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item level :: 5     ratio 1 : 1    intensity : 6    penetration quality : 7    user level : 3-4

***  Wand Parameters ***

::: Item Quality : attributed by color & name (basic, rare, epic, legendary)

::: Intensity : scale 1-10 : this defines the initial “punch” —note: the rating does not define an items’ quality – the choice is yours to decide which wand best suits your level and purpose

::: Ratio : left:right / female:male — this defines the balance — i.e. 2 : 1 in this case the female cylinder has twice the energetic weight : to the male cylinder

::: Penetration Quality : scale 1-10 : this defines how quickly the layers can be reached —note: : INTENSITY and Penetration Quality are diametrically opposed, similar to the difference between low and high frequencies or sound waves

::: User Level : scale 1-10 : starting from 1 (adept) – to 10 (one who has mastered the Etheric element)

::: Item Level : scale 1-14 : all ratings begin with lowest intensity 1, and scale up in strength to 10 *** Applications of the wands ***

::: The first and foremost purpose of the wands is the Polarisation* of the users energy on the Etheric level. A trained user or healer will also be able to Polarise another individual over any distance.

::: The Wands will help the user to rebuild all 13 energetic layers – how much time this process will take depends principally on the user.

::: For healers the wands provide the greatest assistance in Polarising the healer and their patient before commencing healing procedures and treatments. This process is likened to how a doctor will sterilize the hands or tools before making physical contact with the patient.

::: The Wands will grant a better focus and increased energy flow in all fields of the energetic spectrum. These Wands are unique & not attuned to any traditional magic, as they only serve to interact with the etheric element. The Etheric element is a neutral force, representing the flow of all things — it is timeless and does not operate mechanically — the user of this type of Wand should always respect and remember these points pertaining to the Ether.

::: There are an unlimited number of applications. We will keep you up-to-date by confronting with wands, experts in the diverse fields of energy works and developing various inserts for additional usage. ::: We would love to hear about your experiments with different inserts and individual or collective practices and treatments.


*** Usage of the wands ***

For best results, remove all metals or jewelry from the body — the wands will work nonetheless. Firmly hold the female cylinder in the left hand, and the male cylinder in the right — align them with your energetic center, in your naval region. The user should meditate and visualize the various processes, with which to experiment and explore. Different postures/positions will ultimately change the outcome of all magical works, meditations or treatments.


*** Limit of Liability / Disclaimer ***

These wands are only attuned to the Etheric element. It is impossible to overload yourself with the wands as delivered – without an insert. No damage can be done to your energetic field or any bodily functions due to perceived overuse, or the Etheric programming. The creator of the wands is not responsible for any form of misuse administered by the user of the wands, on any other living being. These wands are programmed to work without inserts – though when combined with inserts such as as crystals, custom pendants, magical fluids etc., the above points for potential overload or any other possible damage to the user or others is no longer valid. It is imperative for the user to act responsibly with the wands.