Geomantic Shield (Sterling Silver)


An extraordinary emitter of beneficial waveforms

The Geomantic Shield starts from a square with symbols originating from Geomancy. This is a science that was used in its origins for the siting, orientation and construction of cities in a way that would allow people to live in harmony with heaven and earth.

Based on in-depth studies of terrestrial, cosmic and telluric influences, sixteen keys or figures were drawn based on polarity and expanded in polarized square. The figures would symbolize the continuous transformation of the fundamental ways from which the events and phenomena that occur on the planet come.

Sixteen is the only integer number that responds to the equation Xy = Yx / 24 = 42 = 16. In this way,Geomancy offers us 65,536 possible combination themes.

Benefits of Shape Waves

Living beings seem to react positively or negatively to certain physical elements. The Chinese science of Feng Sui has its origin in the study of how the universal energy (Chi, Ki, Prana, etc.) is influenced, altered, attracted or repelled by the forms, the surroundings and the configuration of the objects surrounding the man. Today, in the age of technology, a building is not designed or built in cities like Hong Kong without consulting an expert in this type of knowledge.

Many objects considered as simple amulets are actually beneficial waveforms that positively enhance the environment and the people in that environment.

(See book “Your home is your Health.” This is the case of the “Geomantic Shield”

Special configuration Intense power

Through experimentation and various formulas, the ancients came to form a square with a special combination of the sixteen basic figures of geomancy. This square was later circumscribed in a circle so that it remained convex (curved like a shield). Thus was built the so-called“Geomantic Shield”.

The extraordinary is found when measuring the energy radiated by the Geomantic Shield, with a radionic apparatus, a pendulum or another form wave detection system.

If you have knowledge about kinesiology you can also check the positive effects of the Geomantic Shield. Just put it in touch with a person and perform a muscle test. You will immediately appreciate an increase in vitality or muscular endurance.

How to get your own Geomantic Shield?

Now you have the opportunity to receive your own authentic Geomantic Shield, an energetic gem that will amaze you not only for its beauty but also for its results.