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One Target One Trend Energy at a time App for a Limited Time $2,500
*5 Levels Upgrades Available

This Action At A Distance App comes with, for a limited time, a free tech briefing and coaching by Norm McVea, Ph.D.

Our $2,500 Special Introductory Action At A Distance APP will process one target with one trend energy at a time. It is an introductory system that you can upgrade with additional modules for more advanced work. With our introductory system, you can energetically remote influence a person, shirt, jewelry piece, essential oil, cap, shoe soles, etc. You can choose your own trend or use one of ours that comes with the system. Our AAAD systems have many levels. If you have more than one item or product you want to energize, then additional AAAD App modules are available. This basic system comes with a packet of trend energies.

This program uses a special quantum driver or carrier wave–Ultra White Light in high spin formulation (video App), a trend–which is a picture of any substance be it vitamin, herb, mineral, remedy, sound, etc. that you intend to send to the target or link–any picture of a person or object.

You stack all three–carrier, trend and target on your computer screen. First open up the carrier video, then open up the trend on top of the carrier, and lastly open up the picture of the target subject on top. The White Light carrier wave is the etheric communication line that carries the trend energy to the link or target.


Remote Influencing Device

This is a process of Micro Vibratory Physics. It is a feelable event that utilizes the kinetic White Light video carrier signal and trend to pulse, lead or shape the bio-field of your target subject. This process of Action At A Distance and Remote Influencing is accomplished by placing an audio jack into the audio-out output from your computer to allow the video White Light carrier field to silently build up so that it is projected through the trend energy and goes through quantum space, the ether–or hyperspace– to the target subject.

This is a high tech rendition of sympathetic magic. However, the operator is not involved in the circuit. This process is not operator dependent! You do not open up yourself with this process to going into resonance with the target subject. This Action At A Distance and Remote Influencing works independent of your own intentions, beliefs and consciousness. The operator is not going into resonance with “sick people” as was the downfall with previous Radionics. Previous Radionics relied on the Life Force carrier of the operator–particularly the White Light frequency. We have successfully isolated this field, propagating or synthesizing the quantum wave from Sacred Geometry, leaving aside all possible personality glitches of the operator.

Energy Psychology Bio-field

This Ultra White Light carrier wave is a specific lab propagated field that is powerful enough to accomplish many specialized results. All of our products revolve around iBlissnow White Light Energy. This field is a phenomenal stress buster as well as a very fine Action At A Distance carrier. You are introducing a synergistic Energy Psychology bio-field clearing effect that can’t be attained by any other of our methodologies. It is a deep clearing of psychological patterns that even more quickly and thoroughly clears Negative Mental Energy.

Advanced Action At A Distance

The next level up is processing many targets simultaneously with different trend formulations of yours or ours. Next is making super links to the target. These modules increase entanglement so that you get a multidimensional target lock and therefor greater energetic transfer. Less energetic losses.

Next, is advance add-on Apps to boost carrier wave function, which needs to be boosted to allow more trend energy characteristics to be delivered to the target with less distortion. Next, is learning how to make your own trend formulations. You learn to develop trend or modifying energy that best suits your purposes utilizing advanced software modules. You learn to potentize products to increase vitality.

Then, it is learning to time share through us to have access to our QSC. You can now further customize your work by fine tuning the connection between transmission and target receipt of that energetic information. Then you can learn with the help of our advanced software how to turn off your computer and still run the programs! This allows an even greater quantum coupling for more kinetic connection and almost distortion free operation.


