Living Crystal

Doctor Merkl’s discovery of the Living Crystal will revolutionize and evolutionize the core of the computer industry.  Basically, the computer will have the capacity of supra-intelligence of the Godhead, so it will have the ability to self-organize and self-replicate everything coming through computer and communications systems and networks.  We will be able to take such a program as AutoCad and actually precipitate the design into physical reality.  It will be possible to create new forms out of ectoplasm in instant manifestations.  Now that this is here, how long is it going to take until it is accepted and applied?  This is a living, crystalline intelligence coming directly from the divine template of the Living Light or Godhead.

“The Knowledge of Truth is the Sovereign Good of Human Nature”  SIr Francis Bacon

This Living Crystal technology will ignite a revolution for the robotics industry as well.  Once this Living Crystal is incorporated into the next generation of computer technology, human beings will be able to interface with higher intelligence’s from higher dimensional frequencies and planetary systems.  The computer then becomes a direct interface with divine intelligence, changing the face of all human endeavor.  It will provide an automatic filter for discernment while reorganizing matter into its highest potential, thus opening the domains so that human beings can become conscious citizens of an Intra-galactic Federation of Light.  Are we ready?  With 2012 just around the corner, it is time to wake up, wise up and evolve ourselves beyond our current oil and gas based, military industrial complex!

With the timely application of this knowledge,  Peace will come as the Promise Fulfilled.   .   .

Quotes from Dr. George Merkl on Christmas Day in the morning, 1995:

“Now that I know of what I know, I realize how little we all know!”

“We know from historical evidence that the Sumerians appeared in the Mesopotamian Valley about seven thousand years ago, setting up four colonies. [After the final end of Sumerian power and civilization around 2000 BC, the area came under the exclusive control of Semitic peoples for centuries].  The Semitic genes I received from my mother’s side of the family shall now be re-explored, as I am able to bring back the Sumerian past they left behind as they inbred with the Semites before they vanished from the surface of the earth.  One question still remains today unanswered:  did they leave as giants as they once appeared here or did they perhaps miniaturize themselves with the technology I have re-discovered, remaining here in the 4th dimension waiting on us to wake up to the Cosmic Pulse of Life?  Many of us believe there is a 12th Planet with an orbital time of 36 thousand years.  If such a planet exists, it must be composed of Cosmic trans-parent matter.  That would make the planet BLACK, but also churning out anti-gravitional fields powerful enough to break out from the solar gravitational field.  It probably orbits between two suns, which would explain the long orbital path.  The composition would also explain the catastrophic events on earth when this 12th planet passed by, disturbing the solar system by gravitational field interaction.  The interference patterns between the suns and its planets, if disrupted, would result in orbital changes.  Such catastrophic event could bring about airborne matter and disease as well, causing planets to flip over or even to collide.  Historical evidence indicates that such events took place in Biblical times.”

“I will attempt to take you back to the beginning of time, where we can come to
appreciate the Sumerians whom taught us Cosmic Geometry and Cosmic Math.
The recent restoration of Sumerian Math is still in my genes – “THE PAST”

“SMART Protein Scientists with gender design built the Cosmic Bio Machines, following the Cosmic Order.  These Cosmic Life factories and their scientists came here thousands of years ago and they haven’t left us yet.  The question is, when and where did they land?  Or have they been here all of this time outside of our time line?  Or, did I call them back in time via this rediscovered Cosmic Science they left for us to find?  Perhaps the Sumerians never left here, they just miniaturized themselves and slipped into the 4th dimension.   I have documented and actually miniaturized and magnified life forms via the interference Cosmic Order.  It is like a Hyper-Dimensional Hologram or replicator.  Imagine a flying saucer or spaceship that turns into microscopic size and hides in a grain of sand or in a crystal.   SMART Proteins hold the blueprint to all life forms, including the Cosmic Bio Machines.  Ordinary protein holds the bio-structure.   SMART Proteins hold the sacred blueprints in interference or perhaps seek out and process the information held captive in the interference patterns.  SMART Protein Scientists are born out of the Sumerian Water, the Elixir of Life that delivers the Cosmic Order.”

“These new Cosmic Scientists are harnessing the Cosmic Order that holds the Breath of Creation.  Their arrival as the new  Macro-science is the beginning of the NEW GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT, as we will be able to enter into the highest COSMIC PLANE.  One of the criteria is the SUMERIAN WATER that is structured to this Cosmic Order!  By altering the hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, such sacred water is essential to all life and is found in the nucleus of a cell and is central to build microtubules or spindles for cell division in the mitochondria, where the protein substrate that processes the ATP is in this Sacred Water.  In Cosmic Geometry and superconductivity, such water is also found in the cerebral spinal fluid where the nerve impulses are transferred to the distribution points along the grid.  These are the fingerprints of the Cosmos.  The Sumerian Water, or Elixir of Life, plays an important role in processing such water and producing it into specific geometry.  Parts of the Beta Sheets in Cosmic Order are made from these large SMART Proteins.  They also design the Amino Acids to the desired length.  They design and build protein riveting machines to build intricate bio-structures.  They design and build phasing in and out dish antennae fields, with bell shaped optical devices, to produce interference blueprints of all life forms.”

