“Those persons who have realized and understood the nature of Time and its duration which is involved for everything which is manifested to become re-absorbed into the Primal Cause, will be free from all human miseries. Having transcended the temporal limitations of the linear physical time, such as is reflected in the cycles of day and night, etc. and having become free from the cycles and modifications of time such as the cycle of energy turning into matter and its subsequential return back into energy, these persons will comprehend Time in its real nature: this Real Nature is that of the Real Time which is capable of manifesting the Eternal Primal Existence, in its various aspects, into Perfect Visible Forms which reflect its own Eternal Nature.” AINTIRAM: Verse 345.



“At the heart of every atom and universal form is the reality of the Supreme Inner Source, often defined as Space.”

“Vaastu addresses in a complete and comprehensive way the features of space, time, rhythm, form and the universal order.”

“The empowering knowledge and use of the micro increments of time and space (source of the Ayaadi calculations), alone, imparts perfect rhythm and harmony to all music, letters, numbers, and visual forms.”

“Vaastu Architecture is the ancient science of designing and building homes and all structures in vibrational frequency with universal harmony. A Vaastu home is properly aligned with both earth energies and celestial energies. The result is a personal residence that is healthy, harmonious and truly transforming for its occupants and the surrounding environment. Vaastu science also covers complete Vaastu design, planning and construction details for offices, factories, churches, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, all businesses, apartment complexes, sacred centers, healing centers, pyramids, temples, communities, towns and cities.

Vaastu is neither cultural nor religious: it is a profound universal, timeless, and highly evolved spiritual science which once flourished all over the earth. Vaastu vedas emphasize that the House Building which one connects to, relates to, resides within its four walls, sleeps, eats in, etc. becomes a vital, vibrant and living extension of the physical body, the emotional body, the energy body (auric body) and the soul of the individual. In taking up residence in any building, we share our energy and likewise receive and incorporate or, at the least, are impacted by the inherent and natural energies of the building structure, whatever they maybe. All enclosed spaces vibrate with specific qualities which depend upon the structure’s direct relationship with the earth, its location and environment and its design. Likewise the building absorbs and vibrates with the human energies and intentions of the designer, builder and inhabitants. There are also specific laws of physics which are inherent and natural and will act energetically within and upon the building depending upon ALL factors involved in its design, location and construction. Vaastu design utilizes sacred geometry and operates with deep respect for all living beings. Vaastu construction is non toxic and emphasizes health and well being for body and soul.” – Ron Quinn


“The amazing, heart oriented, cosmically attuned Vastu Creation Science outlines a remarkably precise and delicate process. It reveals the process of Pure Cosmic Consciousness turning into the infinite OM Atom which is the most minute particle of Light and Sound. It reveals how this process, as the infinite fractal, through pure Thought inspired by spiritual joy, successively ‘becomes’ the realms of the spirit, the soul, the human consciousness and finally the physical matter which turns into all forms of the universe. This is the process of all creation from it Source to its final expressions within physical matter. This deep and complete representation of the graphics of Light and Sound throughout all the phases of their process in manifesting the universe, is powerful beyond expression. An open minded and open hearted approach to this spiritual science, empowers an inner, inspirational comprehension of this powerful process. Understanding this process of universal creation, has the innate ability to ignite the inner senses, the inner heart and draw the awareness of the individual into the Pure Consciousness from which all life springs and returns to, only to reemerge again. This process of creation, is an eternal process. Our personal comprehension of this eternal process, inspires our inner awareness as an individual into a spontaneous, deeper, more comprehensive realization of our own integration and unity with all life and with all dimensions of reality. In short, this supreme Creation process holds immense potential to awaken and open our heart and inner awareness, as well as our spiritual intelligence, into whatever level we as an individual are prepared to absorb. This remarkable Creation Science reveals the natural, innate, ecstatic and unseverable relationship between body, mind, soul, spirit and the One, All Pervading Supreme” – Ron Quinn

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