$68 for Single or $128 for a Pair

Move and clear nonbeneficial geomagnetic lines, energy vortexes, grid systems and portals

Personal Healing, Connecting, Clearing

Activate Waterways and Aquifers

Spirit Release (Ghost Busting)

Entity Clearing

Light Anchoring

Created from a mix of Ancient Etheric Technologies and New Energies, this heart-based higher- dimensional tool is capable of clearing timelines and realities. 

Though there are many energetic aspects and layers to these Rods, they really are simple and easy to use.  Most of the high-level work is intuitive and automatic, once we are in the Heart Space and out of the way!!

Workshop recording from the 2018 American Society of Dowsers Conference, featuring the Golden Fire Rods


The Rods you see here were physically created nearly two years ago, but their energetic components were not fully available until now.

These new Rods were built upon the energetic aspects of our Golden Light Wand, the new version of the traditional Starburst, and the highly profound Golden Fire and Light Wand.

There was more put into the creation of these dowsing rods, than any other tool we have so far.

14″ 4mm brass rod with 3/8″ sealed bearing handles.

I prefer a single rod, if you prefer two, we have a discount on pairs.

For energetic purposes, a single rod is all that is needed.

8 Page Instruction Manual included.  The Manual does not cover basic dowsing, rather it is an attunement and activation guide for the energetic aspect of the tools.

There are much higher facets of this tool other than just great dowsing rods.

The true power and potency of these Rods, as with everything created at Twistedsage Studios, comes from their energetic counterparts.  This particular energetic tool predates our galaxy and possibly the universe.  This ancient tool is anchored into the Golden Fire and Light Rods through the very specific measurements used in their physical construction.

The energetic Golden Fire and Light Rod can only be wielded from the heart, by our higher selves.  The heart is the access point to these heart-based higher-dimensional tools.

To begin using these Rods for their highest potentials, we must first familiarize ourselves with the energetic part of the tool.  From then on it becomes automatic when we pick up the dowsing rods.  This could be considered an attunement, as we become familiarized with the energetic aspect of the Rods.

The higher dimensional aspects of the Rods are only accessible through the Heart Space.  All of our tools are created energetically first, and within these higher frequencies of Love and Joy and Harmony, before they are anchored into the physical plane through sacred measurements.