Copper Tracings, 12 Gold-plated Triangular Neodymium Magnets

Stand alone, Universally Device-connectable

12 Divisions on 4 Layers for Maximum Vortex Energy

Large-sized:  H 10.5″ (267 mm) – W 8.25″ (209 mm)

This is the largest and most powerful Universal Vortex Imprinting Plate and Hyper-Dimensional Antenna. It has been designed with extra-wide copper tracings to make it capable of handling more power. It is both stand-alone and universally device connectable to most any source with a standard 3.5mm output jack. It connects easily to CD players, iPods, mp3 players, notebook and desktop computers, radionic instruments, homeopathic imprinters, homeopathic remedy makers, and frequency instruments such as the GB-4000.