Scandinavian Lullabies with Theta Waves and Biofield Energy to Open and Heal Your Heart. From Vidia Wesenlund’s Night Light album.

Truly beautiful, new tech-infused music. Scandinavian lullabies sung by a little known but evocative and incredible singer with sparse, haunting, sweet, deep music – embedded with sound technologies designed to support healing, opening, loving, and becoming centered.


Call of the Heart soundtracks are lullabies, songs mothers sang, and still sing, to soothe their children to sleep. The songs come from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Here are the words in English (translated from Swedish) from one of the tracks, “Song of Mama Troll”.

When mamma troll has put her eleven trolls to bed
and tied her tail to theirs,
she slowly sings for her eleven little trolls
the most beautiful words she knows.
Ho aj aj aj aj buff…


“As soon as I heard these tracks, that was it – I knew these were the ones we’d been searching for to match with our healing sound technology. They were already psychoactive and profoundly moving.

We invited Eric Thompson, original co-founder of iAwake Technologies, to add his biofield genius to this project – to which he graciously agreed.

AND somehow, magically, masterfully, Leigh Spusta found a way to infuse these haunting, gorgeous tracks with a theta entrainment protocol that blends and supports them. Leigh is a consummate musician, among his many skills, and it truly shows here.”

~ Pam Parsons Dupuy

All these tracks target theta brainwaves, which are associated with deep creativity, insight, healing, intuition, and access to inner guidance. The biofield formula infused in the tracks provides a naturally balancing and soothing energy, cleanses and balances the energetic heart, and emits a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth, and emotional healing.

Here are some of the ways people are using the tracks:

  • for heart opening
  • for centering
  • as opening music for a meditation session
  • to be deeply touched
  • for helping to feel into and release submerged grief
  • to help shift from anger to the underlying sadness
  • to prepare for sleep
  • to help relieve emotional pain

Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Theta: Deep creativity, insight, healing, intuition, access to inner guidance

From Leigh Spusta, developer of the brainwave entrainment tech:

“I kept the same target of 5.5Hz across all tracks to ensure a solid, continuous entrainment. I used an isochronic tone approach on all tracks, yet each track has its own unique carrier audio, a drone instrument with a timbre and pitch that blended well with each track. On one track, I used a sample of the track itself to embed the isochronic tone into the ocean-like sound. Finally, the depth of the isochronic pulse and the mix level of the carrier audio were determined in each instance by both the effectiveness of the entrainment and by maintaining the soothing aesthetic of the track.”

Biofield Technology

From Eric Thompson, developer of the biofield technology:

Here are the energetic signatures included in all the tracks:
  • Golden Mean Energy: A naturally balancing and soothing energy associated with the Golden Proportion.
  • Heart Activation: Helps open the heart and facilitate the transmutation of negativity into heart-centered joy.
  • Heart Chakra: Cleanses and balances the energetic heart.
  • Heart Health: Helps restore general heart health where needed; may also help with heart arrhythmia.
  • Rose Quartz: Known as the ‘love stone,’ as it emits a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing.
  • Theta Brain Waves (as energetic signals, not BWE): The energetic signature of theta. Opening the heart can be surprisingly enervating, and the addition of theta waves helps balance that out so that it isn’t overpowering.


NOTE: A bit about the biofield entrainment, also called subtle energy technology. The science for measuring this technology has not been firmly established, which leads to healthy skepticism, though most of us can acknowledge there are dimensions of experience not easy to categorize or capture – yet.

Some people can readily detect the subtle energy technology in these tracks and others can’t. Typically, you can sense into its impact by feeling warmth on your skin, and a more whole body experience, than that evoked by the brainwave entrainment only, which tends to be more located in the head. Then, of course, there are the internal markers that you will recognize if you are sensitive in this way. Hear from a few people who are sensitive to this dimension:

“I felt energy moving in my body on every track.” ~ Christopher Griffin

“the effect is otherworldly and feels healing/longing” ~ Scott

“the subtle energy technology has a deepening presence.” ~ Charles Flores, PhD

In the end, what’s important is YOUR experience.