune with the object on the aetheric or sub-quantum level. Thus, energizing the picture of the cancer victim with the Violet Flame put the Violet Flame around the person. Since the picture was taken of the person before they had cancer the aetheric pattern would be energized to manifest that in the person and the bad pattern of the cancer would be removed.

The first version of the P4 was the portable version and would run off the car battery using the cigarette lighter port. It radiated in a 5 mile sphere of Violet Flame on the aetheric plane around the car. Later versions were much larger and designed primarily for house use but could also run in the car. The Mega P4, the latest version, radiates 10,000 miles on the aetheric plane.

Radionics utilizes pattern physics; however most radionic machines I have seen are not made of purified materials. Thus, the impure patterns of these devices end up getting sent to the radionics patients as well as the operators. There are many cases of radionics operators getting sick or even dying from their use of these basically defective devices. The basic simple design of the P3 and P4 device used to heal is shown in the following diagram. The key is in the crystal tuning and the Violet Flame Frequency which operates on the highest plane of the aether.

The current version of the P4 is the Mega P4 and is used by many for personal and planetary purification. Just having the P4 running in the house raises the consciousness vibration level to amazing heights. Because this level is so high it has taken advanced students of yoga and others in spiritual disciplines a period of adjustment. Several advanced students of the Ascended Masters have told me they were transported into their Christ self in meditation with the Mega P4 running in their homes or on their property. It takes the body time to get purified to the state whereby the person can comfortably stand these high energies of the Violet Flame. It has been said that when the student is ready the Masters will appear. Much of the LEDs with Violet Flame DC Power Supply Transparent Acrylic tube P3 and P4 Basic Design Tuned Quartz Crystal “getting ready” is getting purified. The high energies of an Ascended Master would wipe out most people so they do not appear to them.

The Mega P4 to the left is about a foot high and 2.4 inches in diameter with the base 6 inches in diameter. Pictures of persons, places, and things can be put under the wide base for purification and blessing. The purified and tuned crystal inside the transparent tube is 2 inches diameter and over 8 inches in length. Clairvoyants have tested and it radiates the Violet Flame for 10,000 miles and is equivalent to 1.3 million people decreeing 24X7. The special light is the exact
wavelength specified in my vision. This is crystal technology at its finest. The crystal is necessary to augment the energy level of the light to a high power. Without the crystal the unit would have scant effects.

The Violet Flame and all the other Rays of the Sacred Fire are contained in an aetheric pattern complex radiated throughout the Galaxy and contain all the patterns of perfection necessary to create anything on the aetheric or lower vibration levels such as our physical level. This pattern complex is call the Master Power Flame (MPF) and contains patterns for things like atoms, DNA, human bodies, larger objects like moons, suns, on up the scale of size to galaxies. Everything perfect is created from the aetheric from those perfect patterns of the MPF and also imperfect patterns created by humans such as distorted DNA, hate, and other dark energies. The use of the Sacred Fire energies are necessary to correct these distorted patterns and return the energies back to their pristine purity. All my crystals are special man-made of the purest chemicals and; hence, of the highest energy level. Natural crystals are impure due to the fact they they have been grown in the low vibration level of planet earth and have picked up impurities on various levels.

There is much disinformation in the alternative science community regarding natural versus synthetic and other aspects of crystals. Anyone who is a true clairvoyant and can see the difference knows pure synthetic crystals are vastly superior.

There are 3 states of crystals.

1. Raw Crystals – Not tuned and have had nothing done to them to remove any manufacturing stresses or psychic patterns.

2. Purified Crystals – Still not tuned but free of all manufacturing imperfections and psychic impurity.

3. Tuned Purified Crystals – These crystals have been tuned in special energy devices related to the MPF technology and are tuned to the highest energy levels of the Galaxy. This P3 and P4 technology is not limited to what can be treated. All disease is an aberrational pattern. All imperfection is an aberration. To that extent, much of what exists on this level
needs purifying. Disease, finances, people all need purifying and correcting so our world can operate in a healthy, happy, safe, and sane environment. Cancer is basically a DNA aberration and needs correcting or eliminating since it is not a perfect basic MPF pattern. In healing, the P3 projection of the Violet Flame to the person’s body helped it to reject the
cancer cells and was healed.

Advanced scientists working on energy devices that operate on the aetheric level have found that having the P3 and/or P4 operating in their labs enable their energy experiments to function according to theory; whereas, without the P3 and/or P4, the experiments would not function properly or even at all. Agriculture flourishes on a bath of the Sacred Fire energies like the Violet Flame. We all need as much of this loving energy as we can get.

The P3 and P4 might be classified by some as radionic devices. But they are far different in basic physics and etheric physics design. Also, my devices only utilize the etheric Laws stated in the teachings of the Ascended Masters and utilize the Sacred Fire for purification and healing.

Thank you for your attention. You can contact me at MasterPowerFlame@gmail.com if you are interested in any aspect of this paper. Please do not call as I don’t accept phone calls.

Dan A. Davidson
Email: masterpowerflame@gmail.com




This article was sourced from the United States Psychotronics Association Newsletter

 Volume 5, Number 8 (August, 2019)

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