t’s a radionic midrange device which allows access a world of unimagined possibilities. Compared to most other existing devices it is superior in quality, production capacity of orgone and emission of life energy. It’s only surpassed by the ARE X3 Pro.

It is an advanced medium capacity device designed to achieve medium or higher difficulty objectives. It has a higher capacity than ARE X1

  • It is an advanced medium capacity but allows reaching targets of medium difficulty or higher, with a superior power than the ARE X1 device
  • It has a power output of between 25,000 and 40,000 Bovis
  • There are three dials to indicate the trend and three dials to indicate the objective
  • It features a dial to set 9 preset positions pulse orgone
  • It features a dial to adjust the output pulse of orgone also manually
  • Has two silver tubes to project orgone energy more intensively. It has a dual output for better emission.
  • When you have three dials to set the trend and three others for the purpose, the ability to perform and materialize objectives increases considerably. The intention and focus of energy are directed much more accurately than with ARE X1 device.



  • High output power

It has a power output of between 25,000 and 40,000 Bovis units. That is stronger than ARE X1 and the vast majority of modern radionic devices with power generator. Reduced and affordable price

  • More dials to adjust Trend and Target

It has 3 dials for the trend (Trend) and 3 dials to adjust the target (Target). This increases the accuracy in the performance of any action that seeks to materialize.

  • Double output from the energy generator

Included in this model the powerful midrange dual output via two tubes of sterling silver, not present in other devices (except ARE X3 Pro). The use of noble materials such as silver allows more fluidity and quality in the emission of subtle energy.

  • Dial for preset exact frequency knob

It has a dial to adjust output to nine preset positions. This provides the operator rapid choice of frequency it considers most appropriate for each type of action.

  • Dial to manually adjust the output pulse at other frequencies

Many operators prefer choose by themselves the output frequency, which can reach a wider range of experiences. This device also features with a dial to manually adjust the pulse of energy to meet this possibility of experimentation.

  • Duplication vibrational of homeopathic remedies and other substances

An action you can do at high-speed (much higher than in the AER X1 and other devices) with its extraordinary power emission. You won’t need to buy more homeopathic remedies with this device

  • Enhancing food and drinks with IDF’s (Intrinsic Data Field or information) chosen by the operator.

You can choose the Fields of intrinsic information with the operator wishes or desires (radionic ratios, statements, phrases, etc.) and emit them to foods and beverages so they become “charged” with the intention (See Moto E. book on the subject). Note the interesting results and its positive effects. Include messages for changes at all levels. Many traders use it to improve the taste of food, wine and various drinks.

  • Energize food or drinks with subtle vibrations or positive frequencies

Food and drinks (the body is 70% water) can be energized using the device ARE X2. Experiment on yourself, your family and friends with different frequencies, with the “terrestrial frequency” with Alpha waves, etc. Consider using this possibility in any kind of vibrational therapy. See results from other operators.

  • Load or charge objects, stones, ornaments and decorative items with IDF’s (Intrinsic Data Fields or information)

Your device will allow you to transmit the intrinsic data fields (IDF’s) that you consider most appropriate to any type of object (better if they are natural objects or noble metals) for example, add a particular intention, thought, phrase, capacity, etc..  to jewelery, rings, quartz, various decorative items, and etc. Imagine the possibilities for action and the positive consequences of such actions.

  • Animals and plants

Radionics provides possibilities of experimentation and improvement in any living being. Check information available on the positive work with animals and plants. Many operators use this type of equipment on animals, crops and land on a small or large scale with impressive results

  • Interconnection

The ARE X2 device allows interconnection with other devices via cable. If you purchased or acquire in the future, devices like ARE X1 or ARE X3 Pro, you can connect in series with ARE X2 and take advantage of the synergy of multiple devices together to feed tendencies toward yourself or other subjects with a greater force, even if you have other radionic devices that enabling interconnection (different of ARE X series), the ARE X2 device will achieve higher levels of accomplishment with an unusual power.

  • Ideal for alternative therapies

If you regularly work with subtle energies or alternative therapies to help people, this device allows new possibilities and enough power to enhance the desired results very quickly. Many people appreciate in minutes improvements in their health states. You can combine with other activities and even improve the remedies you commonly use (see detailed instructions in the manual).

  • Perfect for medium or difficult objectives

The increased power of ARE X2 device versus other radionics devices allows it to act safely in a medium or difficult objectives (which are generally the majority). ARE X2 equipment will provide amazing possibilities and experiences that will address an enormous range of possibilities. (To access greater precision, power and speed consider “ARE X3 Pro” equipment)

  • Comparison with other transmitting equipment

The AER X2 device is about 4 times more potent than ARE X1 device and has higher output power than most existing equipment on the market except AER X3 Pro.

  • Presentation and protection

The device is available in a compact protective suitcase of nice appearance, perfect for transporting the device to avoid any damage on it. It includes power adapter

  • Instructions

The device has perfectly understandable instructions for use including everything you need to start working with the equipment since the beginning.

  • Very affordable price

Given its capabilities and high power output, it’s a highly recommended device. If you can afford the difference, you’ll get better results than with the ARE X1 equipment in less time and with greater accuracy by adjusting its three dials for each plate. It also has fixed frequency modulator.

Application fields:

  • Enhancing physical performance
  • Emitting of affirmations and fixation on subjects or people
  • Emitting of strong subtle energy for all types of actions
  • Mental Wellness
  • Personal relationships and couple
  • Spiritual development
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Protection from external negative influences of all kinds
  • Accelerated Mental Performance
  • Applications on business and economic objectives
  • Actions and applications on groups
  • Applications on animals and plants
  • Organizations of all types, empowering business objectives
  • Decision making
  • Studies, Examinations and Competitions
  • Achieving personal goals of all kinds
  • Improved visualization and mental concentration
  • Vibrational therapies applicable to various treatments
  • Duplications and potentizing in minutes
  • Transferring subtle energy to your own body or others
  • Transferring intention towards subjects or people
  • Improving food and beverages (taste and vibratory qualities)
  • Transferring energy to food and beverages
  • Increased efficiency in bioenergy equipment
  • Increased efficiency in other radionic equipment you could have
  • And a long etc. (you can send us your questions if you have doubts)