Living Library of the Aetheric, Qualitative, & Psychotronic Arts & Sciences

 4 Terabyte External Hard Drive


Aether Force offers its amazing archive of living and qualitative science research on a 4 Terabyte external SATA Hard Drive.

The contents of the Compendium include Public Domain PDF books and articles, lecture, courses, audio books, images, geometry animations, meditations, and much more.

The Drive is organized by topics and researchers. Topics range from:

Aetheric Theories of Universe ~ Psychotronics ~ Radionics ~ Radiesthesia ~ BioFields & Morphogenetic Science ~ Shape Power ~ Structured Water Science ~ Tesla Engineering ~ Magnetic Science ~”Free” Energy ~ Cold Fusion ~ Counter-space & Projective Geometry ~ Orgonomy ~ Vortex & Implosion Sciences ~ Anti-gravity & Levitation ~ Light, Colour, & Optics ~ Harmonics & Cymatics ~ Sacred Geometry ~ Electric Universe & Plasma Science ~ Anthroposophical Science of Formative Forces ~ Future Agricultural Systems ~ Bio-Architecture ~ Alchemy ~ Esoterica ~ Entheogens ~ Alchemy

Payment for this informational service is $375. The cost covers the purchase of a 4 TB external hard drive  + shipping + donation for the service of the monumental task of organizing this drive and time for loading.

You will also be given a link to directly access an online cloud drive housing the same files as the drive as well as any further additions to the archives. This project will be complete by the end of September 2021. All previous purchasers of the drive will receive this link.

You are not being charged for any of the information, only for the service and time to maintain the archive and load the hard drives.  This project is the result of over a decade of button clicking and archiving. The loading requires 2-3 days unrestricted computer use as well.

This service supports the rising costs of maintaining Aether Force, as well as allowing us to begin financing our larger goals.

All proceeds are supporting the expansion of Aetheric Education.

See exactly how the finances will be used here:

Email with any further questions about the drive.

Gratitude !!!