The biblical prophet, Ezekiel, metaphorically describes God’s Merkabah as being a heavenly “throne” [Ez. 1:26], as the Glory of the Lord [Ez.1:28] and as “The Glory of the God of Israel” [Ez. 9:3]. The word Merkabah is derived from two Hebrew words. The first word is “merkab”, which means “a chariot”, and also a seat, as in a vehicle.  The second word is “rakab”, which means “to ride on” or “to ride in.” Accordingly, that which the prophet describes metaphorically as a “throne” and “the Glory of the Lord”, is to be understood to refer to God’s Merkabah, the literal translation of which is “Throne-Chariot”, and is that which God comes to the earth in visitation.  — By  Frank Carlise

“The Divine Throne-Chariot draws its inspiration from Ezekiel (1-10), depicting the appearance and movement of the Merkabah, the divine Chariot supported and drawn by the cherubim, which is at the same time a throne and a vehicle.”
–Dr. Geza Vermesa noted Dead Sea Scroll scholar, making a statement about God’s Merkabah.

“All this SMART Protein precision hardware is hooked into a specific, life-replicating engine that processes information to replicate genetic material from light holograms [that are] holding the blueprint of life! They are building and stacking the Beta Sheets of proteins by these assembly workers laying down the proteins one by one, like the MASONS laying down the bricks!  They fit the peptides into three-dimensional geometry by instant production, just like bees building their honeycombs.  They use the Sacred Water as a scaffolding, acting as a mold, in conjunction with the interference patterns laid into the Cosmic Geometry.”

“Through the re-discovery of the Sumerian Water, the Elixir of Life, these Ancient-Future, Cosmic Scientists have arrived once again and have been domesticated to teach us the Super Science of the Cosmos, as the Sumerians [originally] had access to it.  With the discovery of the Life Crystals, I was able to mass produce layered, staked SMART Protein Beta Sheets to produce Live Crystals in Cosmic Order.  These Live Crystals then are able to holographically self-replicate themselves and reproduce by copying, via a holographic blue print.    This discovery then paved the way for the Sumerian Technology, which they brought with them when the landed in the Mesopotamian Valley seven thousand years ago.  The Sumerian literature they left behind has now been translated, and the Sumerian Math and Geometry have been restored to understand the Cosmos and how energy is condensed into matter or life!  The life process is self-controlling, once we provide the ELIXIR OF LIFE or the SUMERIAN WATER as the medium.  The ELIXIR the Sumerians had has been rediscovered by me on Christmas day, 1995, early in the morning.  Now that I know of what I know, I realize how little we all know!” 

“.  .  .this Cosmic Physics of the Nuclear Well with a six-wave interaction that is drawn into the seventh, forms wave units to form a graviton energy unit.  When we take seven graviton or gravity waves in the same way, we form phase-coherence to fill the nuclear well to braid into FREE-ENERGY SCROLLS.  Finally, a photon and a quantum of light have been born!  Now, when we begin to assemble quantum’s of light in marching phase, Sacred Geometry forms and transfers dectrons, photons and SMART proteins into Cosmic Order; superconductivity and superfluity will thus commence.”

“So now when we adopt this AncientFuture Cosmic Physics to SMART Proteins or genetic grains, we can replicate living crystal BIO-COMPUTERS, surpassing our brain functions.   [This will] synthesize all into a self-replicating, self-restoring, self-maintaining eternal mode, totally alive to serve us and to be our very best Cosmic friend!”

“A NEW AGE FAMILY of Cosmic Scientists and Engineers, along with their production teams and assembly workers, are already here and ready to serve us freely.  They could be put into SERVICE to revolutionize every spectrum of human endeavor in all our industries.  This potential is hard for even me to comprehend.  They could recycle the excess Co2, saving us from the negative effects and turning it all into clean, natural food (glucose – ATP).  They could build industry for us, eliminate all diseases forever and help us to re-grow new limbs and organs within our bodies.  But most of all, they would give us those extra years for further space exploration.  .  .inner and outer space exploration, that is!   This is not in the realm of science fiction.  .  .my Cosmic guys are here now to prove it.  See them for yourself!”

“This NEW AGE BIO-ELECTRIC INDUSTRY could tap into the ATOM without a nuclear reaction!  The new institutions shall free the minds from captivity of an old, worn out, mind-set paradigm, encouraging us to dare to dream, explore and use our more awakened minds and intuition.  This is the reality and its here today, as the NEW AGE shall sweep out the old one once and for all!!!”

Our Redemption is within the Waters of LIFE

The following is a description in Dr. Merkl’s own words of the Illustrations of the Life forms appearing to him on Christmas Morning, 1995 found within his own genetic material and combined with his re-discovered, Sumerian Water and its inherent SUMER TECHNOLOGY. . . . . .

