A new approach to the Universe … A report by Joël André

Prepare to journey through the weird world of physical radieshtesia and the nonphysical emission due to forms. These so called waveforms are not waves at all since they operate independently of the electromagnetic spectrum, and by Ark’ALL, were considered not of this universe. The application of this radiesthesia research seems like scientific alchemy based on the nonphysical influences of shapes,forms, language, number, algebra, and “states” on physiology and perceptual awareness. From this perspective of the ARK’ALL foundation, the nonphysical emission due to forms are the intermediary of the global-universal system to our limited-local system.

You can download all of the Ravatin material we have found here (most in french): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KIxnhKuuwzYvwbUuQjvWuuhautCB-7Dt

Source: (Psi Journal International. N o 7. October-November-December 1978)


Jacques Ravatin left us in March 2011. It is by the following interview of 1978 that we discovered it. It was the continuation and synthesis of a long line of vanguard researchers and scientists who, at the same time, practically and theoretically studied the links of the visible and the invisible, their implications and the possibility of change of consciousness. His work remains relatively unknown and it is unfortunate that many wacky are inspired. Ravatin continued his work with his Ark’all foundation and published numerous studies, sometimes under the pseudonym of Vladimir Rosgnilk. His theses remain to be verified by a wider community of researchers …

If mathematics, architecture and aesthetics bring innumerable descriptive and analytical data concerning Forms, no current science seems to pose the fundamental problem: “What are Forms? “. And above all, “What do Forms do? “.

As early as 1930, André de Bélizal and the engineers Chaumery and Morel nonetheless approached the question and ended up, in a sort of conciliation attempt between dowsing and electromagnetism, with the notion of Waves of Form.

A second generation of researchers, among them the archaeologist Enel, then Jean de la Foye and Roger de Lafforest, took back the results of the pioneers and accumulated the experimental verifications. The exact nature of these “waves of form” was still unknown, but the influence of these mysterious emanations on the plant and the living could be reproduced from artificial emitters, detected by detectors and used for specific purposes.

The following interview evokes, of course, those preliminary stages without which current research would remain incomprehensible. Without dwelling on it, however, and this for two reasons.

It is not desirable to give too much practical information about the experimental devices used in this field. Their apparent simplicity conceals formidable potentialities that the enthusiastic beginner (as sometimes the confirmed researcher) may discover at his expense and … to those of others!

Above all, the work being done by the ARK’ALL Group is a kind of revolution compared to the past. We no longer speak of waves of form but of emissions due to forms. Why ? Because we do not have to do waves, nor those of the electromagnetic spectrum, nor those of any other known vibratory system. In short: Emissions due to forms do not belong to our physical universe …

There are many other “unsustainable” comments throughout this interview with Jacques Ravatin. Did the Initiates of Antiquity converse with the Gods? Does the Hebrew alphabet conceal the latent state of all reality? Are the Pyramids, the statues of Easter Island and the Cathedrals as many gigantic emitters? And by that, vehicles towards what the relativistic diagram of Time designates as “Elsewhere”? It would be a matter of Elsewhere … other than that of physicists. Our physical universe would be only a restriction of the real universe, of the Global.

We can not remain insensitive to Jacques Ravatin ‘s remarks in so far as they concern the most fundamental aspects of. the knowledge. And more immediate issues such as habitat, environment, medicine and technology of the future. Even on these themes of civilization, we will see that the formulations defy all our habits of thought.

But then, was it necessary to publish these words, or was it not too early to do so?

Of two things one: either the statements of Jacques Ravatin are accurate and the research of his group are about to revolutionize the current science. It would then be unforgivable to obstruct their dissemination and free appreciation by all. Or they come from an exaggerated enthusiasm and a total lack of scientific prudence, in which case, according to the formula, they are only committed by the author, his good faith and his university skills.

In one case as in the other, Jacques Ravatin seemed to us capable of taking his responsibilities. His academic career (after a Ph.D. in mathematical physics, he now teaches this discipline at the University of Amiens) does not leave him without responding on the controversial level. His experimental practice (he was also a chemical engineer at the CNRS) gives hope that he kept his eyes open during his investigations. The assurance with which it proposes to carry out the principal physico-chemical transformations known by means entirely unknown to our laboratories would be foolish if it were not based on a verifiable acquis. Theses and patents are multiplying around the work of Ark’All Group and private industry already gives them a significant support.

But let us suppose that the following statements are only extrapolations without foundation or real observations but hastily generalized, in short, an abuse of interpretation. Nevertheless, it would be necessary to read and re-read them. Einstein did not say he had collected some major ideas of his theories to read … science fiction books!

Question – Joël André: Given the unusual field we are going to discuss, it would be good to give an idea of ​​your scientific background and the foundations of your present research.

Answer – Jacques Ravatin: As soon as I finished high school, I was concerned about the existence of realities unknown to classical science. I thought that some phenomena came from a different approach.

I started looking for what I call non-Cartesian systems. In academia, opinions about the existence of such systems were very divided.

In 1965, in my thesis of mathematical physics, I showed that some major problems of physics were amenable to other reference systems, other approaches than those used until now.

The Thesis Jury was chaired by Professor Depommier, who is now Director of a large Physics Laboratory in Montreal. He was very interested in the concept of Non-Cartesian Systems and encouraged me to continue my research.

