Before I start, I would like to explain the difference between Life Crystal and Chondriana.  Life Crystal does not contain Chondriana and Life Crystal cannot induce Chondriana into your body, although some counterfeit  products indicate the contrary.  Life Crystal is produced by extracting adenosine phosphates, guanosine phosphates and five carbon sugars from off the shelf food items.  It is a material with very high purity.  The F.D.A. in the United States approved adenosine in 1989 and adenosine monophosphate 20 years ago, and they know exactly what they do.  When a patient is taken to the hospital with a coronary attack, this is the first thing they give them to save their lives in ER.   The injection contains three milligrams of adenosine monophosphate and it costs $3,000 per injection. That makes it a million dollars a gram.  We have ten grams or $10,000,000.00 worth of adenosine in every bottle of our Life Crystal drink and we market it world-wide for a very reasonable price.

When the adenosine and adenosine phosphate, guanosine and guanosine phosphate are crystallized and dissolved in double distilled water, they depolarize the water.  The Life Crystal has the same tetrahedral structure as the water, with matching frequencies, and therefore it can charge the water with enough energy to change the polarity of the water.  Once it changes the polarity of the water, it will lose the affinity to hydrophilic molecules and pick up affinity towards hydrophobic molecules.  In layman’s terms, this means it can dissolve double carbon bonds, hydrocarbons, waxes, cholesterol, plaques and sugar deposits, and this enables it to clean out the blood vessels.  Most of the time when an organ fails, it fails because of lack of respiration and lack of circulation.   Once you clean out the blood vessels and re-establish circulation, the organs will recover very quickly.

Life Crystal has a tetrahedral structure like a pyramid. Because of the shape of the tetrahedral crystal, it develops a vortex field around the pyramid and then the crystal will deposit around the pyramid in a vortex coil.  This is the reason why Life Crystal can tap into the cosmic free energy of creation.  Light is made up of free energy, 918 pairs of scrolls which make up one photon, and this is the breath of creation, or the breath of God, whatever you want to call it. Without that, life cannot exist on earth.  With this knowledge we can break down light for the first time.  The 918 pairs of photons then mould into one electron and 918 pairs of electrons mould into one neutron.  That is the way free energy is molded into light and light is molded into matter.  We are all made of the same substance.  This is the reason the Life Crystal is capable of tapping into the life energy which is a prerequisite for life.

New Dawn by Gilbert Williams

Our First Ancient Ancestor,  the Female Chondriana

The Chondriana are human in origin. They are our precursors. They are micro-organisms which have been synthesized from human DNA.  The Chondriana existed three and a half billion years ago.  We had life forms back then that were capable of reproducing or mass producing all our organs.  There is a micro-organism which has been found fossilized in western Australia dated three and a half billion years old.  It is identical to the Chondriana.  The Chondriana (ancient female micro-organisms) give birth to the Chondrions (ancient male micro organisms).  Every organelle in our cells was at one time produced by similar female Chondriana.  In other words, we had life forms, back three and a half billion years ago that were capable of reproducing all our organs.  We had factories in our cells, which we do not have today, which produced the organelles inside our cells.  In so many ways we have de-evolved.  With this discovery we can correct the atrophy that has taken hold of us at a deep cellular level and activate dormant DNA codes to regenerate ourselves. In the Bible some of the famous characters lived hundreds of years. So can we too once we re activate this ancient sumerian water technology.

With a reverse procedure, we can recreate those factories in our cells and that is what I have done in my own lab. I took the organelles inside our cells and recreated all the factories from which those organelles had originated. I was able to produce Chondriana, mass producing centrioles, mitochondria, Golgi apparatus and all the different organs, including the cell nucleus and cell nucleolus.  If you can start producing all these factories with Life Crystal, you can start replacing some of the old worn out factories inside your cells.  But even more exciting, I have Chondriana now mass producing nucleoli, and nucleoli can reproduce nuclei and primordial cells.  All our cells differentiated from primordial cells.  The only place we have primordial cells left in our body today is in the female and male sex organs.  We can direct these cells to produce giant lymphocytes to protect us.  This means we can bring back our immune defense system, the defense cells we once used to have but which we lost because the sun is cooling down and we are losing energy.  We are not going through evolution; we are going through devolution.  Our cells are becoming punier and punier as time goes on.  The massive carbon dioxide blankets we are putting up in the sky is accelerating the process.  But now, re-introducing Life Crystal into the human system, we can re-awaken our ancient immune system. We can bring back the old giant lymphocytes which are able to protect us from a degenerate environment until we can all agree to begin a sustainable global lifestyle.