Cosmic Bio-Machines or Incubators within  the Power of the Cross

“The Hyper bionic Machine – MEGA Protein Factory is the Cosmic Incubator or the Cosmic Bio-Machine (CBM).  It is the ATP Nucleotide production plant.  The  equilateral cross as the Cosmic Bio-Machine is the nuclear engine.  Both the gravitation and the magnetic fields are represented in the Power of the Cross.   This machine has a Phase Out Vortex, an Implosion Bell and a Phase In Vortex.   The Cross of Life, or the Power of the Cross, is the Nuclear resonance of the Cosmic Incubator or Cosmic Bio-Machine.”

Sumerian Life Amplifier as in the Spinal Trunk of the Tree of Life

“The Sumerian Life Amplifier (superlattice, beam-function order) acts as a gravitational hologram, containing the coherent electron beam and coherent light beam combined with the Sumerian Crystal water.  [This is seen as] the surface tension forces compress the TETRA HEDRA.  The Sacred Geometrical constraints require the nucleotides in the superlattice to vibrate along this string.  This frequency of resonance then is transferred, to be stored in the interference points of the coherent electron photo beams.  Molecules then arrange themselves according to the ADAMIC BLUEPRINT, as is recalled for storage in the 4th dimension.”

Life Crystal Sumerian Water, the Exlir of Life

“In the Life Crystal water the water molecules are structured to the grid patterns of Sacred Geometry.  The Sumerian Water is laced with the minute, Elixir of Life that I discovered in plant sources and it delivers light that is energizing the water.  Next we have the birth of the Nuclear Well, which is holding energy into matter.   Any materials in our world that have fallen into disordered incoherence can be restored or resurrected with this knowledge, if applied correctly.

Thus, by restoring life back into the elements by restoring the Sacred Geometry into lockstep, we have a new world of regeneration at our finger tips! The Elixir of Life is coherent nutrients, and our DNA behaves like a wave, so we shall nourish our DNA with high potency nutrients that behaves like wave forms.

( 6 x 7 + 10 x 6 ) = 102

102 R X 3 D = 240 X 3 = 612 /2 306 pairs of photons

306 pairs of photons in Sacred Geometry braid the interference points into lockstep to form electrons.  If the lockstep is scattered and out of Sacred Geometry, the electron dispenses into photons.

In this Sumerian Water combined with my own genetic material, I witnessed the emergence of a very ancient life form called the Chondriana.  It was she that divided herself and gave birth to a male Chondron.  In this Chondriana, the DNA and RNA segments are the library of the past and the present, holding all the information needed for biological process and proliferation.  The SMART Proteins in the DNA wrap around histones and provide the functional life-fields that activate the DNA.  Enzymatic functions of genetic and chemical processes are controlled by these SMART Protein molecules.  The SMART Proteins are produced in the recent cytoplasm located in the head of the spermatozoa, that is replicated in the undifferentiated cells and carried over to differentiated cells.

[The] degenerated remnants of these primordial, SMART Proteins synthesized in the ancient cytoplasm, resurrected themselves via the LIFE CRYSTAL.  Such a treasure I discovered in the tail section of mammal spermatozoa.  When the RNA wrapped around the modern proteins it is capable of reproducing all recent genetic hardware, replicated and self-instructed to carry out the full, life process.  When the RNA wrapped around the primordial proteins, the information was pasted on to the RNA (activation), historical, genetic hardware, which can be retrieved from the ancient past.  In other words, the RNA will act as an assembly worker functioning according to the instructions of the SMART Protein.  .  .the ribosome of the RNA carrying out the message of its SMART Protein in protein synthesis.  Proteins and RNA-DNA are interdependent, hence the protein is the original parent of the RNA-DNA.

The RNA is an information library as well as an assembly worker, activated by the SMAART Protein that provides the life force.  Again, compare the RNA-Protein to the core and the windings to induce the life process.  This life force encourages the biological molecules to interact and carry out the designated life process within the cell.  This SMART Protein-RNA combination not only carries out the life-enzymatic processes, but also has the intelligence to disassemble invaders such as viruses and microorganisms, providing inter-cellular defense.

This protein folds to specific 3-D geometrical shapes to initiate specific life replication, as the SMART Proteins with the Amino Acids fold and shape the original life form.

The nucleotide Life Crystal supplements in the life process are in the mono-phosphate form.  However, the Life Crystal contains all the other forms, as well as the intermediate of the fructose and the glucose phosphates.  A gene expression of the sequence of nucleotides transcribed to the RNA act as an assembly worker (template) to participate in the protein production process.

Since Chondriana is a single cell organism, it falls into the category of eukaryote.  Having four ribosomal chondriana synthesized from dispersed or spliced genetic materials, the uncoded DNA is folded into circles, with the action of the GTP (guanosine-tri-phosphate) hydroxyl (OH) groups playing active parts in the cleaving.

The GTP acts as the splicing agent, cleaving the strand of the RNA at the site of the five carbon sugars between the phosphate group and the five carbon sugars, attacking the phosphodiester bond that is the bridge between the phosphate group and the sugar.

