1 terabyte external hard drive

This system features an ultra slim, lite weight,1 terabyte external hard drive that is loaded with approximately 1 terabyte of psycho-active, psycho-acoustic, energetic fields. This ultimate Psychotronic device has many uses. While this external hard drive is considerably larger than our USB key, it also offers 20 times the storage capacity for storing energetic codes! It is still, for its larger size, quite lite weight and quite versatile. You can carry it in your pocket without much notice. The expanded field that it generates will keep most people’s consciousness quite clear all day and night as the field continues to build over time as it is carried. When you plug it in to a computer or USB capable sound system, the electricity that flows through it mega-activates the 1 million or so programs and they are incredibly activated and thus mega- amplified! The 6 foot USB cord that is included is energy structured to process all electricity flowing into and out of it. By placing this external drive into your pocket while computing, or next to you on your desk, the hard drive emanates a powerful field similar, some say, to their enhanced state.

ENERGY JUKEBOX – Transform your music into with iBlissnow psychoactive fields! When you upload your favorite music, videos or lectures into this drive, it automatically processes the program with the fields in the device, thus encoding your media with our psychoactive fields. When played from it, or downloaded to your computer or MD, you have sound embedded with Life Force, White Light or one of our proprietary energetic sound mixes, to give you what we call psycho-dynamic iBlissnow sound! All audio/visual media uploaded to this drive is automatically coded with our energy remedies in a matter of seconds. Your rather energetically flat music is re-coded almost instantaneously. It codes in as long as it takes an external drive to upload. When you, at the same time, play our MP3 Apps with the drive plugged in, you can mix and match your designer field for the best computing time you may have ever had. Avail yourself of this multipurpose Psychotronic experience and instantly transmute the way you write copy, read, watch movies, listen to music, meditate, play games, ski, develop products, relax or research altered states!