Wishing to deepen my mathematical knowledge, I worked for a while on very special algebras. Then, I began research at the CNRS

I continued to think of the Non-Cartesian Systems, until the day I heard Roger de Lafforest, during a television broadcast, talk about some research on the Forms and their unusual effects on living beings.

R. de Lafforest mentioned my theoretical research as likely to enlighten the results obtained by several researchers, including himself, experimentally. So I made contact with him and he allowed me to get acquainted with the work due to André de Bélizal on what was then called the “Waves of Form”. He made me discover among others the curious properties of an Egyptian form called “Louksor”, that which one finds on the protective ring which M. de Bélizal had baptized “ring atlante”.

The unsuspected properties of the Forms gave me access to one of those Non-Cartesian Systems I had been searching for for a long time as a real example. For their part, pioneers such as Turenne, Belizal, Chaumery, Enel and second-generation researchers such as Jean de la Foye and R. de Lafforest had much experience and reasoned by analogy. By resuming their results in the light of the non-Cartesian models that I had elaborated on the abstract plane, we could finally go on and find out from what aspect of the real the enigmatic influences emitted by the Forms.


The “Louksor” form. She was on a ring in black sandstone found in Egypt towards the end of the XIX th century.

A. de Bélizal had noted the effects of this ring on various aspects of his daily life, both physically and psychologically. This was the origin of his research on what he later called “Waves of Form”.

According to Jacques Ravatin, this ring offsets the harmful effects of certain Emissions due to Forms. The archaeologist Carter wore it at the opening of the Tomb of All Ankh Amon in 1922. He was the only survivor of the unexplained death wave that struck eighteen people closely associated with the excavations of the Carter-Carnavon mission. which was to lead to the invention of the tomb of the Pharaoh and the famous treasure. The researchers would have been reached by harmful emissions due to the displacement of funerary objects: the disposition of the latter in the Egyptian burials responds in fact to notions of balance of forms and their very particular arrangement can not be upset without risks.

Q – Can you, in a brief history, relate the main stages that marked the evolution of the problem to its current form?

A. For what follows, it is first necessary to counter an argument that is too well known as soon as we speak of dowsing. The use of the pendulum is disputed on the pretext that its gyration is due to imperceptible muscular movements, conscious or not, on the part of the subject who manipulates it.

As early as 1850, Baron von Reichenbach had developed a type of clock that excluded the muscular action of the subject. It is a pendulum whose thread, at a certain height, is wound a number of times around a fixed cylinder. The subject had no other contact with the pendulum than the end of the index finger resting on the wire at the level of the winding cylinder. The intervention of muscular twitches, even important, was therefore excluded, which did not prevent the pendulum from turning into gyration according to the usual principles.

After this indispensable clarification, I come to another experience also due to Reichenbach and directly related to what interests us. On the positive pole, facing north, a right magnet, a wooden cylinder was placed. A clairvoyant, placed in a dark room, was then asked to concentrate his attention on the cylinder. At the end of about an hour, the subject saw a circle of colors appear around the circumference of the cylinder, arranged in the order of the optical spectrum we know in optics.

Around 1905, Colonel de Rochas had also discovered through various experiments emissions not belonging to the known electromagnetic spectrum. These experiments were taken up and developed by engineer Turenne in 1928, then by Bélizal, Chaumery and Morel. The same broadcasts were spotted and as it was the golden age of the applications of electromagnetism, the researchers I have just cited attempted to reconcile their discoveries with the prevailing theories. So they called the programs the name of the color-witnesses from which the pendulum came into gyration and they distinguished two aspects of these “waves of form”, magnetic and electric. It was thought at the time that it was an unexplored band of the electromagnetic spectrum.

We know today that so-called “waveforms” are not waves and do not belong to electromagnetic fields. This is why we are now talking about “Emissions due to Forms”.

universal spectrum sphere

The “decomposition of the spectrum of colors by the sphere” according to Belizal and Chaumery. The abbreviations are as follows: V = green; Bu = blue; I = indigo; Vi = violet; UV = ultraviolet; Bc = white; N = black; IR = infra-red; R = red; O = orange; J = yellow.

Diagram of Jean de La Foye, published in his book ” Ondes de vie, Ondes de mort “.

Q – Before seeing how you came to this conclusion, can you give an overview of how the pioneers you just quoted have somehow “cleared” the issue?

A – Since no conventional detector is sensitive to the emissions we are talking about, Chaumery and de Bélizal used the dowsing method, with some significant improvements.

On a wooden sphere, they tried to spot pendulum emitting points of what they called “wave form”. The method was that of the “control”, a classic in dowsing. An example: hold a piece of red cloth or paper in your left hand; with the right hand, launch the pendulum in straight oscillation above the sphere. At the vertical of a precise point, the pendulum enters in gyration. The point thus spotted is called “transmitter” of the red color. Depending on the direction of gyration of the pendulum, the “color” will be called negative or positive. For example, at the North Pole of the sphere, there will be a point of emission that turns the pendulum for a green control fabric and in a clockwise direction: this point receives the name of Positive Vert or V +. The diametrically opposite point receives the name Green Negative or V-.

Chaumery and Bélizal found that the color dots were distributed on the surface of the sphere in regular spirals that undergo a certain shift depending on the movement of the Earth. To “fix” the position of these spirals, they had the idea to drill two diametrically opposite holes on the equator of the sphere.

