Introduction to Radionics Class


Introduction to Radionics Class

Want a new powerful approach to your work?…..Want to be able to continue healing after clients have left?…..Want to be able to create potentized formulas easily?

…and way more cool stuff.

Radionic instruments leverage the quantum science we already use in our healing and energy work. Radionics simply enables us to increase treatment potency and duration with ease.
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Introduction to Radionics – June 20th

The one-day intro class is for experienced energy workers that are looking for a way to do more in less time.  Topics also include:

  • Theory and science
  • Radionic homeopathy
  • Potentizing copies and remedies
  • Remote and on-going balancing

Students will also practice building radionics copies and remedies.  We will potentize crystals, jewelry, and also even food and water. We will also demonstrate how to use them in daily life and remote work.

This hands-on workshop includes all materials, also including individual access to Kelly radionics instruments. Investment for the basic class: $225


Advanced Intensive Radionic/Energy Work – June 21st-22nd

Marty is going to pull out all the stops for you in this two-day knock your socks off workshop:

  • In-depth analysis
  • Our Fractal Reality
  • Somatids, Bio-photons and Somasols
  • The power of Shapes
  • Logarithmic Layers of Reality
  • Crystalizing intent
  • Potentizing everyday objects
  • Using the frequencies of emotions for healing
  • Programming DNA


And also much much more……

Investment for the advanced class: $500.

Take both intro and advanced class for only $600. A savings of $125!

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