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We are sad to report that genius scientist and inventor of the famed Neurophone, for which he was featured in LIFE Magazine has passed 12/19/19 at the age of 75. It is our understanding at this time that the NF3 Neurophone will remain available to continue Pat’s legacy.

Patrick Flanagan’s famed NF3 Neurophones are hand assembled lovingly in Germany in small batches of a dozen. Orders are taken for 12 lucky people at a time about a month apart. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Foreign buyers should allow another 2-3 weeks for delivery.

What makes the NF3 Neurophone special is best described by the inventor himself in the video at the bottom of the page. But to summarize Patrick’s observations about the invention that earn him the distinction of one of the most promising young scientists in America according to LIFE MAGAZINE:

  • Broadcasts gentle ultrasonic waves into the brain.
  • Ultrasonic waves relax the blood vessels of the brain and help bring the right and left hemisphere’s into greater phase coherence.
  • Generates profound relaxation ideal for meditation.
  • May gives mild boost to IQ for a short time. Dr. Flanagan™ says this is due to increased blood flow to the brain resulting from ultrasonic relaxation of the blood vessels. An effect similar to the IQ boost you can experience when exercising.
  • Can help improve concentration for school and work.
  • Allows the user to hear jacked in music and learning audio activating an ancient ear called the saccule. This allows the user to achieve some learn in their sleep. Note, the sound is quite faint and may not be noticeable for some people.
  • Effects and benefits will vary from user to user.

Your NF3 Neurophone comes with:

  • 1 Pair of Transducers
  • 1 CD Waterfall + 4 Affirmations English & German
  • 1 Owner’s Manual

Note: Runs on a 9 volt battery, not included. A rechargeable battery is a suggested.

Plans for the NF4 which we had been hoping to offer you are, like the NEO Neurophone, remain on indefinite hold. We decided it best to offer you the NF3, which, although an older version than the sicker designed NEO, offers the exact same ultrasonic brain benefits. How long we’ll be able to continuing offering the NF3 is unknown. So you might just be buying what could become a collector’s item in the NF3 Neurophone.


DISCLAIMER: Like all incarnations of Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone the NF3 is not a medical device. The NF3 use is strictly to enhance meditation, increase learning and to listen to music ultrasonically. If you are sensitive to ultrasonic waves in any way please discontinue use immediately.

GUARANTEE: The NF3 is guaranteed for parts and labor from any manufacturing defects for 90 days from delivery. Maker PhiSciences and CTE not responsible for breakage from dropping the device or improper use.

RETURNS: The NF3 cannot be returned for any reason. However, if the NF3 is not for you they are quite easily to resell on the secondary market given their popularity and scarcity.


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