Q – These preliminaries are at the origin of the ingenious “universal pendulum” which made it possible to study many properties and effects of Form, on current or ancient objects …

R – The Universal Pendulum is indeed made up of a spherical mass made of wood on which are reported the color points identified by Bélizal and Chaumery. The wire slides on a movable loop attached to the pendulum and can thus be set above the desired emission point. Gyration will occur vertically from an object emitting according to the characteristics of the selected transmitter point on the pendulum.

It is a very useful instrument, just like the equatorial pendulum developed by the same authors. And the achievements of the first researchers have lost none of their practical value. Simply the terminology was inadequate and the Emissions identified belonged to a restricted field, which our current investigations continue to take into account under the name of “Field of Taofel of Belizal”.

What one needs to understand if one wants to access current research on Emissions due to Forms is that they have nothing to do with what we know as waves or vibrations and that the “Colors” emitted by various points of the sphere or other solids are of a different nature from the colors perceived by our senses. They do not belong to our physical universe.

Q – How did one go from concrete research and electromagnetic or chromatic analogies to the infinitely more abstract conceptions that you now support?

THE MINISTER – I think Enel’s research has been instrumental. Before even taking an interest in Emissions due to Forms, Enel was introduced to the esoteric doctrines of antiquity. He was no doubt the first to understand that the powers of Forms were part of a way of thinking radically different from ours. Rather than turning to the scientific criteria of the moment, he considered the problem from the point of view of Hebrew Kabbalah and the great cosmogonic systems of ancient India and Egypt. This allowed him to deepen the sense of the sacred architectures that are, for the materialist thought, rigorously incomprehensible. Enel was also one of the first to suspect the relationship between Emissions due to Forms and cancer. He even discovered an Emotion acting on the cancer cells,

Synthesis kabbala

Placed on a wooden disc properly pierced and oriented, this kabbalistic figure, called Synthesis, generates Dynamic Emissions whose effects are remarkable on life and water.

iching pa kua

The Pa-Kua, a Chinese figure combining the Yin / Yang circle and the trigrams of the Yi-King. It issues “Bélizal” Fields and “Möbius” ones. Although possessing therapeutic properties, it is of a delicate use: in “KSh Ph” or Magic state, its effects are unexpected and powerful.

Q – Now let us come to your boldest statement: Emissions due to Forms do not belong to our physical universe! What is this conviction based on?

A – From the point of view of science, the essential condition for the knowledge of the Universe is that we can everywhere and always give ourselves one or more references: distance, speed, time, force, etc. As long as we can address phenomena as part of a benchmark system, we have the ability to analyze, name, count, measure, or compare.

But is there not in the universe domains where the landmarks themselves become unstable or disappear?

We have discovered the existence of such systems, realities for which standards and benchmarks are blurred or completely lacking. The physical universe is therefore only one aspect, a particular case, of a larger domain. Our restricted physical universe is what we call the Local, since we can always locate an object there. As for the total Universe, the one where the markers of the Local disappear, we call it the Global.

There are intermediate areas between these two faces of the real, from the Local to the Global and projections of the Global in the Local. The transitions between these two realities are none other than our famous “Emissions due to Forms”.

Q – So the domain of Emissions due to Forms would be the one where it remains possible, in spite of the evanescence of landmarks, to understand what is happening on the threshold of the incomprehensible?

R – That’s it, a kind of compromise between the Global, in which the landmarks are dissolved, and the Local where the landmarks are everywhere present.

Q. – This is a considerable extension of the notions of the “wave of form” era. Has experimental practice also experienced significant variations?

A – We build much more powerful transmitters than those of Bélizal and Chaumery and we amplify the Emissions by increasing electrical voltages. But in current research, for detection or analysis, we always use universal, equatorial pendulums, etc. We also have clocks to determine the polarity of a Form (if it has one) and especially “Hebrew pendulums” to know certain fundamental qualities that we call states.

This notion is crucial because some Emissions deemed beneficial can have a disastrous influence only because they are in a harmful state.

Q – Can you clarify this new notion and the method used to highlight the State of an Emission?

R – In physics, we define the state of an object by its position and speed. But since the Emissions due to the Forms are outside the physical domain, their various characteristics do not correspond to the criteria of the Local. Despite this delocalisation, certain differentiations remain possible. We can thus distinguish the qualitative levels of Physics, Vital, Psychic, to name only the simplest categories. This method does not reveal, as it might seem, metaphysical presuppositions, but the properties of the Hebrew language and the so-called “Hebrew square” alphabet.

Contemporary alphabets are sets of purely conventional signs, but the same is not true of the ancient alphabets, each sign of which carried a latent power in connection with the different cosmic aspects that the writing intended to reflect and express. ‘influence. The power of each sign was susceptible to amplification, activation, hence the possibility of using hieroglyphics, hieratic alphabets and sacred names to penetrate secret states of reality or to access high states of consciousness. Every day we check the power and efficiency of these symbols, which must be handled carefully.

Among the various hieratic, ie sacred, alphabets, the square Hebrew is undoubtedly the one that has come down to us in its most authentic, least degenerate form. It is probably for this reason that the characters and Hebrew words traced with this alphabet are so sensitive to qualities and differences that our current thinking has lost sight of. Among other things, the different “states” that can take Emissions due to Forms.


Six clocks, five of which are Hebrew characters and the last (bottom right) to detect the transfers between Shapes and Shape Systems. Circles are the symbol of the “Node of Life”. important Emission of the Vital Field that is found on a plant at ground level and in a human at the level of the umbilical plexus.

