Psychoactive Multimedia Pack



This iBlissnow App, developed in a quantum physics lab, features hundreds possible micro-dosing, psychoactive, energetic formulations to energize and thus transform all of your digital media. This App works on CD’s, DVD’s, USB keys, SD cards, YouTube, all internet radio stations and all media seen or heard on a computer, notebook or smart phone–streamed or otherwise. It works on all audio and video experienced on standard digital devices–transmuting and delivering it through your own media delivery system.

Whether you watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Gaia, Disney+, YouTube or cable TV, etc. you can transmute these programs into energetically uplifting and deepening experiences.

Expand your consciousness and mental and emotional capacity with our digital micro-dose smart pill collection. No headphones or special equipment required. This App energizes real time both audio and video signals including pictures. It allows you to listen, watch and record programming energized with custom blissful formulations. You can also energetically program websites, Facebook pages, your commercials or ads, rock concerts, new age music, lectures, internet phone conversations, Zoom meetings, Facetime, your personal photographs and videos,etc.

There is no illegality, disorientation, hallucinations, toxicity, or overwhelm associated with our digital download Apps. All of our iBlissnow Apps operate in micro dose capacity and perform like smart pills. They are buffered to keep unwanted artifacts out of the mix. These products are sourced from only the purest and highest grades of shamanistic substances and are in standard micro dose dosage. They are vibrationally enhanced with sacred geometry for the perfect synergistic blend.



This App’s basic formulations in e-micro dose quantity include:

e-Life Force–orgone, prana, chi, etc.  It raises your vitality and life force.  It potentizes other formulations, bringing vitality and strength and stamina to them and to you.  It gives you energy to do more with a clearer head and more vital energy.

e-LSD–in our micro-dose format opens intuition, increases mental clarity, reduces stress and makes life more fun and entertaining. It makes you smarter by making you more coherent.

High Energy State

e-Coca–stimulation plus bliss.  Increases sex drive and sexual satisfaction.  Increases focus, endurance and mental capacity. Brings bliss to daily activities.  Activate your play list with out the top energy.

e-Shrooms–adds a silky softness and flowing bliss to your activities. Open up the intuitive side of your life and bring a meditative calmness to your work. Research shows the noteworthy anti-depressant effects of shrooms.

e-Relax–a formulation designed to release stress and support a mental vacation into stillness.  Performs like Energy Psychology by releasing mental clutter that saps attention and well-being.

e-Meditate–meditation helper.  It quiets the mind like a meditative retreat. Meditate deeper into a no thought state and discover the benefits of deep meditation.  Dance in the void with the quantum field.

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