1/iФ Suite Radionic Reagent


1/iФ Suite Radionic Reagent

Blocks Soul limiting broadcast and improves connectivity to Source.

Test-tube size solid quartz tube free shipping in US.


This reagent will not instantly solve problems. It allows your DNA antenna an open connection to Creator. It allows you to learn and grow as you are meant to grow. It is not complete in and of itself, but it is a major part of the puzzle. You will be able to enjoy a clear and strong connection with Creator, but you will still need to unlearn the things that hold you back. It will take time and effort to unlearn anger, fear, hatred and lack. It will take time to learn to trust your connection and to unlearn the lessons of fear our culture has taught us.

You will feel the difference as soon as you hold it. Expect your dreams to become clearer and your intuition to become stronger. Expect to feel a divine sense of warmth and calm that continues to grow for as long as the amulet is charged. Expect your life to change as your thoughts change. Don’t expect to become a “saint” overnight, but you can fully expect that those attitudes will begin to infiltrate every aspect of your being.

With that in mind, the same suppression frequencies that affect your connection to Creator also affect all other living things including your pets, plants, livestock and all of the life forms in the soil. Just as you are healthier when your connection is clear, they will be as well.

We were not created to fear, to hate, to lust or to hurt. We were created to learn and to love. Our Souls and our DNA resonate with love. It is time we took a look at who we are meant to be and to take whatever actions we must in order to free ourselves. Love connects us to Creator. Fear disconnects us.

Blocking the effects of the frequency that separates us from Creator is the easiest way to speed us on our Soul’s journey. This tool to help you do just that. Perhaps as you progress on your journey you will feel compelled to learn more about the “who” and the “why” of the suppression frequency, but in the meantime the journey is yours to start.

The next step in the journey was to add the fractals layers of the 1/iφ.  The base frequency made massive changes, but those changes quickly reverted as soon as the broadcast stopped. I had hoped that by adding the fractals I could achieve more long lasting results.  Like many of my other experiments; my results are different than my predictions…

What I learned about the suppression frequency turned out to be exactly correct, but somewhat incomplete.  The frequency interferes with our connection to Source, but it does much more as well.

The same frequency that interferes with our spiritual growth also suppresses major portions of our DNA.  Perhaps that is how the interference is programmed.  I don’t know, but in any case, it is kind of interesting that at the same time humanity’s average lifespan dropped from centuries to decades the creatures that identified themselves as ‘gods’ also disappeared from our history.

So the 1/iφ  Suite has the added benefit of working to activate DNA.  Dowsing indicates that about 17% of the average individual’s DNA is active.  By carrying the 1/iφ Suite in my pocket my dowsing shows my DNA is now nearly 50% active.

The question is what happens when our DNA is fully activated?  My initial research indicates that our metabolic processes will be more efficient.  Other than that, I don’t have much information.

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