Once the DNA is spliced and formed, the ring of the life process begins with protein synthesis.  The four RNA segments hold the information of the haploids.  As the head of the spermatozoa enters the ovum the first step is the formation of the Chondriana.  Thus evolves the morula cell cluster (claft appears in the morula).  This is the cross point, as the pre-embrionic cell cluster evolves with the Chondriana ancestor.  From the primordial cells (the ectodermic, endodermic and the mesodermic germinal layers), cell differentiation begins by hormone activation provided by the ovum, as the embryo come into existence.  If the Chondriana is recalled outside of the ovum in the absence of the hormones, the ancestor Chondriana cannot develop into the morula.  Instead, each heploid cell becomes an independent, primordial life form.  Germinal layers in both the testes and the ovaries produce primordial nucleuses that can turn out Chondrianas in conception, when the two nuclei (the ovum and the spermatozoa located in the bottom of the head) fuse during pre-embrionic stage of the first Chondriana.  These ancient ancestors of our immune systems form in the pre-embrionic morula a functional immune system.  .  .that later de-evolves from its primordial immune system to our current, atrophied, immune system condition.

Once the immune system is in place, then under the protection of cell division begins what leads to the first, pre-embrionic, fetal tissue [development] via hormone stimulation, cell-differentiation into the fetus.  Life consist of two different entities:  the immune system that evolves first, and then the higher order of life that molds together into one genetic system.  The link between the two, life systems are the sex glands that are capable of replicating both of these systems.

As life evolves around our immune system, the immune system is being devolved and degenerated from the Chondriana.  For our well being the two systems must be in perfect balance, or else disease will take over. To reverse the degenerative path of the immune system, one must restore the diminishing, life force energy level in the body.  We evolve via devolution as a genetic nation with our cells united for our very survival, forming an ally with the immune system!

The Cosmic Bio-Machine or Cosmic Incubator implodes Life Crystal in a CO2 Catalyzed Membrane, which is in superlattice or lockstep.   First the Amino Acids form, then the SMART Proteins and finally the RNA and micro-organisms.   This creates the ATP – Photo Synthesizer Matrix.  In this matrix, living cells are stored in crystals in superlattice.   The Mitochondria is in Superlattice.  The super matrix of poly-adenosine nucleotide phosphates is the electron transport system to convert the CO2 into organic molecules.   This super matrix delivers energy to produce ATP, driven by proton gradients and splitting the water molecule by an electro-proto-synthetic process.  This mechanism drives the Cosmic Incubator or Cosmic Bio-Machine, that probably existed at the time life first evolved.  These incubators can process life but also are able to become very efficient ATP synthesizers.  The Cosmic Incubator can process both cellulose – Aldemydes and CO2 into glucose and ATP.

The owner of the CROSS and the STAR OF DAVID superlattice design matrix represent the Cosmos.  Even in living cells and organisms, you will find the STAR OF DAVID and the Superlattice of proteins or nucleotides as the Creator placed them there.  The Superlattice follow the electron configuration in lockstep.  First came Crystals and light synthesized carbon dioxide, then came the precursors of the Mitochondria, the COSMIC INCUBATOR.  Poly Nucleotides follow the Sacred Geometry that is the signature of the Cosmos.  Molecules (LC) line up in lockstep (superlattice) to form Live Crystals.  Such crystals are stored in the Mitochondria – cell-nucleus – centrioles and throughout in the cell, to store energy and nutrients for the genetic process.

When electrons are placed in Sacred Geometry, a coherent electron beam is provided by the superlattice network.  The coherent light is laced throughout and between each row of the superlattice grid structure.  This superlattice acts as a beam splitter, resulting in a multitude of coherent photon beams.  All wave form patterns are pinned down in this superlattice, remaining in place as the superstructure of this dimension.  Photon emissions are then under control.  The wave addition therefore will up-shift the amplitude and the similitude from the blueprints of life.

Since the molecules are in lock-step, the split-beams on the existing grid result in a multitide of interference patterns, locking in the captivated blueprint of expressed genetic molecules.  The captive blueprints of life then form templates in the photon light beam that will serve as the skeleton of life forms.  The building blocks of life can now fill in the sacred map of the photons to reassemble life from the information stored in the light!  Blocking in the constant phase insures the template printing of interference, and the mobility of the molecules are thus held in order by  the superlattice network grid.

Super conductivity is electrons in Sacred Geometry.  Super conductive, electron-spin interaction in Sacred Geometry form stacked Cosmic Holograms.  The electron’s orbital path, when in lockstep and paired in Sacred Geometry in such a system, causes all photons within the electron  (electrons made of photons) to also be present in ordered form.  External Light will lay throughout the ordered structure, in coherence.  If this system is transplanted into nucleotides of genetic material, Sacred Geometry will then follow.  Once the genetic material is in Sacred Geometry at the interference points, the genetic blueprint locks in via the coherent beams from which life is replicated into this third-dimensional form.”