The reason I was able to bring Chondriana back to life is because I can simulate the energy level at any time in history with Life Crystal.  I can go back three and a half billion years to bring back any kind of life that existed then, depending on how much energy I put into the Life Crystal medium. The first Chondriana which were synthesized were the precursors of our mitochondria, the organelles inside our cells and the precursors of our immune system.  These Chondriana are super intelligent and are given intravenously to the human body.   They are the military and they attack any kind of disease that is present in the body.   They can pick up the frequency from diseases and match it with the proper military to crush the disease.  They can also pick up the frequency of our T-4 cells or T-8 cells or lymphocytes and mass produce them on demand.

Bacterial & Viral Diseases

If there is a disease involved, whether it is viral or bacterial, it always needs Chondriana.  Life Crystal will not eliminate diseases.  Life Crystal will clean out the blood vessels, restore respiration, rejuvenating and rebuilding.  It will also help strengthen the immune system.  If there is a disease involved you have to use Chondriana.  If it is not a disease, just degeneration, you can rejuvenate with just the Life Crystal.   Doctor Merkl went on to discover the Sumerian Water Elixir of Life and with this advanced formula you did not have to use the Chondriana as they were reawakened inside your own body with the Sumerian Formula. 

Circulatory Problems & Heart Disease

Many clinics were using Life Crystal for chelation therapy.  They are replacing E.D.T.A. with Life Crystal to clean the blood vessels and they are getting much better results.  When someone is on Life Crystal, even just as a nutritional supplement taken orally, if they take it every day, even if their arteries are 98% plugged, there is no need for heart by-pass surgery, and within one year the arteries will be cleaned out completely. The body water will dissolve the cholesterol and they will urinate off the fat.  Chelation may be done in two ways using Life Crystal.  We recommend a teaspoon three times a day for the oral dose.  The intravenous treatment is given at half a c.c. per week.


Life Crystal cleans out the blood vessels and restores circulation.  When Life Crystal is administered intravenously to a diabetic who needs a kidney transplant, in five weeks, the kidneys function normally and there is no need to replace the organ.  If diabetics are scheduled for a leg amputation, in five weeks, Life Crystal will dissolve the sugar deposits, restore respiration and nutrient flow, eliminate claudication, and they can go jogging.   We have had diabetics whose eyesight has also been restored.

Other Deadly Diseases

We have had ample clinical evidence from all over the world that Life Crystal helps restore health.  We have had a few cases of Parkinson’s Disease and our treatment was successful.  We are very effective against cancer, environmental illness and all diseases.  We get a 100% response with HIV, AIDS. We have some people now who have been cured from AIDS.  All the lupus diseases, rheumatic arthritis, circulatory problems, diabetes and so on. When people have coronary heart attacks, they may administer it every day.  Someone who has a serious problem such as kidney failure, claudications or blindness, should use the intravenous method because it is quicker.  In five weeks it restores the circulation and respiration, and cleans out the blood vessels.  Because the Chondriana are precursors of our origin, they are part of us only they have been dormant until I brought them to life to do their natural job.  Therefore, you are not taking drugs or chemicals when you take Life Crystals.


I have had about 20 clinics in Mexico alone. In Tijuana, almost every clinic is using Life Crystal and Chondriana, including the Contreras Clinic and the Meer Institute.  We have clinics in European countries, in England, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, in the University Hospital in Greece, in Australia, and in the East-West Medical Foundation in Taipei, China.

Questions and Answers

Action of the Chondriana in Our System

Q:  How do the Chondriana interact with pathogens and viruses?

