There are a number of beneficial, measurable effects to the biology of humans, animals and plants when highly-charged Etheric Water is absorbed by the organism


<< There is an expansive effect on the entire body & energetic system >>

::: increased core & skin temperature
::: moderation of blood pressure & pulse rate
::: deeper respiration & increased peristalsis
::: increased rates of tissue growth & repair and wound healing
::: increased field strength, charge, integrity of tissues & immunity
::: greater energy level, activity & liveliness
::: increased germination, budding, flowering & fruiting of plants

<<< The Etheric Water Accumulator consists of >>>

Multiple alternating layers of 60+ aluminum & 60+ paper elements. Enclosed is a central brass-wire faraday cage framework to block external EMPe (electromagnetic pollution) and ELFm (extremely low frequency magnetic) electrical fields. Within this framework are strong n50 neodymium magnets to neutralize EMF & other harmful radiation :: Please note, this is a VERY strong Etheric/Orgone Accumulator. Also (not shown in the image) a washable raw silk cover :: This textile chosen for energetic accumulation & Magickal properties


<<< What is an Orgone Accumulator? >>>

Dr Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) pioneered the term Orgone, otherwise known as the Ether, Od, Prana, Qi, Pure Energy or Cosmic Life Force. Reich observed that this fundamental creative force is visible to the naked eye, appearing blue in color. It is the primordial Cosmic Ocean of dynamic, oscillating energy that interconnects the entire Universe & animates the natural world. He found this energy in all living and non-living substance, it would also readily penetrate all forms of matter including lead shielding.

Reich invented the Orgone Energy Accumulator which cured a number of diseases including cancer by means of Life Energy potential collection and storage. The accumulated Etheric potential flows by gradient through multiple alternating layers of organic and metallic elements. The organic layer attracts the Ether which is then radiated toward the center by the metallic layer, accumulating the Life Energies in higher concentration. This in turn creates powerful magnetic fields that even draw out or expel radioactive particles.