The Effect of Magnetism on Eloptic Radiation

A major problem in prospecting for minerals with the Eloptic Energy Analyzer proved to be precise location. Experiment had demonstrated that the energy from buried metal, etc., spreads around it on a very large irregular pattern, varying in shape and size from day to day and even from hour to hour. It had also been observed on a small scale that this energy can be influenced by magnetism. Therefore it was decided to explore the possibility of using magnets in the field to eliminate or concentrate the diffused energy.

For this purpose, several ounces of sterling silver were buried about 30 inches deep in a level, open field. The Analyzer was placed nearby and its input was connected to a long insulated copper wire. On the end of this was fastened a test probe.

To determine how far the energy extended from the buried silver, the probe was driven into the ground successively at various distances along several radii, and readings were taken on the Analyzer. In this way the field of radiation was found, at that time, to form an irregular “pool”, extending not less than 50 feet from the silver and mostly very much farther.

Now two magnets were made, hollow core solenoids drawing about 10amperes at twelve volts. These were paced on end about 20 feet due east of the silver, and iron rods (5/8″ by 4 ft) were driven through them and about two feet into the ground.

At first three batteries (18 volts) were connected, and about an hour was allowed for the energy field to adjust itself. Then tests were run as before with the Analyzer, and it was found that the field had shrunk considerably. Following this, two more batteries were attached and additional tests were made. The energy field was now found to have shrunk still farther, and to possess a more simplified outline showing certain definite characteristics. Toward the East it terminated near the magnets, and to the Northwest it exhibited a pronounced bulge of about 15 or 16 ft radius.

At this point the two magnets and batteries were moved to within 12 ft of the silver and two more batteries were added, making 7 in all (42 volts). Measurements with the Analyzer now showed that the energy pool had completely disappeared as such. There remained only two well defined bands or streams of energy about a foot wide. One of these extended along a straight line connecting the silver and the magnets, and the other thrust out about 8 ft toward the Northeast, then turned and proceeded directly to the magnets. Further tests with the Analyzer showed that the energy drawn to the magnets appeared to dissipate itself above them and over the batteries in a kind of plume.

This experiment demonstrates that this energy is definitely subject to magnetic attraction. It also shows that the energy exhibits a strong tendency to flow toward the Northwest.