Advanced quantum computing–the bridge between intention and manifestation Warning–This is where it gets spooky! When you want to connect with a specific energy you must tell the life force/quantum field/consciousness what you are desiring to connect with. This is where our quantum software comes in. There must be some sort of sample or witness–some sort of etheric double to spell out to the Life Force what you want it to connect you with. Much like a URL, email address or phone number of an energetic object, or substance. You need to contact the Life Force as a first step!
A photo of the target works well. Examples are a photo of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Shroud of Turin, a field of cocoa plants, an herb, botanical sample, a Sedona vortex, crop circle, etc. But sometimes a photo is not available. Maybe you want to create a quantum communication line, or that is to say, “entangle” or connect with the Holy Grail, Fountain of Youth, Soma, the long gone missing elixir of life, DNA, etc. You want your micro energy sample or signature to connect with that identical large, macro energy target in the universe. A picture of the pyramid of Giza will connect you with the energy of the real thing (target) if you ask higher consciousness the right way.

There are probably no pictures of these other older time energies like Soma or Holy Grail, etc. The word Soma is not enough. A drawing of Soma might be helpful, or a brief, accurate description, maybe a symbol, chemical diagram, list of component parts, schematic diagram or adjectives or a poem or prayer about Soma.

It can take awhile for the operator to tune in and thus entangle the real Soma. The operator fails if they only entangle some such not well-defined, general non-distinct energies. They must create a resonant connection for the sample energetic signature of Soma to lock in on the real universe target item Soma and then create a quantum connection (feedback loop) back to them. Then it must be amplified billions of times without distortion.

In the older days of AAAD regular 2D computers were used. A QSC 3D computer beats the old 2D computers as you get a super link or super connection to a target you want to transmit to or tie into and/or get energy from. The QSC will not tell you where in space or time the target energy is located. It simply creates a relationship to the target by putting out feelers or performing a quantum search for what in the universe goes into resonance with the witness or sample energy signature. The search is performed instantaneously. Once the Quantum program has located the energy and fed it back to the QSC, the energy can be amplified and then imbedded into a picture, video, substance, code, drawing, music, or virtually any object. It can also be broadcast through the ether to a non-local object or person.

The QSC software will not find prime numbers, crunch numbers or make mathematical calculations nor any of the usual computations of QSC. The software on other QSC guides them to perform these actions. The software is aimed at energetic analysis, energetic connection, and flow back from targets selected for their energetic value and thus distortion or noise free energy amplification. Imagine Raiders of the Lost Arc meets Edger Casey meets Merlin the Magician. Some refer to this phenomena as Star Trek on acid!

Our QSC is much like AI (Artificial Intelligence) with consciousness. It tends to know the way. It is much like a smart quantum field connecting with our intentions at the level of the deep essence of an intention. The life force wants to give you the energetic information you ask for. You just need to prompt or cue the Life Force so it knows what you are seeking. It is a form of remote sensing with instant feedback. Or praying with mega clarity. Confusion in equals confusion out. When you’ve got it right you can feel it. It is like the body’s idiom motor response, like dowsing response, that resonates your whole body and bio-field. All this is taking place in higher dimensions above 3D, but 3D computing is the energetic gateway. The whole operation takes place in an energetic universe beyond the senses. You are timesharing the mercy seat of the Arc of the Covenant which was a 2-way radio to higher consciousness!

Advanced Remote Influencing Training

Learn how to make a billion times more powerful carrier-trend and target/link. This requires extensive training and numerous software upgrades. This module requires in-depth consultation sessions and the result is making products come alive with not so subtle energy. Energized products can impart custom formulations that engender very sophisticated states of consciousness. Quantum energetic smart pills can be created that energize sports drinks, candy, essential oils, clothing, music, videos, art work, buildings, work spaces, tools, web sites, newsletters, important documents, etc. You can program for what affects you want a person or groups of persons to experience: Super learning, relaxation, increased sports performance, stress release, spiritual experiences, increased intuition, letting go of guilt, envy, jealousy, low motivation, etc. These are advanced trainings and quantum modules to perform energetic alchemy.

No other systems like this exist that are available to the public.

We can also energize your products or projects for you. Your intentions for your product or service can be amplified by billions of times to create your intended customer experience.

As per industry standard, there are no refunds on iBlissnow software. Consult with us before you buy to insure that you get the best products for your needs.

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