Bliss Coded Golden Ratio Brainwave Entrainment

Can you really reach deep meditation, feel inner bliss and all the things Guru’s and meditation masters talk about, within just a few minutes of listening to a special sound? If you ask me: Yes!

This “special sound” or sound technology that I now call BlissCoded sound is created using a very powerful, yet natural technology that has nothing to do with the “old” ways of stimulating the brain with tones (binaural beats) to get it to enter deeper relaxation and meditation, used in such products as the well-known Hemisync and Holosync audio meditation products. They use “binaural beats”. These are used in allmost all the ordinary meditation & relaxation CD’s flooding the market today and are proven to work. My discovery does not involve any of that.Neither does it involve speech, subliminal messages and not even music. No, this is something totally different.

Let me briefly explain what this is all about. BlissCoded sound is created using a sound manipulation process invented by me, that uses the Golden ratio principle. After research about Phi, the Golden ratio and how its mathematical principles are found in almost everything in nature, I had an idea about how I wanted to manipulate or create a sound. It resulted in a meditative soundscape (not music) which was coded with very precise frequencies that I found when I converted the math behind certain aspects of the Golden ratio to sound. Math wasn’t my strongest subject in school, but this was driven more by a mix of math, “holistic” thinking and intutition, which apparently resulted in a brilliant idea.

I will never forget the first time I tried it out. I had been sitting at my computer for hours manipulating sounds like I often do. It was just another one of all my ideas that I wasn’t expecting anything from.

But this time something unexpectedly happened. My awareness of time went away and I entered a blissful deep meditative state. The sound was only one minute long. That was apparently enough!

I still enter deep states every time I listen to it and I have experienced many deep states that have given “deep insight” since then. Experiences like this are a strong indicator that something is happening.

Since Xphirience, the name I gave the first sound I released online, I have also developed several more sounds using this BlissCode sound technology. When updating this text in 2015 I have produced about 6.5 hours of BlissCoded sound that is available from this website.

BlissCoded sound

Mind-blowing experiments

Let’s go back again to the time when this was all completely new to me: I needed to investigate if this was actually working so I took it to the next level: Volunteers simply listened to the sound and was told to report back to me. No information at all was given beforehand about what to expect, what others had reported or how it sounded.

The reports that came in in blew me away. Experiences even more powerful than my own.

Even though this was just an early test stage with no website or anything planned, some of the test subjects were so impressed that they after trying the sound asked how to buy the full length sound. That was how this website originally started! I was surprised by how strongly people reacted to, and loved these sounds! 

To sum up the reports, a very common effect is the deep meditative and timeless state reached incredibly fast. This feeling is often followed by a very centered state of balance and usually doesn’t take more than about 5 minutes to reach. It also seemed to calm down the mind and thoughts so much that some test subjects felt totally surprised when the test sound was over because it felt like to them like it had just started. This “no time state” kept being reported. The most common effects summed up were as follows:

Reported Immediate Effects

  • Deep Meditative state in minutes
  • Seeing inner spiraling patterns
  • Feelings of expansion
  • OOBE (Out Of Body Experience)
  • Heat and energy movement at chakra locations
  • Imbalances in chakras being resolved
  • Blissful state
  • Inner vision of all sorts of things
  • Thoughts slowing down or coming to a stop
  • And many more…

Reported Long-term Effects

  • Improved every day well-being
  • Deep happiness
  • Easier to fall asleep and deeper sleep
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Expanded awareness
  • Holistic thinking
  • Increased intuition
  • Release of negative emotions
  • Increased inner vision (“third eye”)
  • Greatly reduced stress

“But How Does it Work?”

By now, you are most likely wondering what happens when listening to BlissCoded sound. Well I am going to go a bit outside the conventional “scientific” dictionary here, because I am not a scientist. My theory is that a kind of “implosion field” is somehow created or activated when the human brain/organism recognizes the natural golden ratio principle in the sound/vibrations and begins to adjust according to this “divine perfection” which opens up the flow of energy, light, prana or whatever you may call it. When this happens, you feel the “bliss” or enter a deep meditative state that spiritual teachers, meditation and yoga masters talk about.  It can also be felt as a pleasant shiver or a buzzing feeling. The mind chatter and thoughts often slow down or even stop completelyThis helps people meditate, relax, fall asleep, let go of stress or just feel fantastic.

This is something that normally takes many years of practice to achieve, but can now be done without effort.

BlissCoded sound meditation

EEG test shows fantastic results

BlissCoded sound received a review rated 10 out of 10 from where the person using it recorded his brainwaves with an EEG device. It only took about 2 ½ minutes before the EEG showed massive Alpha and Theta brainwaves. Theta brainwaves are present in deep meditation. (Edit  juli 2017) It seems their website is no longer online but the video showing the amazing brainwave activity you can see here. Notice how quickly The Alpha and Theta brainwaves completely takes over.

The only one in the world making BlissCoded Sound

Almost all of the companies selling meditation audio tracks take sound technology (brainwave entrainment) discovered four or five decades ago, do some tweaks and variations and Voila! .. A “brand new” product is born. Personally that’s fine with me, but so many claim to have the “Most powerful meditation product on the planet”. The problem with that is that most of them claim to make the most powerful meditation sounds in the world, all using the same sound technology. They can’t all be the best. Of course that is impossible, you understand that. We are not born yesterday, right?

So who really has the best meditation products? The truth is they are all pretty much equal! (because they all use the same type of technology). In those cases It’s mostly a matter of what you enjoy listening to. So listen for yourself and make up your own mind. However, BlissCoded sound is not based on that “old” technology. It’s not brainwave entrainment. It’s entirely different. It is its own thing which you can not get anywhere but here.

With 6.5 hours of available audio you have all you’ll ever need here too.

This Invention was made by the same guy offering it to you. How often do you buy things directly from the same person who made and invented them? Everything from the audio production, to everything you see here is created by the same person. I am the audio producer, web designer, support and information source. There are no filters. That way you and I will always know that everything stays 100% authentic. is unique

This website is unique

I estimate that 98% of the current “high tech” relaxation and meditation CDs, MP3 files and digital downloads flooding the market today uses the same type of sound technology (brainwave entrainment), mainly various types of binaural beats etc. They work great, but the truth is that anyone can produce those products easily by getting one of the software programs available for generating them. Like Neuro programmer from Transparent corp.

BlissCoded sound products are something completely different. There is no dedicated software available for generating them. This is going to sound a bit cheesy and I feel cheesy saying it, but I literally have the “formula” written on a document that is being kept away. I know how it sounds, but it really is that way. The work with BlissCoded sound is what I do and I am serious about developing it. Those who’ve been around from the start know that. Everyone who becomes a customer not only gets to experience the amazing results from BlissCoded sound, but also supports the work to spread this.

I know from everyone who contacts me how much this helps them so I want to reach more people and make a difference in this world. Not in the future, but right now.






A novel form of brainwave entrainment utilizing only golden ratio harmonics will gently ease you into profound states of relaxation to promote creative insight and deep meditation. These tracks are perfect for balancing and cleansing the brain after a day full of Aetheric Research. 



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