Energetic Signature: This signature is sourced directly from the quantum field and is designed to do one simple thing: realign and increase the human assemblage point.

The teaching of the human assemblage point comes from Don Juan and Carlos Casteneda. It is the central place where the energy field connects with the physical body, and it is directly connected to life force energy. The Assemblage Point is said to be located in the center of the chest at the nipple line, though some teachers place it slightly to the right of center of the chest. It is slightly higher on women than on men. It is made up of a cluster of energy lines that pass through the chest and out of the back. There is generally a tender or sensitive area of skin, 0.5 – 1.0 cms in diameter, where these energy lines enter the chest .It can move out of alignment over time, leading to problems in every area of life. Our beta testers have absolutely loved this one.

Benefits of Regularly Aligning the Assemblage Point Alignment:
  • Reduction of depression symptoms
  • Increased vitality
  • Increased well-being
  • Can positively affect complexion and posture
  • Can reduce medication needs
  • Improved cognition
  • Improved physical performance
  • Improved reflexes
  • Improved muscle coordination
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased assertiveness
  • Improved meditation and concentration
  • Improved ability to develop psychic senses


Use this mandala for one or more hours, or as long as it feels good. Amplify as needed. After the first day’s use, your assemblage point should be correctly aligned, and you’ll know this by noticing the subtle benefits listed above. However, if you feel you need it, use the mandala as often as you like. But keep in mind that you may notice the most profound shifts the day AFTER using it. Use the mandala at least once a week to keep your assemblage point fully aligned.