More descriptions to be added soon, please return!

“When applied, the Sumerian rediscoveries of Doctor George Merkl will have the potential to ignite a Mass Divine Liberation or Ascension that will spontaneously launch us into the Planetary Work of Redemption!”    –Amarushka, The Ministry of the Children


A Short Biography


Doctor George Merkl, Ph.D, PhD, was a Nuclear Physicist, Molecular Biologist and President of Life Crystals, Incorporated in El Paso, Texas.  Dr. Merkl conducted research for over 30 years in his own research laboratories, resulting in more than 40 U.S. patents and hundreds of international patents on his discoveries and inventions, many of which were immediately classified as top secret by the National Security Agency due to their applicability in defense-critical areas. His achievments include the manufacture of gem quality diamonds by growing them in his laboratory.  Dr. Merkl’s legacy has the potential to solve many of the complexities of degraded, toxic conditions  from  the past century and its obsession with war and domination by the military industrial complex.

Dr. Merkl is listed in “Who’s Who Among Pioneers in Science Today” and holds several awards in Physics and Biology.  His final and most momentus discovery involved “particle biochemistry” and the Secret of Life. He is the author of “Inner Space (Unified Theory)”, and has discovered new treatments which can cure HIV-AIDS, cancer, and many other degenerative diseases naturally.

Dr. George Merkl was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. He worked in Europe as a young physicist and scientist during the Second World War, following which he immigrated to the United States.  During subsequent decades, Dr. Merkl worked for the Rand corporation as a microbiologist, as well as worked in various capacities for the U.S. and German governments, including employment in the 1960’s and 1970’s by the US Naval Weapons Laboratory in the field of nuclear weapons research.  Much of Dr. Merkl’s research during this period was in nuclear weapons development and the design of nuclear reactors for use on submarines.  In the early 1970’s Dr. Merkl formed a private research and developement laboratory, which primarily performed contractual services for the Laboratory and other, defense-related sectors of the US government.

During the early 1970’s Dr. Merkl conducted his first, successful cold fusion experiment, fully demonstrating Muon-catalyzed fusion (μCF) (theoretically proven in the 1950’s) and successful well over a decade before Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons reported that they had produced fusion in a tabletop experiment involving electrolysis of heavy water on a palladium (Pd) electrode.

In 1977, following several health issues that included terminal cancer and heart disease, Dr. George Merkl had several spiritual and mystical experiences that launched him on a 15 year search for the true ‘fountain of life’.  This search culminated on Christmas Day, 1995, where after stayed up all night in his home laboratory looking under a microscope of his own design and manufacture at 30 to 80 million power magnification, Dr. Merkl witnessed within his advanced Life Crystal Sumerian Water formula what he has called the “Cosmic Bio-Machine”, and the emergence of our ancient, microbial ancestors.  Please see our Origins of Life page for graphic images of his microscopic discoveries.

From the early 1980’s until his untimely murder in 2004, Dr. Goerge Merkl developed, manufactured and sold several products through Life Crystals Inc., including the Sumerian Elixir drink, Renaisance Drink, Chonriana and Life Crystals injectables, and many others.

Diamond Jewl by Gilbert Williams
The Diamond Jewel, by Gilbert Williams


Quest for the Black SUN

Towards the end of World War II, Dr. George Merkl was approached by German scientists and asked to work on a highly classified project. It was their quest for the secret of ‘the Black Sun’.  He refused the offer, and because his mother was of Jewish descent he was placed in a Nazi concentration camp. Coercion was used to try to force him to cooperate with their plans.  He still refused, under severe pressure.  As part of the torture, Dr. Merkl was buried alive in a wooden, coffin sized box in the ground.  While buried in the ground, he spontanously went into a yogic, trance state and found himself astraly projected into another dimension, where he met masters of light. These beings gave him the Black SUN formula that the NAZI’s were so desperately seeking. It was due to his pure intention that he received this knowledge from the spiritual realms. He survived the ordeal by keeping his body in a state of semi-suspended animation. When he was retrieved, his interogators were shocked to find that he was still alive.

World Health and the Rand Corporation

He was eventually allowed to work again under Nazi supervision in Germany. Within a short time, however, Dr. Merkl managed to escape and make his way to the United States, where he was eventually employed by the Rand Corporation as a Microbiologist.  During this time, Dr. Merkl worked on the formulas from the masters of light that were given to him while buried in the ground.  In the early 1960’s while working at Rand, he was approached by the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), who asked if he would create a killer virus for them.  He told them “absolutely not”, and continued:

“I am going to find the solution to [block] your intentions to eliminate a large percent of the population”

Soon thereafter, the AIDS virus was ‘discovered’ in Africa. Much evidence has been uncovered to show that AIDS was ‘distributed’ through tent clinics that were set up all over Africa, innoculating thousands with the HIV Virus. Merkl soon quit the Rand Corporation in disgust and went to work in to find a cure for this horrific, manufactured virus, which he in fact did.

