Levity is the natural force that exists as the polaric opposite of gravity. The universe is bi-polar in nature but most theories have sought to reconcile bi-polar electricity and magnetism with unipolar . gravity. This force is evident in nature . in thousands of different ways, but outside of the Goethean school of scientific thought and other advanced centers, has not been investigated by conventional science until just recently.

In general terms, the levity field can be considered for rough purposes to extend spherically into space for a certain distance (perhaps 125,000 miles?) and its periphery represents its point of maximum force. Gravity may be considered to be a similar sphere with the center of the earth as its point of maximum force. Earth humans live close to the center of the earth, or point of maximum gravitational force, in bodies designed to withstand it. One consequence of this is that our consciousness has been gravity bound. Our observations are gravity bound unless and until we learn to look for the equal and opposite levity force in nature’s book.

In our atmosphere, untold millions of tons of water remain in suspension. What holds this water up there? Pressure, temperature or the wind system? No! The levity field! In the form of vapour the theory is that water’s polarity is altered, so that in its new form it is repelled by the comparatively weak (at the earth’s surface) levity field towards the point of maximum levity force, which is the periphery of the levity field out in space. As ice, water becomes gravity-polaric, i.e. heavy, and is pushed towards the center of the earth, or point of maximum force of the same polarity.

Apply heat to water, and its polarity is altered, and consequently it rises and falls in accordance with its polarity relative to these two opposing fields. Helium and hydrogen are substances that are strongly levity-polaric, and consequently we regard them as light to our gravity bound consciousness. In actual fact, these substances in balloons give a remarkable lesson in attraction and repulsion of the two fields, if we will but learn to read it

Research into levity has already commenced in the United states, and perhaps those engaged in it would appreciate a hint from an unseen
friend: “Levity and temperature are inseparably interlocked.”

If our research can be made pro-levitational instead of gravitational, we may find this to be one of the incredibly solutions to our difficulties.

In the fields of vibrations and levity there is much original work to be done.

This short article was sourced from:  The Journal of Borderland Research Vol XLIV, No. 4 JULY-AUGUST 1988 

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