The “Awaken the Mind” Digital Media Program is Energetically Encoded with the Precise Brainwave Pattern Identified by C. Maxwell Cade. Simply push “Play,” and the Awaken the Mind program immediately begins producing this unique pattern in your brain and nervous system.

  • Powered purely by quantum (i.e., subtle) energy technology (i.e., no binaural beats).
  • No headphones necessary
  • Although audio is included as part of this multi-media quantum energy program, the technology does not require the use of audio and works very well without sound at all (i.e., completely silently).
  • Is a complete system in and of itself, or can also integrate seamlessly with your favorite brain/mind/meditation programs to take them to an entirely new level.
  • Is fully amplifiable, meaning that you can amplify the quantum resonance–and results–of this program as much as you like. As such, it will grow along with you, for life, no matter how often you use it.
  • The more you use it, the more this unique brainwave pattern will be integrated into your brain physiology.
  • Can be used as a daily meditation program to deepen your meditations.
  • Can also be used throughout your day, while you go about your business.

The Awakened the Mind brainwave program integrates . . .

1 – 3 Hz

4 – 6 Hz

8 – 12 Hz

16 – 18 Hz

. . . the empathy and intuition of Delta brainwaves . . .

. . . the creativity, insight and spiritual awareness of Theta brainwaves . . .

. . . the relaxed awareness and unifying ability of Alpha brainwaves . . .

. . . and the external consciousness and problem-solving capacity of Beta brainwaves . . .

. . . for creative flow and peak performance.

By the way, although the Awaken the Mind program is inspired by Cade’s discovery, it is neither officially nor unofficially associated with Cade, Wise or the Institute for the Awakened Mind, nor has it been tested, verified or endorsed by these parties.

If you wish to learn more about this unique brainwave pattern from the official institution associated with it, please visit the Institute for the Awakened Mind.