Reishi Mushroom Video



Our Reishi Mushroom video is energy recorded from an organic reishi mushrooms sample that was fed with white powder of gold or ormus gold.



Its energy signature, or print, was then amplified 10 trillion times in our lab. The experience for users is a release of stressful thoughts with a calming and spacious effect. The uplifting energy is very pure and clean with an enhanced ability to visualize and intuit. There are no hallucinations or psychedelic effects. The effect is a buffered psycho/spiritual opening that is very manageable and very appropriate for creative pursuits. It is an opportunity to experience the smart pill effect of this divine substance in a user safe and friendly method. Think of it as digital shamanism for the modern age.

The first evidence of sacred mushroom use is 10,000 years ago.  Some cave painting in Australia indicate that they were used ceremonially even then, and about 4,000 years ago in Europe.  They were often called “magic” mushrooms because those who ingested them experienced magical states of consciousness.  They were especially used in sacred religious and spiritual ceremonies–for healing or for divination.

As their history indicates, mushrooms, as sacred substances, emit powerful energies.  Our Reishi Magic Mushrooms have captured these powerful effects for you in digital form.

Terms of sale: This digital product is not medical in nature and is not refundable. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product. Do not use while operating a moving vehicle or machinery that requires your full attention.

By buying this product from iBlissnow Nevada LLC, you agree that you will abide by Nevada State law, and have been notified here that if you have a legal issue with iBlissnow LLC, you agree to travel to Nevada to bring any legal action against iBlissnow LLC, owner of

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