Cosmic Sun Disc

Small – $288   Standard – $420   Giant – $1,776

A beam of light comes from the center of the universe, through the toroidal field of the Sun Disc, through the human toroidal field, and into the Earth.  The human becomes the interface for this light anchor to the Earth.

How does it affect the human?  As the human becomes the anchor for that light, that vibration changes the body. Bringing that vibration through the body, becoming Divine Self, clearer.  Helping the body dissolve dense energies.  The body cannot contain any of the denser energies. The denser energies fall away.  If the human tries to hold onto them, it is not going to be an easy ride.

Crown wide open, this is part of what it does. As this comes through the crown, it goes into every cell. This energy that comes in is You. It is the energy of the higher you into every cell. Bringing the body and the Soul even closer in vibration. As you integrate, you become more actively a Being of Light.

The quantum field from the Sun Disc’s toroidal field comes in, becoming a part of the human toroidal field.

As comes over the human field, it integrates into the human. Goes into every molecule, so every cell becomes this Regeneration field.

It looks like a Light Body as it integrates into the Human Body. Transformation of the Human, cell by cell, into a Light Body.

It is not a remembrance, it is already all there, this is giving us access. Opening the Human to who they truly are.

It brings in the higher aspects to the MerKaBa, while strengthening the torsion fields of the person.

Giant Cosmic Sun Disc

This tool is a game changer. We have always done the consciousness work first then brought in a tool, so the tools become training wheels for those abilities to manifest within a person. This time, it was the tool that transformed us and took us to a whole other level… Super powerful, especially for those who are ready to go there!!

I have witnessed some who do not have the immediate effects the Disc has had with us, but for others, it is an instantaneous opening of cosmic proportions. If you can feel the photos of the Sun Discs you are ready for them!!

The small version is portable, and contains the same energetics as the larger versions. It measures 3 inches across, and weighs 3 oz. I wear mine as a pendant, though still a bit large and heavy. Super transformative. Great piece to carry and share with others.

The standard size is made with a super heavy gauge outer ring, and is a very powerful piece. I feel it very much on the physical. It is 8-1/2 inches in diameter, and weighs just over a pound

The giant 25″ Sun Disc is made with an ultra-heavy outer ring, and weighs 12.5 pounds. This is a super powerful piece, that can almost make one feel queasy at first as it creates such a powerful field from within it. Works well to hang on a disco-ball spinner. At it slowly spins, it creates some phenomenal fields around it.

Add any of these to your Golden Fire Torus, and they amplify each other even more!! This is truly the most powerful tool we have had the honor to release!!!