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M1 Pure Monatomic Gold is the transformed state of Au quintessence formulated as a superconductor. M1 MFKZT is premium exotic matter suspended in a state of high spin. It is associated with the powder of projection, the philosopher’s stone, and asymmetrical super-deformed hybrids. It is labeled as such because there is no net loss of energy when the exchange occurs between element and aspirant.

Gold maintains the same frequency across the universe. MFKZT, a name given by the Kemetian when Gold is transferred into a non-local matter, was used by the ancients and alchemists to promote advanced metaphysical effects.

Identity: MFKZT Monatomic Gold

Formula: mAu (gold) mMg (magnesium)

Format: Liquid stabilized in ionic solution (Mg+ 2.3 mg/lt)

Miron glass bottle with upside-down plastic dropper. Screw tamper evident childproof cap. A specific ‘shielding’ process is performed to generate a retro-print that “locks” the monoatomic clusters, preventing the reproduction processes through radionic copy machines (Rae, Bruce Copens, etc.)

Method: oral (O)

Quantity: 30ml (1.1 fl oz / 600 drops)

Suggested Use:

Adults: 3-4 drops, 2x to 3x per day
12 years of age and older: 1-2 drops per day or as professionally prescribed

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