God Spark Radionic Reagent


God Spark

The spark of Divinity.

Test-tube size solid quartz tube. FREE shipping in US


God-Spark resonates with the frequency pattern of creation itself.  At the beginning of time Creator needed a way to experience and learn.  Consciousness was used to create matter and the God-Spark guides matter into its’ many forms of expression. Matter is a creation of consciousness.  Physicists tell us that all matter is a projection of light.  So the solid ‘things’ we see around us are simply fixed patterns of light.

The less consciousness in matter, the more solid it becomes and the less it is able to change.  Matter does not resonate with God-Spark per se, consciousness does.  Consciousness is not solid. It naturally moves away from solidity to where it can change and experience.

So the matter we see around us is fixed and durable.  It has relatively little consciousness in it.  So it changes very slowly.  A calcium molecule tends to remain as a calcium molecule.  Likewise, a quartz crystal tends to remain as quartz.

Most of the changes we see in our world are simply changes in form.  They are the result of the different manifestations of matter combining and recombining.  The more profound the change, the more consciousness must be present.  Life forms embody more consciousness than raw matter.  That is why we see transmutation of matter in life forms (such as chickens) but not in laboratory beakers.

In order to make the fixed patterns of matter more malleable, we must add more consciousness.  For Masters and Gurus, this is a quite easy and ordinary process.  For the rest of us, it takes considerable effort, training, and concentration. That is because we must add consciousness to the project in order to make it changeable.  Only then can we make the changes. To make this process easier; we can broadcast a resonate frequency into the project (or area) in order to ‘soften up’ the matter and make it more susceptible to change.

That is the frequency of God-Spark.  God-Spark doesn’t make the changes; it simply makes it easier for the matter that resonates with it to change.

This allows it to become coherent with its’ surroundings.  Think of it in terms of trying to fit a brick into a space as opposed to a piece of putty.  God-Spark allows the solid matter to act more like the putty. That means we can fit the ‘putty’ into a pre-existing space that needs it.  Or we can mold the putty for our own purposes.

God-Spark is a tool if manifestation.  It continues to work, whether you are conscious of it or not.  Your consciousness is the key to creation.  God-Spark does not differentiate whether your creative thoughts are conscious, unconscious, beneficial, non-beneficial, out of love, or out of fear.

DO NOT USE God-Spark, if you are unable to discipline your thoughts.  It is a powerful tool that can be used to create enormous good.  It depends entirely on what YOU are creating.

God-Spark is NOT available for sale to the general public.  It will only be made available on a case by case basis.  It is available for remote broadcasting through my laboratory.


  1. Check the manifestation delay or the energy required to complete a project. Broadcast God-Spark to the project and recheck.
  2. The General Vitality check and recheck is also appropriate. HOWEVER: it tends to help manifest whatever the subject is working one, including; all negative emotions.
  3. With the vial in the left hand; form a clear thought-form and ‘broadcast’ that thought-form with either the right hand or a Twisted Sage device.
  4. Broadcast to a field, acreage or body of water to help it to recover from environmental damage.
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