Acu-Vac Coils

Acu-Vac Coils

Sacred Cubit Acu-Vac Coil | Light-Life Technology

The Acu-Vac Coil acts as a vacuum cleaner for comfort and non-beneficial energy.

The detrimental energy causing discomfort in the body (or in a situation) is drawn through the coil and converted to beneficial energy for your environment when it leaves the coil. The drawing in or suction end is furthest from the bead. This has been verified with scientific research. The further away the coil is from your body, the stronger the effect seems to be. After pulling out the non-beneficial energy at the end of the session, you will want to turn the coil around and point the end with the bead towards the area you have been working on to fill it with light energy. You can also use the Acu-Vac Coil for long-distance healing by using a picture of the person that needs assistance.

We recommend using your intuition for the best way to use our Acu-Vac Coils. Here are some common uses:

  • To balance your chakras, try using the coil perpendicular to them
  • Tuck the coil under your armpit with the bead pointing down to pull out discomfort from your shoulder
  • Use the coil on broken bones by going over the area of the break with the bead end of the coil pointing away from the body
  • Scan your food with the coil when eating in a restaurant to pull out or improve anything that might not be good for you
  • Point the coil with the bead toward your thymus gland to strengthen your immune system
  • Use the coil on acupressure points – to charge point the bead toward the point and to discharge point the bead away
  • Use the coil on injured or sick livestock to help speed up the healing process
  • Use the coil in combination with a Feedback Loop by hooking them both onto a Light-Life Tensor Ring to create super potentized water



We craft our Light-Life Tools out of copper, then they are plated with silver and 24K gold. We also manufacture Light-Life Tools by request in sterling silver. In addition, subtle audio frequencies known to produce health improving effects and other beneficial qualities are embedded into all our tools as they are being made.

Copper: Copper is a metal that has, according to Slim Spurling, the ability to transmute cosmic energy into life force energy. Its natural tendency to oxidize with age gradually boosts its power.

Copper Plated with Precious Metals: Our gold-plated Light-Life Tools begin with copper, are plated with a layer of silver and a layer of 24K gold. The 24K gold plating adds a higher frequency due to the structure of its atom in the crystal as it is applied to the tools. The silver-plated Light-Life Tools begin with copper, are plated with one layer of silver and 24K gold, ending with silver. All of our Energy Harmonizers and pendants have eight alternating layers when the outside layer is 24K gold and nine layers when the outside layer is silver. The reason for the multi-layering is that it creates a thermocouple effect, generating a small voltage to be converted instantly to an electric current (measured in amperage) to increase the tools energy field.

Beads: According to inventor Nikola Tesla spheres are amplifiers, so Slim decided to add beads to some of the tools to amplify their beneficial effects. The more beads a tool features, the stronger its effects. Tools with beads have a stronger, denser tensor field – the beads essentially provide the rings with “more horsepower.” (NOTE: Light-Life Tensor Rings without beads are used mainly in outdoor applications, over irrigation systems, over smart meters, and also to sit on during long hours of travel to help reduce fatigue and stiffness).

Heavy Gauge Copper: For our Light-Life Heavy Tools, no silver or gold beads are required because the heavy gauge copper creates a stronger tensor field than the standard rings with beads, which may promote quicker health improvement.

Sterling Silver: Silver is a superior electrical conductor able to handle greater voltages and currents in electric circuitry. The sterling silver tools seem to work at a slightly different subtle level and appear to operate more smoothly and more quickly, due to a higher frequency. If you’ve never worked with Light-Life Tools, “smoother and quicker” may not mean anything to you – this statement came from practitioners who have worked with the copper tools for any length of time. They prefer now the sterling silver tools to the copper ones.

Sterling Silver Plated with 24K Gold (by request): Just as it does with the copper 24K gold plating adds a higher frequency due to the structure of the 24K gold atom in the crystal as it is applied to the tools.



The Light-Life Tools are manufactured in three different cubit measurements based on sacred geometry. They include Sacred Cubit, Lost Cubit and Empowerment Cubit. The larger the unit – the larger its resulting energy field. We also produce the Light-Life Tools in different wire gauges.

Sacred Cubit: The Sacred Cubit length was the first measurement used in the construction of the Light-Life Tools. It is taken from the Great Pyramid in Egypt and is the measurement of the perimeter of the “boss” – the little projection of stone 72.1 inches above the floor of the King’s Chamber. This unit of measurement is used throughout the pyramid and is a standard unit of measure, like a foot or a yard. It is equivalent to 20.6 inches and has a natural resonant frequency of 144 MHz, which is a harmonic of light speed.

Lost Cubit: In 2000, researcher and inventor Hans Becker discovered the Lost Cubit length, which was added to the measurements of the Light-Life Tools that same year. This unit of measurement is slightly larger than the Sacred Cubit and has a natural resonant frequency of 177 MHz (faster than the speed of light). It is safe to say this higher vibration would render it more powerful on some level.

Empowerment Cubit: In 2011 after extensive research and evaluation another cubit length was added to the line-up of Light-Life Tools. It is the final link in the trinity of cubit measurements (Sacred, Lost, and Empowerment).

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