Dr. Merkl:  The Chondriana themselves are militant.   They attack the disease directly.  They attack it physically, consuming it. Their membranes are invasive, so they attack the disease, take it apart and recycle it.  They break down the genetic material all the way to ribosomes and recycle them into their own sequence.  They grow up on it.  They can also produce interferon and interleuken II.  They can stimulate the T-4 and T-8 cell production, or they can pick up the frequency of your immune cells and reproduce them.  They can reproduce dozens of different types of macrophages, each of which has a different type of function.  They produce oscillators of many different types, immune cells which break up the disease and then come and clean up like a vacuum cleaner.  The Chondriana’s mouth is like a sack.  It is like a shutter of a camera.   The neck can narrow and open and they use it like a vacuum cleaner.  They just mop up the disease.  Because they are super intelligent, they know the sequence of life.  They can sequence the DNA molecule to make all kinds of life forms.  They can make life like you make breakfast.   They are far more intelligent than we are and they are our ancient ancestors living inside of us.

Q:  Are the Chondriana not rejected in the same way an organ implant from another person is rejected?

Dr. Merkl: The Chondriana do not come from another person. The Chondriana belong to everyone.  It doesn’t type to my person or any person.  When the Chondriana are injected into your blood stream, the Chondriana’s genetic material goes into your blood cells, blows itself up four times the size, and you start mass producing your own Chondriana from that moment forth.  Since the discovery of the Sumerian Water it is no longer necessary to use the Chondriana injectables as the Sumerian Formula will awaken and active your own dorment Chondriana.

Q:  Does the human system have Chondriana already in it?

Dr. Merkl:  Yes, In dormancy.  We used to have it active , but we don’t have it active any more, only dorment.  Only the information on the DNA is left with us.

Q:   Is Life Crystal dependent upon Chondriana?

Dr. Merkl:   No because Life Crystal by itself is basically rebuilding, restoring, rejuvenating and cleaning out the blood vessels, restoring the circulation, respiration and providing nutrients.  Ninety-five percent of your energy comes from ATP, and Life Crystal is loaded with ATP.  But you can’t make Chondriana without Life Crystal.

Making of Life Crystal

Q:   What is Life Crystal and how do you make it?

Dr. Merkl: Life Crystal is made up of adenosine phosphate, guanosine phosphate and five carbon sugars. Our DNA molecules are made from it.  They are the basic building blocks of life.   We take this from plants.   The adenosine and guanosine phosphates come from genetic material of plants, like lettuce, tea etc.  The five carbon sugars come from fruit juices, organically produced, very high purity fruit juices.   You reap off the carbon and you have five carbon sugars.  You add a phosphate to it and you have sugar phosphate (fructose and glucose phosphates).  These are intermediates in the process of a new cell making ATP.

Dosage of Chondriana & Life Crystal

Q:  Can you take Life Crystal and Chondriana at the same time?

Dr. Merkl:  You can take them independently or you can take them together.   You put the oral Life Crystal under your tongue. Keep it in your mouth for a minute or two, let it absorb before swallowing it.   We usually recommend a teaspoon. There is no shelf life limit.  The longer you keep it, the better it is.  You can keep it on the shelf.  You don’t have to refrigerate it until you open it.  We recommend that people use Chondriana if they are sick.  If they have a bacterial or viral disease, they use half and half: half Life Crystal and half Chondriana, since the Life Crystal helps to open up the fine blood vessels. When the Chondriana go after the disease and kill it, the waste and the toxins can be drained much faster because your fine blood vessels are open and you have a much lower reaction.

Safety of Life Crystal & it’s use in Pregnancy and for Increasing Fertility

Q:  Is Life Crystal safe to take whether you are sick or not?

