SOLiq Sunglasses are an essential part of managing light. SOLiq sunglasses have been designed to assist with the mitigation of potential UV damage to your eyes, whilst not disrupting your body clock. When UV light enters the eyes it can lead to temporary pain. Long term damage can be seen in cataracts and vision deterioration.

Glare is also a major concern to eye health. When sunlight reflects off surfaces such as glass, water, snow, plastic, or metal the intensified UV light can cause eye pain and long-term damage to the eyes.

SOLiq sunglasses have been designed with 100% UV protection and an anti-glare feature that can be used during the day to mitigate the damage UV may be causing to your eyes. SOLiq sunglasses also come infused with our BluLite technology meaning blue light is filtered, but not blocked, and 100% of beneficial red light is allowed through, giving you the perfect balance of UV management and optimal circadian health.

Available in Prescription, Non-Prescription and Readers.