The Armband Chi-O is identical to the Economy necklace model but comes with an armband instead of a necklace.

Step Sweep Technology TM

The fundamental frequencies used by the Chi-O Chi Organizer are produced by a proprietary sweep generator that creates Bio-Friendly frequencies and by passes the harmful frequencies normally produced by a sweep generator.

By controlling the exact frequencies that the Chi-O technology produces, we can enhance the life giving, beneficial frequencies that mimic nature.

Nature has been producing EMF frequencies for millions of years which have guided the evolution of plants and animals.

Some frequencies, like the Schumann Resonance frequency, have been observed to be vital to the health and well being of humans. In the beginning of the space programs in the USA and Russia, astronauts became very ill while in space until it was discovered that they needed to have a small Schumann Resonance frequency generator installed in the spacecraft. (Scott-Mumby 1999)

Our cells have been oriented to the small, seemingly insignificant signal that is produced from lightning striking the Earth. There are normally about 50 lightning strikes per second overall the Earth. This produces electro-magnetic waves which have surrounded us since time immemorial. When lighting is closer to us, we also get wavelengths in the 3KHz – 10 MHz range.

These Bio-Frequencies have many properties that we are in harmony with and produce health and vitality. But when we are exposed to disharmonious frequencies from all of our electronic gadgets, dirty electricity, or electro-magnetic warfare, our body responds in non-harmonious ways which undermine our health and vitality.

Certain harmonics (ie. the golden mean ratio) are innate to living systems. There seems to be a pattern and matrix that the life force follows to create and maintain life as we know it. These patterns are repeated over and over again in varying fractal forms.

By choosing specific Bio-Frequency fundamentals, we can ring their harmonics to mimic naturally occurring EMF frequencies from our environment.