Structured, energized and coherent water for your entire house and family for optimal living all while saving your family hundreds of dollars a year and reducing global pollution.

Some facts:

The average person drinks 167 bottles of water per year at an average cost of  1.35 per bottle.  For the average family of 4 this costs over $900 per year, just in bottled water has been proven to be full of harmful chemicals.

Within 18 months you’ll start making money from having your very own Whole house device. Imagine what you could do with another $1000 a year!

It’s easy to install and provides a lifetime of scientifically proven energetically enhanced water which supports healthy brains for learning and living adventurous active lifestyles.  Why would you say no to that?


No Risk Purchase! 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or 100% money back AND 10 year replacement warranty.

Restructuring water utilizing the proprietary materials in this device creates:

  • Properties that restore our bodies, and the environment.
  • Properties that neutralize a vast variety of chemicals and materials that are harmful to your body and nature.
  • Properties that have the ability to clean water from almost all inorganic compounds, including pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful organisms.
  • Properties that neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic fields.
  • Properties that increase immunity to illness and disease.
  • Properties that rejuvenate the skin.
  • Properties that enhance and increase the energy of the structured water.
  • Properties that purify water to bring Nature’s Water to your body.

Uses for the Whole House Device:

  • For showering and bathing in Structured Water.
  • For having Structured Water available throughout your home.
  • It can be placed on a well’s holding tank.
  • It can be used in barns for watering livestock.
  • Can also be fitted with garden connectors for increased structuring of water in gardens, recreational vehicles, and more.