The method consists of engraving on a cylindrical pendulum called “Hebrew pendulum” the word qualifying a given state. The Hebrew word for “Earth” interacts with the states of the physical level, the word “Breath of Life” identifies the states proper to the Living, the word “Spirit” implies those of the psychic or the spiritual, etc.

hebrew states ravatin 2

The main Hebrew words used for the detection of states. They allow to locate the intrinsic qualities of the studied reality.

We can similarly highlight states such as “Word,” “Night,” “Light,” each Hebrew word attached to the pendulum reacting the latter when the state symbolized by the word is present in the object or the phenomenon studied. At a very simple level, this method also intersects the results of classical dowsing: the pendulum bearing the Hebrew word “Il-gaillira-de-l’eau” reacts positively to the vertical of a tablecloth or a source underground.

But we can detect states much less familiar, much less simple to define, even if the power of their effects leaves no doubt as to their existence.

The word “K Sh Ph” thus defines the state “Magic” and indeed characterizes situations where the landmarks are upset, especially when we are dealing at the same time with the state “Shin reversed” which implies anti-human influences very ominous.

Q – How does this translate into our reality?

A – There are many varieties of the state “K Sh Ph”. We spot them on some Egyptian statuettes whose arms are crossed on the chest, on mischievous pyramids, on musical instruments such as the violin, etc. Modern buildings, important technological complexes often testify to this state, which can also emanate from a work of art, a music or certain remarks. A Hitler speech thus manifests a “K Sh Ph” state with Shin Reversed.

Egyptian Funerary Statues

Funeral statuettes. Like all Egyptian Forms, they contain unsuspected potentialities and must be moved with caution.

Now let’s see how this state affects Emissions due to Forms. Take for example the so-called V – M Emission which belongs to the Taofel Field “of Belizal”. It intervenes in particular on the human body at the level of the nervous system. In the normal state, the V – M dissipates fatigue and different tensions, regenerates the metabolism of the nerve cell, etc.

But if this Emotion is afflicted with the “K Sh Ph” state with “overthrown Shin”, it induces a situation of profound anomaly, magic, and anti-human effects (the Shin in normal position being the criterion of the human not essentially disturbed).

What will happen then? The state “Magic” disrupting all the usual features of the everyday world and the “Shin” reversed deeply upsetting the consciousness of the outside world, the subject will no longer master, or very badly, his relationship with material objects and the overall situation . Suppose he is affected by the Abnormal Emission while he is driving his car, the vehicle will leave the road for no apparent reason and it will be the “inexplicable” accident.

So you see that an initially beneficial Emission can be affected by the state in which it takes effect.

Violin emits Hebrew states


On the strings of this violin, the Hebrew pendulum detecting the state “K SH Ph”. This state is detectable above any violin, played or not. It disappears if one removes the “soul”, small piece of wood located inside the soundboard and which seems to be at the origin of the “magic” character of the instrument. The great luthiers of old made the “soul” of their violin from the bones of children who died at tender age.

Q – How to avoid the errors of interpretation due to the subjectivity of the researcher and the state of his psyche or the place in which he operates?

A – We have compensators that eliminate accidental influences from surrounding objects, the basement, the building itself, etc.

As for the subjectivity, when there is the least doubt, we make study the phenomenon concerned by two, three, sometimes up to fifteen different researchers. Each one works separately and then we confront the results. When they are concordant, we consider them conclusive, according to the very principles of experimental science.

This form is a rebalancer of atmospheres provided you know how to pierce it to activate the Ext. With a range of 60 m, it removes harmful emissions from the Field “Belizal” as the V – E .

Q – Do you plan to replace the pendulums one day with detectors or recorders like those used by today’s laboratories?

R – It is not excluded, although no artificial detector can equal human sensitivity and intuition.

The pendulum encourages the awakening of these latent qualities and everyone can be convinced, after three hundred hours of practice, the merits of this instrument.

As far as I am concerned, my scientific training had rather accustomed me to the models and methods of modern physics. The pendulum search seems to me neither less safe nor less rigorous. We will soon be able to detect the Taofel Fields thanks to the new properties we discovered on the crystals.

Q – Let’s talk a bit about these Taofel Fields, which broaden the domain of Emissions due to Forms far beyond what Belizal and Chaumery suspected …

A – The discovery of new Taofel Fields was due to the realization of new transmitting devices, such as the one built a year ago and thanks to which we detected Emissions well beyond the field “Belizal”. The one we build will be even more powerful and will open up possibilities that I will not talk about for now.

The field of Taofel immediately superior to the field “Belizal” has received the name of “Unit-Sprink”. Sprink had built in 1934 a device giving Emissions of this level but he never knew what were the effects of his device. Recently, we were asked to study the device in question. It is an octagonal wood frame with spark gaps, energized and grounded. Nothing very complex but the effects produced are remarkable.

Sprink, who did not know anything about Emissions due to Forms, had made the greatest researchers of the moment notice the possibilities of his apparatus. Rocks brought to 700 ° and exposed to its device had hexagonal “honeycomb” impressions. Sprink had also put staff from several factories into action. The invigorating and soothing effect was immediately felt by all.

Transmitter disc surmounted by oriented shapes and magnets. Allows various extensions of Taofel Fields.

While testing the vehicle myself, I spotted a very powerful V – M broadcast . I decided to build an improved version of Sprink’s invention.

The octagonal wooden frame was replaced by a 16-sided polygon, the electric tension was considerably increased, and so on. It was then that we identified, beyond the V – M , another type of emission, much purer. It’s this new field that we call “Sprink-Unit”.

