Here’s what Pure White Light does for you:

  • Neutralizes negative EMF.
  • Neutralizes negative ELF.
  • Neutralizes geopathic zones.
  • Supports a peaceful life.
  • Creates a pristine energetic space.
  • Cleanses spiritual blocks when used with intention.
  • Supports creativity when used with intention.
  • Spiritual protection when used with intention.
  • Protects from the negative conflict energy of other people.
  • Is deeply supportive of human biology.
  • Can be used by healers to supercharge any distant healing work they may do.
  • This is the same white light energy that produces “vortex sites” such as those found in Sedona, Arizona.
  • Will respond to your intention for: cleansing and purifying any area in your life that needs work; fulfilling your highest wishes and potential; healing self and others.
Pure White Light is…
  • Healing
  • Purifying
  • Cleansing
  • Uplifting
  • Elevating
  • Blissful

Pure White Light contains white lightsourced from sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry

We utilize the sciences of sacred geometry to produce the energy of white light.

Sacred Architecture

Even architecture can be configured to produce and hold the energy of white light.

French Radiesthesia

The founders of the French School of Radiesthesia, Chaumery and de Belizal, discovered in the early 20th century that certain shapes could attract, channel and emit the energy of white light.