Perfect for those who have a smaller budget or want to enter the world of radionic experimentation without investing in higher cost equipment. If you can not afford to buy a ARE X2 or ARE X3 Pro, this is a reasonable option because you can perform actions similar to those of other devices but with less power.

Despite its smaller size, it is a complete radionic equipment which also includes subtle energy generator. It serves well to facilitate the achievement of basic objectives or basic – medium difficulty.

  • It is ideal for beginners in the world of radionic, conduct experiments and get basic objectives or slight / medium difficulty
  • It has a power output of between 10,000 and 25,000 bovis
  • It features a dial to indicate the trend and a dial for target
  • There is also a dial to adjust the pulse of orgone (energy) manually
  • It has one silver outlet for the energy
  • The output power is considerable, but lower than ARE X2 and ARE X3 Pro equipments. Other difference with higher devices is that the target and the trend is set with a single potentiometer or dial (with more dials, the precision is higher).
  • In any case, it should be noted that the ARE X1 is superior to other similar radionic devices in the market with lower quality components and emitters that do not reach even half of the output power of this device.



  • Output Power

The energy generated by this device ranges between 15,000 and 25,000 bovis

  • Dials

Format smaller than ARE X2 and ARE X3 Pro, has only a dial to indicate the trend and a dial to the target or subject. It has a manual potentiometer to set the pulse of orgone

  • With silver pipe for output the energy

It improves the quality of the transfer of subtle energy through a pipe of solid sterling silver. Its components are of high quality and orgone generator ensures power supply needed for most of the objectives, to facilitate their realization.

  • Extra Strength

Radionic devices that produce subtle energy facilitate the operator can relax knowing there is enough modulated energy to supply the desired trend toward the subject or target. Although the power of the AERX1 device is smaller than its stronger sisters AREX2 and X3 Pro,  the ARE X1 equipment is superior to most existing radionic devices and at a lower price.

  • Designed to grow

Generally, people testing this device, subsequently wish to purchase any of the other AREX devices, because they have checked the many possibilities of radionics and effectiveness of these computers. Therefore, AERX1 is designed to grow. So you can continue to use individually or in series to connect any ARE X device that you acquire later.

  • Ease of use

ARE X1 device is easy to use and allows all kinds of radionic works. It has detailed instructions. Its detector plate is made of a material that facilitates adherence, so that anyone can handle it easily without prior experience.

  • Careful presentation and high protection

The instrument AREX1 is served in a high quality protective briefcase (see picture) for easy transport. It Includes an AC adapter.

  • Detailed Instructions

The device is shipped with perfectly detailed usage instructions including everything needed to start working with the team since the beginning (in just minutes)

Application fields:

  • Spiritual development
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Protection from external negative influences of all kinds
  • Accelerated Mental Performance
  • Applications on business and economic objectives
  • Actions and applications on groups
  • Applications on animals and plants
  • Organizations of all types, empowering business objectives
  • Decision making
  • Studies, Examinations and Competitions
  • Achieving personal goals of all kinds
  • Improved visualization and mental concentration
  • Vibrational therapies applicable to various treatments
  • Duplications and potentizing in minutes
  • Transferring subtle energy to your own body or others
  • Transferring intention towards subjects or people
  • Improving food and beverages (taste and vibratory qualities)
  • Transferring energy to food and beverages
  • Increased efficiency in bioenergy equipment
  • Increased efficiency in other radionic equipment you could have
  • And a long etc. (you can send us your questions if you have doubts)


All AREX devices have 30 days trial for anyone to check both the quality and the results.

Within that time the customer can recover the amount paid in full without explanation (shipping costs not refundable).