The artifacts of antiquity can also be at the origin of a similar discovery. The Ark of the Covenant emits very high Taofel Fields, beyond “Unity-Sprink”. We named them Taofel Fields “Promised Land”.

Q – Do you know of any other Taofel Fields beyond “Promised Land”?

R – Certainly. Even beyond the Field that we considered the highest and which we had called “Entity-God”, we were surprised to discover a higher Taofel Field again. We must have been too excited to baptize the previous field!

In addition, each Taofel Field has extensions in a type of Emissions known as Dynamic Emissions. The different Fields and Emissions can be overlapped, so that the possibilities are innumerable.

Q – In what way can one Taofel Field be higher than another?

A – The “Bélizal” field, for example, produces effects that are accessible to both progressive and indirect observation: growth of plants, improvement of health, etc. With the higher fields, we act directly on the structure of matter and the physical constants.

At the Taofel Field “Sprink-Unit” we already obtain variations in the values ​​of the components of the Earth’s magnetic field, changes in the gravitational constant, the refractive index of the air, the solubility constant of the chloride of sodium or any other salt in water … In short, the powerful Emissions due to Forms, in the high Taofel Fields, modify or upset the principal constants known in physics and chemistry.

Q. – Do you find here possibilities of objectification and measurement as precise as those of so-called exact sciences?

R – Absolutely. We measure the action of Emissions due to Forms on quantifiable parameters and recognized by all. Physicists themselves do not do anything else. For example, we have reduced the gravitational constant G by one tenth of its value. But our devices allow us effects unknown to the current physics and which probably intersect alchemical knowledge not understood until now. We now know that the alchemists, more or less intuitively, subject matter to higher and higher Taofel fields, adding to each transition properties in principle reserved for living structures and psyche.

Similarly, instead of adding energy to a given field to change the characteristics of the object in it, we take the object out of its field and place it in a higher field …

Q – Do you transfer the object to what could be called a “Transmutation Field”?

R – Somehow. This is why we use special arithmetic according to the Taofel field in which we want to plunge the object.

These arithmetic are called “Cumulo-offset”. They are based on the properties of Numbers considered as entities with a given coefficient of existence or non-existence. The real power of these arithmetic is demonstrated by the following fact: it is sufficient to write the appropriate arithmetic for a given Taofel field, the field in question is manifested immediately. Similarly, if we construct the arithmetic corresponding to a human being, any permutation or inversion of the terms of this arithmetic will have considerable effects on the person concerned.

Q – We find the conceptions of Kabbalah. But you have not yet alluded to the mysterious forms of mummies, pyramids, statues of Easter Island and other cathedrals …

A – To understand the mummies and pyramids, it is necessary to appeal to the notion of Ext. The Ext of a Form is not included in the Form itself, it is a transition between the Form in the Local and this same Offspring Form. For example, by drilling a few holes in a solid sphere, new properties are added to it that are out of all proportion to the object itself or the banality of the intervention. This reality of the Form, beyond its physical substratum is what we call the Ext.

When a being dies, that is to say, is delocalised in relation to our world, his Ex remains in relation with the corpse, as well as with the delocalised individual. Thus preserving the body of the deceased, one keeps the possibility to act on his Ext and thus on the deceased person. This is why in some peoples, mummies participate in collective deliberations. The Spanish conquistadors even observed marriages in South America where the spouse wears a mummy instead of his wife. The pyramids, at least the great Egyptian pyramids, also have an Ext that connects the Fields of Emissions of the Pyramid with the celestial Constellation located at the vertical of the monument. Constellations are Shapes and emit extremely powerful Dynamic Emissions. The Ext of the Pyramid captures these Emissions and passes them to higher Taofel Fields. If an individual knows how to place himself in dynamic duality with the Ext of the Pyramid, extraordinary possibilities are offered to him: higher states of consciousness, delocalization of the material, access to real others and others universe, communications with quasi-divine beings that are “breaks” of the Global.

For each place in the pyramid, the spectrographic records differed completely from hour to hour! The mathematician acknowledged that, given the precautions taken and the quality of the equipment used, the variations observed were incomprehensible.

Q – What is the “vehicle” that allows these crossings of the space-time barriers, the limits of our dimension?

R – We use the concept of Fractal Object, which was introduced at the end of the XIX th century by the great mathematician Georg Cantor. It is initially a figure that can never be completed because its layout requires an infinite number of modifications of the initial figure.

We found that by sending an “Bélizal” Field Emission onto a fractal object, we would move it to the Upper Field, “Sprinkle Unit”. We have extended the notion of fractal object to all systems that, subject to emissions due to Forms, allow us to constantly move from Field to Field. Here we have the “vehicle” or gateway that gives access to the Taofel Fields from the most immediate to the highest.

We build Fractal Objects ourselves. Our cumulative arithmetic

allow us to impose time-space structures different from ours.

In the natural state this is what happens in the famous Bermuda Triangle where Fractal Objects appear, probably caused by the rotation of the Earth. Fractals may have an entry and an exit, an entry only, or neither. In the Bermuda Triangle, most Fractal Objects have no exit, hence some disappearances.

Q – Can you cite a case of transition to Elsewhere via a Fractal Object?


Samuel Franeric accomplished a duplication to discover what became the Great Pyramid during the passage of a given constellation.

