A Digital Transmission of Life Force Energy

Incorporates protocols discovered in medical research in Taiwan to generate a strong feeling of Chi in just a few minutes (in experienced qigong practitioners).

Emits the energy field of a QiGong master. Contains the energetic signature of Chi, recorded and amplified millions of times using advanced equipment and software.

Because of our unique and powerful biofield entrainment technology embedded in the Audio Chi program, you will experience far more than just a relaxing brainwave pattern (which is what most conventional brain entrainment programs offer), you’ll feel a subtle energetic field enveloping your entire body, often experienced as a refreshing cool breeze or tingling warmth against the surface of the skin.

This energizing download/CD can be used to:

  • Create invigorating energy fields in any environment
  • Boost your energy and enthusiasm
  • Recharge your mind and body during lunch or after work
  • Significantly activate and deepen your Qigong, Tai Chi or yoga practice
  • Help instill whole-body bliss during meditation and exercise
  • Complement your work with Profound Meditation Program by enjoying the stress-relieving, rejuvenative states of consciousness facilitated with this CD
  • Complement your emotional release practices
  • Experience an exhilarating natural high
  • Balance the chakras deeply and easily
  • Re-establish and renew inner harmony

The iAwake Technology Underlying the Mountain Stream soundtrack features:

Unique Neural Entrainment Methodologies, including

  • Dual-Pulse Harmonic Box X Signals (Exclusive to iAwake)
  • Rhythmic Panning
  • Isochronic Entrainment
  • Random Alpha Signals
  • Infrasonic Modulation

Unique Biofield Entrainment Technology

Audio Chi’s biofield entrainment technology is infused with energetic frequencies associated with:

  • Healing energy field of a Qigong master
  • Live chi
  • Orgone energy
  • Resonant field of all the major chakras
  • White light healing experiences

When played, Audio Chi emits an energetic field that influences your biofield to induce tangible states of bliss and peace.