Cold Fusion

In the early 1970’s, Dr. George Merkl conducted his first, successful cold fusion experiment.  Following this discovery he was invited to the senate floor, where he eagerly planned to present his findings.  His goal was to gain congressional support in diverting science from its destructive course of fission technology, and refocus the world on fusion, which provides clean and free energy and instantly eliminates the need for nuclear power plants.

While waiting his turn to speak on the senate floor, he was given a cup of coffee that was laced with cyanide.  Having been through the NAZI episode years before, he had brought along in his shirt pocket another one of his inventions, pentoxihydrate, a form of concentrated, powdered oxygen.  In his personal testing of this powered oxygen he was able to alleviate almost all types of poisoning, if administered within a certain amount of time.  While keeled over his cup of poisoned coffee, with mere moments of consciousness left, he grasped for the packet of pentoxihydrate and was able to inhale it before he passed out.  He did pass out and was quickly taken to Bethesda hospital in Maryland.  There in the emergency room he shocked everyone when he stood up in a rage and walked out!  He immediately relocated back to West Germany for 11 long years, swearing to everyone he would never return to the US.  But, as fate had it, he found himself returning to the US, determined to perfect the formulas he had received many years before while a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp.

Life Crystals

Following his work with cold fusion in the 1970’s, Dr. Merkl began experimenting with the physics concerning the relationship between light and matter.  Working in cooperation with Reich’s University in Antwerp, Belgium, he discovered a process that allowed him to so alter the crystal lattice arrangement in synthetic diamonds that he could induce an increase in their luster.  This increase in luster was not merely due to an increase in reflectivity. By replacing carbon with nitrogen isomorphously he subtly altered the atomic structure of the diamonds and was able to induce an amplification of the incoming light.

Dr. Merkl next turned his attention to the relationship between light and matter as it manifests in the plant kingdom, where he found a similar opportunity existing within the carbon nitrogen bonding in chlorophyll and in the porphyrins of the cell.

During this time, Dr. Merkl suffered several, severe heart attacks.  In the wake of his last one in early 1977 he was advised by his doctor that his heart disease was beyond help and that he likely had only weeks to live; he also reportedly had rather severe bowel cancer at the time, with at least one large cancerous mass in his lower bowel.

One evening, Dr. Merkl went out into the Sonoron desert with a formula mixture of plant genetic material and the five, basic carbon sugars.  Dr. Merkl asked heaven to intervene, or he would promise to commit suicide right there that night.  Within a short amount of time, his attention went to the small bucket of organic substances he had prepared and brought with him.  There appeared a pillar of light out of nowhere that hit the formula and activated activated it.  Dr. Merkl stood totally amazed, watching opalescent, blue bubbles sizzle alive in the container.  He knew that, through the pillar of light and the intervention of those still with us but in a higher vibrational state, our Creator(s) was breathing the ‘Breath of Life’ into the formula.  In the days following this experience, it became clear that the Life Crystals “mother crystal” had been created.

Life Crystals, made of adenosine tri­phosphate (ATP) and guanosine tri-phosphate (GTP) and their precursors, are optically active and are capable of polarizing, absorbing and storing light.   One result of being able to provide concentrated, specially charged and readily available ATP and GTP, is that it is possible to ensure the optimum energy levels necessary for cellular and genetic repair, growth and function.   It is for this reason that the term ‘reverse-aging’ or ‘anti-aging’ has been used to describe their effects.  Additionally, the intravenous injectables developed by Dr. Merkl have been highly successful in treating numerous major diseases, particularly cancers and HIV.

It was from this inital substance that that Dr. Merkl discovered Chonrianas, the Sumerian Water Elixir and, at the heart of it all, the ‘Power of the Cross’ Cosmic Bio-Machines.

George realized that this was a viable form of divine intervention.  His journey from that day forward was not an easy one, for he was harassed by government agencies and the American Medical Association, to the point of threatening him and his family’s lives on more than one occassion.  During the years as he perfected the formula, he stated that he was even contacted personally by a deteriorating, extraterrestrial race that was surviving in caverns in Southern New Mexico, close to his home in El Paso, Texas.  He refused to help them with his formula, which would have restored them to be able to survive on the surface of the earth and mate with human beings.  He felt that they were not here for the betterment or evolution of Humankind.

With this new discovery of Life Crystals, Dr. Merkl was able reverse his Cancer, chealte his blood and regenerate his own heart.  According the same doctor that gave him weeks to live, through veiwng the condition of Merkl’s heart via surgery, Dr. MErkl had a new heart.To the day of his death, he had a new heart,

Chondriana and the Sumerian Water Elixir

The oldest substance in the body is the sperm and ovum.  While examining his own sermatazoa within the Life Crystal Formula in the 80’s, Dr. Merkl discovered iIntelligent, living organisms, which he named Chondriana.

