Revolutionary Lambda Brainwave Meditation for Entering Transcendent Consciousness

Infinity is a potent catalyst for spiritual evolution and a groundbreaking leap forward in brainwave entrainment where nothingness and “everythingness” converge into a seamless whole. This revolutionary program guides you into the Lambda state, propelling you to new heights of transcendent consciousness, ineffable stillness, and radiant insight.

A First for iAwake Technologies

Infinity: Revolutionary Lambda Brainwave Entrainment for Entering Transcendent Consciousness is the first time iAwake, in collaboration with Doug Prater, has targeted Lambda brainwaves. Our initial testing group has reported extraordinarily powerful results from their use of these tracks.

This would be the most profound of all my experiences…Loved both sound tracks. Quite beautiful…Great soundtrack, effective entrainment, beautiful audio esthetics, choice between two versions and range of frequencies. ~ James Lewis

The Infinity program is an incredibly potent tool for accelerating the evolution of your consciousness. The Lambda state that Infinity targets is one that has only been observed in advanced meditators, so these tracks were designed with experienced meditators in mind.

About Lambda


Lambda brainwaves are the fastest brainwaves (100-200 Hz) that have been identified – but what is interesting is that while the frequency is very fast, it is embedded in the lowest known frequency: epsilon (<.5 Hz). Lambda is found in advanced meditators – including Tibetan monks who meditate in below freezing and melt the snow around them.

Lambda brainwaves are associated with:

  • Wholeness & integration
  • Deep meditation
  • Accelerated consciousness evolution
  • A high degree of self-awareness
  • Out of body experiences
  • Transcendent spiritual experiences
  • Bliss & compassion
  • Highly focused attention coupled with deep stillness

What About Lambda? A Consciousness Expanding High Frequency Brainwave State for Advanced Meditators

About Infinity

Infinity guides you in:

  • Unlocking transcendent states of consciousness
  • Accelerating spiritual evolution
  • Raising Kundalini and opening/balancing the chakras
  • Working with internal alchemy and subtle energy
  • Gaining insight into your true nature
  • Exploring the subtle realms of consciousness
  • Opening to guidance, wisdom, and intuition
infinity sun

Developer Doug Prater created an innovative approach to targeting Lambda, by descending down through the brainwaves, following the research that Lambda rides on Epsilon:

Song of Infinity  is a musical composition uniquely suited to deep states of meditation due to its gentle shifting and morphing of timbre which take the listener on an evocative journey.

Stream of Infinity  uses a carefully selected palette of natural sounds including flowing streams, waterfalls, and wind for an experience that is both rejuvenating and profound.

Both Song of Infinity and Stream of Infinity  follow a carefully orchestrated and finely tuned deepening protocol that guides the meditator to the Epsilon state before introducing the Lambda entrainment. By firmly rooting the listener’s meditation in epsilon, the transformative experience of Lambda is potentiated and amplified.


The Infinity Journey

Descent from 10 Hz (Alpha) to 1 Hz (Delta)

Descent from 1 Hz (Delta) to 0.2 Hz (Epsilon)

Emergence and strengthening of 200 Hz (Lambda)

Peak Lambda experience

Target Brainwaves

Lambda: Transcendence, Oneness, Bliss. Lambda waves emerge in the unique state where pure emptiness joins “all that is”.

Alpha: Relaxed focus, heightened creativity, stress-release

Theta: Deep creativity, insight, healing, intuition, access to inner guidance

Delta: Deep meditative, formless awareness, and non-dual consciousness

Epsilon: Transcendence, Oneness, Bliss. Epsilon waves provide the ground from which Lambda waves emerge


Entrainment Technologies

DEWS: Infinity’s “secret sauce” is a revolutionary new entrainment technology, Dynamic Embedded Waveform Sculpting (DEWS) developed specifically for this program, artfully combined with a unique combination of entrainment techniques designed to work synergistically for a program that is both a pleasant listening experience and an incredibly potent entrainment tool.

  • Harmonically layered Binaural encoding – Multiple layers of binaural entrainment at harmonically related frequencies
  • Frequency-filtered Isochronic Pulses for a powerful, but pleasant entrainment effect.
  • Spatial Binaural Encoding of music and natural sounds for a complete entrainment experience
  • Psychoacoustic Resonance in the overtones of the musical bed to promote a natural state of well-being
  • Rhythmic Contralateral Modulation Entrainment to strengthen communication between the brain’s hemispheres