We learned that the High Priest relocated there and connected with Global Thought Forms. He did not lie when he said he had “spoken to the Gods”. And it is the dynamic duality between the Ext of the High Priest and that of the pyramid, on the one hand, between the Emissions due to the forms of the monument and the Dynamic Emissions of the constellation on the other hand, which constituted the object. Fractal making possible the relocation of the High Priest.

Q – Are all the monuments and artifacts of the Ancients Fractal Objects in the sense that you mean it?

R – Let’s say that they become so under certain conditions. The statues of Easter Island, for example, are depolarized forms that become Fractal Objects if they are viewed against a background of cloudy skies.

The Ark of the Covenant is not strictly speaking a Fractal Object: it provokes the creation of fractal structures by the collapse of the Space-Time structure. This is what has allowed Moses to “open” the waters of the Red Sea to allow the passage of the Hebrews on the run. On the other hand, the shaking of the spatio-temporal structure breaks the Global which then projects in our local universe fragments of another reality. This is how the “world of the gods” arises in the human mind.

Q – The mythological gods would then be real as entities resulting from the emergence of the Global in the Local?

A – That’s what we’ve checked on many occasions. Through the breaks of the Global, relocate into our world forms of entities that respond to the names and evocations that were assigned to them by ancient religions and magical practices. We must also be extremely careful when dealing with these eruptions Global. We are often forced to retreat and neutralize the Emissions and Fields involved when we discover what lies behind certain relocated realities.

Q – This is a justification of the beliefs in the powers of the name, the rhythmic incantation and the sacred music …

A – In particular, there are Rhythm Emissions which have their own Taofel Fields and which make it possible to boost Emissions due to Forms.

The rhythms and incantations of “rain dances”, for example, progress according to increasingly higher Taofel fields that abolish distances and cause the relocation / relocation of the “rain” phenomenon. You can see the rain fall under a bright sun. Wilhelm Reich got rains in the middle of the desert, directing certain tubular shapes towards the sky. We have tested them: they emit in “Unity-Sprink” and, partially, “Promised Land”.

Q – Among the “Great Initiates”, which do you think have reached the most advanced knowledge in the field of Emissions due to Forms?

R – The priests of Egypt and those of Delphi. The High Priest of the Temple of Jerusalem, who once arose Taofel Fields so high, by the pronunciation of the name of God, that we understand why he must be alone in the Temple and say the sacred name in a low voice. Moses, able to return from Fields who would have relocated any other individual forever. The famous occultist John Dee, whose mirror, used with an alphabet and appropriate Forms, brought out extremely powerful entities from the Global.

Jesus Christ is an even more enigmatic being. We have reason to think that between the Crucifixion and the descent from the Cross, he has projected something incredibly high over the world that we have not been able to define but whose influence has remained alive until our days. I wonder if we do not have a reality that transcends the domain of Emissions due to Forms and Taofel Fields, no matter how high they are.

Q – The conscience would overhang the Local and the Global, or even order their mutual penetration?

R – We know in any case that prayer has this power. Andre Belizal could, praying intensely for several hours, reverse harmful emission of V – E into beneficial Issue V – M . The result was maintained for more than two years before the source of V – E reappeared.

Q – Let’s go back to research involving duplication. How do you work and from what assumptions?

R – We work with sensitives accustomed to this practice. It often happens that several of them are projected simultaneously on the same place or at the same time to allow us to verify the information by cross-checking. A sensitive like Raymond Réant, who is one of the active members of the Ark’All Foundation, uses physical splitting, that is to say, externalizes in the form of a substance that remains connected to the body by a kind of filament whose rupture would lead to immediate death. This is what occultists call the astral body and the “silver cord”. The mental duplication used by David and Samuel Franeric, for example, is less dangerous because it is based on clairvoyance.

But what is splitting itself? We find the notion of Fractal Object. The human being belongs to two universes: the one where the forms appear and the one where they are engendered. These two universes are in dynamic duality, in the manner of the Yin / Yang of Chinese thought. But our scientific thought breaks this dynamic duality by considering only the apparent forms to the detriment of the Constituent forms. Duplication restores the relationship between the two universes. The sensory passes from one to the other and the structures that are thus exchanged between the apparent universe and that of the Forms constitute a Fractal Object, whose properties we have seen in terms of delocalization and detemporalisation. We can give the Fractal Object thus created more precise properties thanks to the arithmetic of which I spoke: it is enough to transpose the properties of Field or State of the system that we want to study to build the model of our Fractal Object. The sensitive that is projected by means of this Fractal Object will thus reach the domains, places or epochs, planets or galaxies, which interest us.

Q – Some examples, in time or … the cosmos!

THE PRESIDENT – I can not quote the most interesting ones at the moment, either because the research is still in progress, or because there are areas which it is better not to talk about once we have an idea of ​​what is there. Encouraging amateurs to try their luck would expose them to serious risks. Let’s say we had some interesting results on the Moon and other planets, as well as on the Andromeda Nebula. We have also discovered that the ring of Saturn emits in state “K Sh Ph”.

For the terrestrial past, I can give you an “innocent” example. You may know the origin of Tartini’s work entitled “The Trill of the Devil”. Tartini, an Italian violinist, said that he had been awakened at night by an air played by a devil-like creature beside his bed. The next day, Tartini began to transcribe the music heard but could never write the complete piece.

