Instantly Transform Your Electronic Devices Into High-Tech Success & Achievement Enhancement Tools

For every character trait that contributes to success (whether that trait is hard work, ambition, creativity, persistence, self-discipline or personal power), there is an accompanying subtle energetic framework that facilitates its emergence.

CATALYST resonantly reproduces and infuses these (and more) precise energetic frameworks of success-oriented character traits into your immediate environment.

All that is required is to play one of the audios (or, alternately, open one of the CATALYST energy mandalas) on your computer or smart phone, and remain within their broadcast field while you work on the projects and goals that are most important to you.

And as CATALYST continuously broadcasts its energy into your biofield, your energetic system in turn eventually enters into sympathetic resonance with it, allowing you to more easily access your own innate potential for success and creative solutions in anything you do while using the program.