The Atlantis Ring is considered by many experts as one of the most positive waveform transmitters for people. Its particular design gives the Atlantis ring spectacular protection properties, creating a protective barrier against undesirable energies.

Any sensitive or trained person can observe the difference between rings of different origins. In fact, a simple kinesiological test with and without the Atlantean Ring will show how a person’s inner energy is reinforced by simple contact with this treated gem.


  • It is a personal good that should not be transferred or borrowed, because it is impregnated with the radiation of its bearer.
  • The ring obtains great results in the tests of dowsing thanks to the “Form Luxor” (the relief that is in the ring Atlantis ).
  • The effects of the Atlantean Ring can be tuned according to the finger on which it is placed, according to its symbolic links.
Most recognized aspects:
  • Development of personal intuition.
  • Increased ability to find solutions to problems
  • Increased creativity
  • Strengthen and multiply mental programming to incredible levels
  • Resonant amplifier materializes desires, increases the positive energy flows to the environment
  • Vitality Generator
  • Protection against subtle negative energies (telluric and energetic)
  • Development of personal spiritual aspect
  • Energy balance (checked with kinesiology)
  • Empowerment of mental acuity
  • It helps personal, couple and loving relationships
  • Improves premonition and internal capabilities
  • Attract positive energies from the environment to your carrier
  • Acts as shield against psychic attacks or negativity of others

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