David and Samuel Franeric did a split to find out what really happened that night. We know that there was a significant relocation, a passage through a Fractal structure in which Tartini was indeed put in the presence of the devil-entity who played him the music in question. Samuel Franeric could hear the passages that are missing in the version of “Trill of the Devil” that we know. When he has completed his musical training, we will resume with him this duplication so that he can note or dictate the unpublished fragments.

Q – I guess that kind of investigation is not without obstacles and traps …

R – Indeed. Among many others I will mention a kind of obstacle that we have discovered almost by chance and which we now call a Grid.

While looking for water points on a ground in Haute-Provence, I realized that the pendulum reacted only sporadically: impossible to detect the water on a continuous line. Other researchers found the phenomenon. I then wondered if we were not dealing with a kind of natural screen that hid most of the groundwater network from our research. So I studied the nature and distribution of this screen and found the Forms and Emissions that removed the obstacle. Thus was born the notion of Grids and at the same time we learned to lift these grids when they present themselves.

Q – Apart from the Natural Grids, do you encounter intentional Grids, obstacles or psychic screens willingly placed to protect the secrecy of certain places?

R – Very frequently. You know the famous Sansevero Chapel in Naples, where we found two mummies of a very particular kind. It is a man and a woman of which, apart from the skeleton, only the vascular system remains: all the blood vessels were entirely preserved by an unknown infiltration process discovered by Prince Paul Sanseveri, who had besides, he had trouble with the Inquisition for his researches in anatomy and chemistry. It was thought until now that the two bodies discovered in the crypt had been treated immediately after death, hence the excellent preservation of the blood vessels. It would be difficult to reproduce such an intervention today.

Samuel Franeric split in the crypt of Sansevero at the time of the mysterious operations of Prince Sanseveri. He then came up against a very strong resistance that was nothing but a magic grid. We remained in contact with S. Franeric through another sensitive in mental division. The indications received allowed us to lift the Grid.

S. Franeric then gave us a very interesting insight into what was really going on at that time. Prince Sanseveri’s research was both magical and alchemical in nature. He and his accomplices sought to obtain some sort of living automata to which were left only the elementary functions necessary for the indiscriminate execution of certain orders, murders in particular.

The operation took place on living subjects. The liquid injected into the vessels was a kind of alchemical mercury. An important phase of the process was the immersion of the bodies thus treated into an underground river near Vesuvius. When subjects were transformed, they could be manipulated by acting on their Ext. But the success was never final, the subjects died soon after.

Q. – This is a method that could solve many controversies between historians and archaeologists. As well as between supporters and detractors of the phenomenon for example …

A – We can understand what UFOs are from the notions I have just developed. We have seen that in certain conditions, the passage through a Fractal Object in particular, the human being can project from the Local in the Global or explode the Global to bring out certain realities, personalized or not.

Let’s go a little further. To all reality of our local world, corresponds in the Global a model which is at the same time together and element: this is what we call an Enel. Localised things are replicas of the Enel that exists for them in the Global.

Q – The Enel would be types of archetypes or hyper-objects of which the Local would only hold more or less faithful copies?

R – And sometimes even real caricatures! This is exactly what UFOs are, as our research has shown, both in photos and places or people “contacted”. The UFO phenomenon is also accompanied by states of the “K Sh Ph” type extremely dangerous and burns, mental disorders and other symptoms in those who have approached a UFO stem from Emissions due to Forms and Taofel Fields that we know well. You will also notice the number of reports mentioning relocations. The subjects say they were trained inside the UFO and transported “to another planet”, etc. In fact they were simply caught in the Fractal Object structure of the UFO

Q – But who manipulates the Fractal Object and what are UFOs caricature?

R – The unconscious manipulator is none other than the human collectivity and UFOs are the distorted replicas of the technical objects of our civilization.

Technical Objects are, by definition, non-natural forms, sometimes even unnatural. The accumulation of these objects creates in our space cumulo-shifts by which some of our technological achievements are relocated and are projected in the Global. By undermining the Enel corresponding to the Relocated Technical Object, the Global returns to our space, this time through anti-shifts, “antics” of our current technology: these UFOs whose characteristics and performance are those of our own gear but amplified and even outraged. Just as the Great Initiates obtained from the Global superhuman, divine or infernal entities according to the spirit of the one who activated the Taofel Fields and passed into the Fractal Object,

Q – Each era also knows different UFOs, which “imitate” the Technical Objects of the moment, but transform the functionalities. If UFOs reflect the purpose of our technology, the features of Emissions and State you lend them are not reassuring …

A – We know enough about this “K Sh Ph” state with Upside Shin, that of UFOs, so that doubt is no longer allowed.

But I must say that it is not the Technical Object itself that is to be questioned. It is the unnatural functionalities that we assign to these objects, which also make them superfluous, that make it impossible to integrate them into the cycles and systems of Nature. Features that can not be integrated and harmonized in the natural world are projected in the Global that returns us …

Q – … Even more disharmonic and anti functionalities.

A – Necessarily, since the projection of the Local into the Global always gives rise to an amplified “answer”. If our technology respects the functionalities inherent in the natural harmony and balance of living beings, the broken Global will introduce into our world similar patterns. For the moment, we confer on Objects of Technology purposes that are opposed to life. We therefore attract from the Global ends which, by relocating, form real cancers in our universe.

Relocations of Technical Objects have, from the point of view of Emissions of Forms and States, all the characteristics of cancer as it develops on living organisms, attaching themselves to the Ext at first and then attacking the physical body.

Q – It would be good to recall on this subject the role of the so-called V – E Emission , as much at the level of the environment and the habitat as of the artificial nuisances.