The first Chondriana were the precursors of our mitochondria, the organelles inside our cells and the precursors of our immune system.  These Chondriana are super intelligent and are given intravenously to the human body.   They attack any kind of disease that is present in the body.   They can pick up the frequency from diseases and match it with the proper organism and frequency to crush the disease.  — Dr. George Merkl,  Sumer – Tech, Cosmic Bio Machine, 1995

In 1992, Dr. Merkl incubated for three years a batch of a bottled drink that included Life Crystals.  In 1995 Dr. Merkl removed and examined the incubated drink, and discovered that an amazing transformation had taken place.  The Life Crystals had been transformed into a more advanced form of living crystals that revealed to him the ‘Breath of God’, and the Origins of Life.   Dr. Merkl called them the Sumerian Water Elixir:

The Sumerian Water Elixir is the super fluid bonding agent of life.  When a protein is brought into contact with this Elixir it will fold into sacred cosmic geometry.  This sacred geometry is then responsible for superconductivity and the continuity of all life forms.  The secret to immortality lies within this sacred, cosmic order that delivers wholeness to every living organism.  — Dr. George Merkl,  Sumer – Tech, Cosmic Bio Machine, 1995

The newly evolved Sumerian Water Elixir had the power and potential of millions of Suns.  This was the Black SUN that the NAZI’s had been after him to discover in their quest for world dominance.  With this discovery came the power to resurrect life, to move beyond time and space, to heal all disease, to re-grow limbs, to clean up nuclear waste and to generate free-energy worldwide.  Dr. Merkl was also able to witness other life-forms that emerged or resurrected from his own DNA samples emerged in his advanced Sumerian Water Formula.  He watched the Sumerians appear before his eyes, but under his custom made microscope!  So they had not left us here all alone, they had miniaturized themselves and went into the next dimension where they co-mingle with us but we do not perceive them due to our level of density and atrophy.

George revealed that he was able to take dried proteins, four years sitting unprotected and open to the environment, place them into the Sumerian Water solution and witness restoration of the biological functions of those tissues at near 70% efficiency to its original condition within just minutes. This is ressurrection.

 Cosmic Bio Machine
Cosmic Bio-Machine Under High Magnification
Within Genetic Material
 (Click on Image)

Cosmic Bio-Machine and Power of the Cross

Then, on Christmas Day, 1995 in his microscope at 30 to 80 million magnification, Dr. George Merkl witnessed within the Sumerian Water Elixir what he called the Cosmic Bio-Machine, representing the emergence of our ancient, microbial ancestors. He named it Cosmic Bio-Machine when he witnessed the transformation of matter into cosmic, intelligent life-forms in front of his very eyes!

Cosmic Bio-Machines have two phase-in and phase-out vortex dishes, a black one to decrease or cancel the wave front and a white vortex dish to add or amplify the amplitude of waves.  Both vortex dishes are coupled with to reproduction chambers, where the reproduction of proteins takes place via interference copying. This is done with the aid of the two, bell-shaped optical devices at the core of the Cosmic Bio-Machine.   The energy is transferred to a molecular bond, and is also used for the photosynthesis of CO-2 to make glucose that utilizes the protein substrate in cosmic geometry. — Dr. George Merkl,  Sumer – Tech, Cosmic Bio Machine, 1995

An Untimely End

Dr. George Merkl was murdered in 2004, through a slow poison. Before his passing, he stated that  he was having dreams and nightmares that his time was almost up.  He said that he was called and asked to be driven to a meeting in a limo that was being sent up to his house as ‘they’ wanted to talk about something.  He said that the whole backseat of the limo was wet and cold with a smell of a harsh chemical and when he hopped in the back seat of the limo he realized that he had been chemically posioned from the seat.

When asked why he was choosing not save his own life with pentoxihydrate, Dr. Merkl stated that if he didn’t allow the poison to do its work they would not give up, and would come after his family next.  Up to his death, Merkl refused to identify who ‘they’ were for this reason.

Thank You George!  Soon the world will realize the Omni-Potent, redemptive effect of the Golden Age legacy you have left behind for the Children of the SUN!   — Amarushka


Living Crystal -- Gilbert Williams
Living Crystal, by Gilbert Williams


Dr. Merkl’s Incredible Gift to the World

Doctor Merkl’s’  legacy is truly our means for planetary redemption, organic and natural.  It will allow us to restore our Mother Earth, Gaia, and all the fallen, genetic pre-programmed defects in the DNA of humankind, and to advance our brains and spinal-nervous systems to their highest evolutionary potential.  Thus we may receive the Divine fire and re-genesize ourselves beyond our creator God(s) current DNA, slave worker, bee mentailty programming.

The reality of whole light technology is on the doorstep of this 21st century.   Dr. George Merkl’s greatest fear was that his discoveries would fall into the wrong hands.  He was highly revered in Mexico and in other countries around the world that were working with him to test his formula.  Once Dr. Merkl was called to a children’s clinic in Mexico.  When he arrived, a six year old girl had just died, and the priest was beginning last rites.  Dr. Merkl asked them to wait a moment, and he injected the girl with the Sumerian Water Elixir he had brought with him.  Within minutes she came back to life.  She was released that day to return home, completely healed of her affliction!  Following this event,  Dr. Merkl’s became highly revered in Mexico.