Dr. Merkl:   Absolutely.  It is very safe.   It is the perfect preventative.  The youngest person to take it is four months old.  My wife just gave birth to a baby girl and she was taking it all through her pregnancy. She was also on Chondriana treatment.  It is safe to take the nutritional supplement, one teaspoon three times a day, not the injectable.  It is absolutely safe.  It will be very interesting to see what effects it has had on the child.   She is too young to draw blood and test it, but I will test her later.  We have three Chondriana babies from different families.  Two of them couldn’t conceive previously.  Once they went on Life Crystal, they conceived within two or three months because Life Crystal will speed up the proliferation of primordial cells, the sex cells, and make them very strong.  The children are very strong and very healthy and all three of them are pretty close to nine pounds and were born at eight months, not nine months, and they turned around at three months.  My wife and I had three other children before and this pregnancy was entirely different from the others.

Asthma and Epilepsy

Q:   We have a boy who has chronic asthma.  Can he be helped with Life Crystal?

Dr. Merkl:   We have a lot of little boys who are just on Life Crystal drink alone whose asthma is disappearing.   We have a lot of children in countries where their mothers were exposed to harmful chemicals or insecticides when they were pregnant.  All these children were born with epilepsy and seizures.  They had 200 to 400 seizures a month, and some had 10 seizures a day.  They went on Life Crystal drink alone, nothing else, and within two months they were normal.

Candida & Epstein Barr Syndrome

Q:  Is Life Crystal effective for Candida?

Dr. Merkl:  Candida occurs most of the time in association with Epstein Barr syndrome.  It is a major epidemic in English speaking countries. United States have 60 million Epstein Barr cases and only five percent of the population know that they actually have it.  It spreads from passing around the bottle or kissing.   You are spreading it by saliva, drinking or eating after someone else.  It stays dormant for 15 years, but once it breaks out and gets into the active state, you start developing the Candidas. Candida eats away your glucose and deprives you of ATP, because ATP is made from glucose. Your organ cells degenerate, and as a result the disease moves in, and the immune cells degenerate, so more disease moves in.  Your immune cells are not capable of defending you.  If you supplement ATP, you can freeze the disease, sort of put it on the shelf, because you keep your organ cells and your immune cells happy. Then you can lead a normal life and you eliminate your chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue occurs because your cells are starved to death.  They don’t have ATP anymore.  Ninety-five percent of energy comes from ATP.   If you want to get rid of the disease, you have to go through Chondriana treatment, 30 injections, which give very strong reactions, but you can get rid of the virus.  Epstein Barr is called the cousin of AIDS.   AIDS destroys the immune cells directly.  In Epstein Barr and Candida, the immune cells are starved by deprivation of ATP.

Q:  How do you know how many injections to use for the Epstein Barr virus?

Dr. Merkl:  In order to determine the number of injections to use, we do blood tests.  We look for the immunoglobulins.  The level should be below 20.  The more advanced your Epstein Barr is, the higher the level is. If someone had 600, they have probably had Epstein Barr for about 25 years. If they had 1400, they may have had Epstein Barr for 35 years. Those are the final stages.  In the final stages, Epstein Barr attacks the brain and the organs and destroys the organs; people cannot function any more and they die.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Q:   Is Life Crystal effective against heavy metal toxicity including mercury?

Dr. Merkl:  Yes.  It is being used as a chelation agent.   The Life Crystal is a very effective chelating agent but not necessarily for the removal of mercury.


Q:  Have you had any success with lupus?

Dr. Merkl:   We have very exciting results with lupus.  We have lupus A, B, C and D.  The lupus A attacks basically joints. Lupus B and C attack organs and lupus D attacks the brain.   It usually takes about five or six injections to be on the safe side, 10 injections for sure gets rid of lupus of any kind, either A, B, C or D.  Lupus also occurs together with hepatitis, because if you have B and C, they also attack your organs including the spleen, liver, kidney and bring in hepatitis.  So in one sweep we can get rid of all the problems.

Aging Truly is a Deadly Disease

Q:   Can Life Crystal be used for rejuvenation?

Dr. Merkl:   We can reproduce primordial cells which can be turned into new young cells in order to reverse your aging.  You can restore your body, your organs and your tissues, and not only slow down, but actually reverse the aging process in your body.


Q:  Can Life Crystal be used for thinning hair and baldness?

Dr. Merkl:   Well, look at my hair.  Sixty percent of my hair is new and whatever I had before was completely white.  It grew in about a year and a half.  You can use it topically.

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