R – R. de Lafforest and Jean de la Foye have verified the work of Bélizal, Chaumery and Morel in this area. A house built above an underground water table receives Emissions V – E and N – E , both of which are very harmful. In general, these Emissions are compensated at ground level. But what Belizal called a rupture of the compensated forces can happen. When people are exposed to such an influence, the risk of cancer or leukemia increases alarmingly.

The shapes and materials of modern buildings are also at the origin of Dangerous Emissions. The high voltage lines, they emit a V – E over 150 to 500 m for a voltage in the line of 200 000 volts.

At this level, we have rebalancers-emitters that compensate for harmful environments and eliminate the warning symptoms of more serious diseases (fatigue, insomnia, nervous disorders, etc.). I must also say that many such disorders would disappear spontaneously if people gave their bed a correct orientation, avoided certain provisions of furniture and electrical appliances and learned to be wary of certain decorative objects or jewelry that convey Emissions destabilizing. Many cases of depression, exhaustion or anxiety are the result of similar causes, the action of which is all the more pernicious because it is invisible and ignored by most people. Much more serious is the problem posed by nuclear power plants:

Q – Rest assured that your research will provide the parry in a timely manner. Have you looked at ways to protect or stimulate living cells that have to deal with all these aggressions?

R – We submitted water and oils to the action of high Taofel Fields. In these liquids we have placed living cells: they have passed to the Fields of the liquids themselves. Our observations of cells thus treated show an accelerated proliferation, an improvement of the vital potential and defense capacities, etc. Soon we will start experiments on polluted water: microorganisms stimulated by the appropriate Taofel Fields should, in our opinion, eliminate impurities of all kinds.

Q – When will a Medicine of Fitness Emissions?

R – It depends on the doctors themselves. The possibilities are immense, including the ability to heal from a distance.

We treated a table oil with very high Taofel Fields: it now has amazing tonic and regenerative properties. We can thus treat any food substance, water, wine, etc. By processing, for example, ordinary honey, we obtain a product whose biological properties are superior to those of royal jelly. At the level of pharmaceutical substances, there are undoubtedly possibilities of the same kind.

We can diagnose cancer two years before it is detectable in the human body. As I said, cancer first attaches to an individual’s Ext. We can spot it from this moment and prevent it from passing into the body.

Remote recovery of a disturbed Vital Field. In the center, on the photo of the subject, the right Shin pendulum pointed in the middle, Four points cardinal, the four components of the Vital Field.


Form inspired by the “Tables of Companions” of medieval esotericism, with mineral in the center. A high electrical voltage completes the device which, placed under a bed, provides a restful sleep.

Transformation of oils by passage in very high Taofel fields. The products thus treated are used in therapy.Their properties are similar to those of certain alchemical liquors but the obtaining is much faster (about 36 hours).


Q – Do Formal Emissions provide an alternative to current technology and industry, so to the dangers you mentioned earlier?

A – Of course, otherwise our results on the plant and the human body would have only approximate value. And the radical modifications we obtain on the inorganic matter are the best experimental confirmation of the Taofel Field hypothesis: when we succeed thanks to them catalytic catalysts without catalyst, we can hardly dispute the extent of their effects or speak of subjective results. We can, by the same means, carry out the polymerization of molecules, which is one of the essential operations of today’s industry. It is also possible to modify the properties of various bodies. For example, a mercury of density instead of 13.6 may be obtained, the vaporization or melting temperatures, etc. may be varied.

In agriculture, we are now able to obtain the biological transmutations planned by L. Kervran. As for pure physics, Emissions due to Forms modify the principal constants, as I explained to you. The alternative you are talking about is possible because without challenging the Technical Object, we assign it non-localized functionalities, extensions that are harmonized with nature. We avoid the accumulation, the unhealthy trampling I mentioned about UFOs and that is also the source of all forms of pollution.

Q – You do not underestimate the danger inherent in your own research …

A – You know that Chaumery, the first collaborator of Mr. de Bélizal, died of an imprudent use of Emissions due to Forms. At that time, however, work was only done on the Taofel Fields of Belizal. The Taofel Fields on which we operate today are much higher and infinitely more dangerous.

Remember that a misdirected Emission or whose orientation has been disrupted by a slight displacement of the device may suddenly reverse or enter “K Sh Ph” state, thus blowing up all the landmarks surrounding. You imagine the situations that this can cause.

Labyrinth of the Cathedral of Chartres and labyrinth of Amiens (below). These networks of medieval esoterism allow the transfer of Forms and the creation of Fractal Objects.


Access to the total universe …?

We risk the same accidents as the magicians of the past, Magic being a special case of using Emissions due to Forms. Burns, heart failure, cerebral aneurysm … or worse, that is what awaits those who venture to work in this area without having been properly trained by an experienced researcher.

Q – By the way, to the point where your formulations and experiences are, whoever would like to access it should first achieve a true mental conversion, not to say a mutation of thought …

R – Indeed. Rationalistic thinking can only distort the realities we are dealing with. Our work requires thinking constantly “differently”.

Scientific evolution will not have been useless. Future science will obtain Emissions more powerful than those known to the ancients, thanks to the alloys we know today.

The technical civilization stops at the technique as the “waves of form” stopped at the field “Bélizal”. As for us, we are going to Fields of higher and higher to obtain from the Global projections, broken more and more rich. Until the day when the human being can definitively abandon the Local and establish his home … in the Global!