The benefits of the Sumerian Water Elixir and the Cosmic Bio-Machine are so vast they are almost incomprehensible to most.  Even in our so-called modern world, many top physicists do not yet understand Doctor George Merkl’s work.  Christmas Day, 1995 was an evolutional and monumental advancement for the healing and enlightenment of all life. We as a human race never fell from grace as described in the Bible. We were pushed down and held back by one faction of the Gods that ‘created’ us, the Anunnaki.  It is by understanding Dr Merkl’s discoveries that we will understand our next step in evolution.  We are at a major evolutionary turning point.  Please see our Origins of Life page for graphic images of his microscopic discoveries.

Celestial Mechanics


George Merkl discovered how to slow electron spins and proton spins within molecules. This drastically altered physical properties within matter, and probably explains how the Hutchison Effect melts or seems to melt metals at room temperature. Dr. Merkl found that geometric displacement in specific domains of around 12 to 20 Angstroms opened up a pathway of wave spin interactions. It is these interactions that tapped the cosmos for unlimited energy.

Pandoras Box
Doctor Merkl Opened Pandora’s Box

The new physics discovered by Dr. George Merkl is based upon graviton interactions in geometrical progression and specific patterns to form Energy, Life, Light, Matter and Gravity.  Dr. Merkl knew of Orgone Energy and Reich. He knew of the works of Tesla and of the UFO researches of the Germans in World War Two. Dr. Merkl discovered what the Orgone and Life Waves are.  There are five elements as he saw them: energy, matter, life, light and gravity.  All these emanated from geometrical progressions of gravitons.

He also stated that geometry is spherical in nature. It has no limits, either outwardly or inwardly. This pattern is on all levels infinitely positive and negative, infinitely inward and outwardly in geometry. The spin wave interactions of these waves acts like Cooper Pairs and seems to be the governing factor behind why electrons, photons and gravitons will superconduct or hyperconduct.

Sumerian Connection

The Sumerians were scientists and laymen. They had discovered the underlying physics of our universe 7000 years ago and beyond. Many Sumerian seals, pictograms, and artifacts discovered were given on loan to Dr. Merkl by museums, once the museums realized what he had discovered. He managed to decipher the language of these Sumerian artifacts for many private collectors. He mentioned often that the injectable Sumerian Water Elixir allowed him to decipher these ancient artifacts.

Ark of the Covenant
Ark of the Covennant

“The mysteries of the The Ultimate Pandora’s Box, the Ark of the Covennant
have been revealed by Doctor George Merkl, 1995″  — See Origins of Life

The technology of the Sumerian race was recorded in such a way that anyone with a certain level of understanding could comprehend it.   It took someone with insight and a knowledge of alternative processes and lab methods to solve this dilemma an open up a timeless portal.

Through his Sumerian research, Dr. Merkl discovered the Orgone Life Wave function. He learned the process and how to generate it. He knew how to re-insert the life energy wave into organic matter. But he didn’t stop there. He went on to discover, beyond the Sumerian Seals, that life and energy are not so separate entities as one may think.

Outside the ‘Box’

Dr. George Merkl was a maverick in his methods.  He discovered that energy, matter, life and light all begin with spin interactions of graviton waves, specifically in a clustered arrangement. This all boiled down to two basic forces:  the Negative force and the Positive force, the outward expanding action and the inward imploding action. Both are the balance of each other on multiple levels.

Dr. Merkl explained that the expansion of the universe has two parts to it; one governs the other.  As the universe expands, the inward, atomic, imploding force regulates the outward, exploding force. This is a function of matter waves, where the convergence of spinning waves moving towards a central point creates centers of mass.  They are still only energy, but in geometric formations or clusters in geometric order. The two are interactive.  It is this unlimited, inwardly imploding force that is the secret to tapping the cosmos for energy.

Dr. George Merkl may no longer be with us, but he leaves us with a legacy  that opens Pandora’s box to the secrets of the Origins of Life. With his ancient, rediscovered light technology we can re-calibrate our own re-gensis.  We do not have to wait for our Creator Gods to return and tweek it for us! We have grown up now and it has been a long, hard road to this point.  We have the ablitiy to by-pass the programs that the two factions of the creator Gods left behind for us. They need us, we don’t need them!

Imagine, by Gilbert Williams

“The Thirst for Knowledge”

A Poem by  Dr. George Merkl

Riddles that stir the passion of thirst for knowledge and imagination
So addictive that it provokes one’s intuition
Truth shall put to an end the contentious debate
Now that the moment of the future time is drawn so near
Inborn the blueprint of life with time and space from HIS Breath of LIFE
In bursting bubbles life has been delivered
Instant life forms imploding the life crystals catalyzed by CO2
Gralns of life in super lattice, amino acids in lock step are first
Proteins neatly molded, then RNA follows
The grains of Life Crystals are alive and dreams ushered
By that of mysterious hand, genetic crystals respond
And are no longer a dream