BLUblox spent 12 months researching and developing optimal lighting to transform your light environment and not damage your health, like standard LED lighting. Meet Lumi SummerGlo, Lumi Sleep+ and Lumi Clip Sleep+.

All Lumi lighting is completely flicker free, zero EMF and either low or zero blue light.

Lumi Light Bulbs come in Sleep+ and SummerGlo and are available in standard light fittings in all countries.

Lumi SummerGlo light bulbs are for use during the day and are low in blue light, zero flicker and zero EMF, they are the perfect partner to our BluLite and SummerGlo blue light glasses.

Lumi Sleep+ light bulbs eliminate 100% of all blue and green light between 400nm-580nm allowing you to unwind in the evening and prepare your body for sleep without any blue or green light impacting melatonin production. Lumi Sleep+ is the perfect partner to our Sleep+ blue light blocking glasses.

Lumi Clip Sleep+ reading light is zero EMF, zero flicker and only emits red light. Lumi Clip Sleep+ clips onto your book, e-reader or laptop to help you unwind before sleep.